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  1. You're not the only one. I spent easily 30-45 minutes trying to find one place in the 2nd area. I pretty much deciphered that when I saw a bunch of enemies, that was a sign that I was going in the right direction. At least I think so.
  2. If you look at my profile you'll see quite a few lately. Personally, the games I play are fun and I get enjoyment out of them. I am slightly addicted to trophies and I get a lot of enjoyment from gaining them. I have two to keep my trophy percentage up...two to have fun while getting trophies. I am slightly ashamed of a few of them though. I will not lie about that. Ultimately it's what I like and I look at it that way, but I do see the point of them being kinda pointless in the grand scheme of things.
  3. I care man. My 10,000th trophy was a plat too. I thought it would be a great send off for the next 10,000. It was Deus Ex: Human Revolution btw. if anyone in the world cares about stuff like that, it’s everyone responding to this forum post!
  4. Excellent game...still scared though.
  5. Number 500 for me will be The Evil Within. I have every trophy except Akumu mode. Oooooooo not looking forward to it.
  6. 1. What I mean by this: when you reach a trophy number of significance (25, 50, 100, 500) do you make it memorable as one you will want to remember for all time? I definitely do. Number 100 was my favorite game at the time: Dead Space. 200 was my favorite PS4 game at the time: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. 250 was my favorite at the time as well: Persona 5. 2. If you do, why do you do it? If you don't, why not? I understand if you don't think trophies are all that important (why are you posting on this site to begin with lol). I personally feel like they keep things exciting and make collecting the trophies more enjoyable in the long run. Plus, I love looking back on what I did years ago and reminiscing.
  7. Any Daedalic point and click will do. I know I could look it up, but I wanted suggestions from the community specifically. BTW I love your platinum guides that you post on and on here too. Thank you for your dedication and service to the trophy hunting community. 😄
  8. Super excited to hear about Goodbye Deponia and Deponia Doomsday! Maybe more people will pick it up once the complete collection comes out. I'm not really connected to the internet much, except through this site...does anyone know if there are plans for more Deponia games (I realize Deponia Doomsday sounds very much like the end of the series). Is there a sister series or another Daedalic game I haven't heard of that is like this?
  9. Red Dead Redemption was one of my favorite games of the last generation and I KNOW I will love this game enough to platinum it. I am very excited about the amount of time it will take me to do so (even if 175 hours in I may rue it).
  10. Huzzah! Celebrations! *dances in the street*
  11. Does anyone have any updates? I just started this game a few days ago and am very saddened to find this bug.
  12. I already played the other two. Doesn't make sense not to finish out the story!
  13. So through various news outlets, game reviews, and word of mouth...I have heard nothing but bad things about Mega Man X7. From a trophy perspective is it that bad? I've never played it, but I plan on trying it after I'm done with MMXC1. Just want to know the PSNProfile's user thoughts! Thanks in advance.
  14. Holy crap. Seconded!
  15. The Secret of Mana remake deserves better than this, yes. But it’s far from terrible.