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  1. Wow, second update in one month for me, probably because summer holidays started for me the end of past week. Update 3 - June, 23rd: Starting PCG: 56.90% Previous Update: 57.97% Current PCG: 58.61% Short-Term Goal: 60.00% Goal: 65.00% Long-Term Goal: 75.00% Games: LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: 100% Final Fantasy X-2 HD: 100% Astro's Playroom: 100% Tera: 100% Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart: 100% Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: 52% ==> 100% Rime: ??% ==> 100% Dirt 5: 0% ==> 100% Clicker Heroes: 42% RPG Maker MV: 1% Elden Ring: 10% X-Blades: 5% First of all I uncrossed X-Blades from my list because it is still on what is equivalent to Psnow on the new PS plus service, which I am very happy about! Haven't really checked the new service out but I definitely will the coming days. And try to play games I know I will complete Right now I'm feeling great because I have so many games I want to play that I almost can't decide which is the opposite of some months ago, where I felt like I didn't want to play anything. But I'm going to start a new game, AI: The Somnium Files, because I got reminded how much I love the Nonary games and found out the same team made this game. So the next time I will probably go all out on mystery visual novels and the like. I finished my exams last week and this has given me enormous amounts of free time, except for the next 10 days where I'm going on a festival. One of the courses was a programming course, which has kind of given my an itch for the RPG Maker MV game that has been sitting dormantly for so long. But now I feel like have the surplus energy to actually do something creative and make something for fun for myself. Although I had exams I managed in the spare time to complete Yo-Gi-Oh! Which in total has been taking almost 7 years (I have not played near that time). I ended up making an absurdly broken Exodia deck, after which the game was basically a joke. With my friend we created a bit more fair but still powerful deck, so some of the duels would be a bit more fun to complete. I feel like the game really should have a platinum because it is actually absurdly long, and takes very long even though you win every battle first try, which I didn't until I had my powerful decks, because I used the story decks. It was getting a bit tiring with story decks because you basically had to learn a new strategy for each duel. I was actually very productive because I also completed both Rime and Dirt 5, Rime because I had finished the story long ago but hadn't taken time to do the easy platinum, and then I felt an itch to play a PS5 game with some adaptive triggers. It wasn't as good triggers as other PS5 games I've played but I think sometimes you could actually feel the weight of the cars. Rime was short and sweet, Dirt 5 however I do not recommend the 100% and here's a mini rant about why: Dirt is all in all a great racing game. Very chill which was exactly what I was looking for. And the main game was fine. I just really have a problem with the amount of tracks they are reusing. And reusing is fine in racing games, but they made a campaign when there are almost no tracks in the game. So be prepared to play the same tracks so many times but sometimes reverse, sometimes in rain with one set of cars or in the night with another set of available cars. One thing I got to credit is that I loved almost all the tracks the first time around and the reverse tracks works very well for all of them. But omg I do not want to play them 100's of times in the campaign. If I wanted that I would play online or freeplay. And I'm not even gonna get into how awful I think all the ice tracks are or how boring the circuit tracks are. "All the ice tracks" there are like 2 or 3 and you play maybe 20 ice tracks in the campaign. Then I found out the game has dlc which I missed, and I promised myself I would complete the games I started, so I ended up playing it. Also I needed a lot of miles for the drive 1000 miles trophy. So I played all the dlc as well. And in 4 dlcs there are maybe 3 new tracks in total. They reuse all the old tracks, not even in new ways. There was a time trial mode, which is just driving through all the same stages. And even after doing everything in main campaign and finishing all the dlc and doing extra things called showdowns, not required for trophies, I still didn't have enough miles drove. I still needed about 150 miles. I just think it is absurd they want you to drive this much, when they don't have enough content to do it. And then thinking about how they reuse everything constantly and not have enough content I get very upset at this game. So I probably won't be playing anymore dirt games in the near future Elden ring is still sitting on the shelf until I get home from festival, and then I think after AI: Somnium files I will start it up again, because I actually have the time to properly invest myself in the game again, which it deserves. I'm also playing Clicker Heroes on the side, because it is very afk, and I want to finish it soon. I got tired of it back then when I played it, but when I returned new features like transcend had come. So now I transcended and I think it's going to get a lot better from now. Still have so many games in my backlog I really want to play, and hopefully I'll get to most of them this summer. Crash 4, FF7R, Warriors Ultimate, Aliens Isolation and so so much more lol. Those are just games at the top of my head without actually diving in to my backlog. I'm at 58.61% so I'm pretty close to my short term goal, and I hope I can reach it over the summer holidays. Hopefully those visual novels that I'm about to play will bring me up to what I need. Also RPG Maker gets some easy trophies from what I saw on the trophy list. Good luck everyone
  2. I have actually been updating more than I thought I would, so that's definitely a positive, here goes: Update 2 - June, 3rd: Starting PCG: 56.90% Previous Update: 57.47% Current PCG: 57.97% Short-Term Goal: 60.00% Goal: 65.00% Long-Term Goal: 75.00% Games: LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: 12% ==> 100% Elden Ring: 10% Final Fantasy X-2 HD: 81% ==> 100% Astro's Playroom: 0% ==> 100% Tera: 40% ==> 100% X-Blades: 5% Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart: 0% ==> 100% Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: 48% ==> 52% I'm getting a bit more used to the PS5 and already loving the layout. I do like it more than PS4 already, only thing I really miss are the folders with games, so I can make a folder of all the things I don't use that much like gallery, ps plus, remote play etc. or group together free games or something like that. I got everything transferred over from my PS4, but ended up only uploading all saves to the cloud, and then downloading them from the PS5 because the transfer over wifi nearly broke my PS4 in half (I did not work at all for me, I had to reset PS4 and everything). But now everything is settled except I still haven't downloaded that many games yet, but this is a good opportunity to actually complete the games that are on storage. I have some PS4 games that can upgrade to PS5, but I only need a few trophies and not all saves transfer, so it is a bit annoying, but I can always play the PS4 version, and that alone runs so much better and faster. And no sound while playing from the Playstation is wild for me, usually it sounds like a plane airing. Since last I accomplished much more than what I planned. I started a new game, Ratchet and Clank, because my roommate had it on disc, so I could borrow it from him. Amazing experience I would say. I am definitely in love with the adaptive triggers! I love the Ratchet series and also this was very nice to play, I only really played some of the original and the the "reimagining" and this new one for PS5. You could really feel the improved load times and the controllers amazing features. I'm not usually fond of shooter games, but I will definitely play some more just for the feel of the adaptive triggers, it feels so good! Loved getting the plat actually, very enjoyable for me or maybe it's the PS5 euphoria hyping my experience. Ratchet wasn't the only plat I got since the last update, I also got two others that are really big for me. Tera and Final Fantasy X-2. These have been such long time in the making with FFX-2 being 3 years and 8 months since I started and Tera being 4 years and 1 month since I started. Ever since I found out about the potential shutdown I started playing Tera again to actually finish it. I did not have that far since I was about level 62, so only needed 3 more levels and some dungeons. But when I started up Tera and logged in no character was to be seen. Apparently the servers have changed since I stopped and I have not been playing for the entire migration period and also I missed all information about it. So I had to start completely from scratch. I almost gave up then, but I then saw it as an opportunity to actually play another kind of class. So I read the Brawler was pretty good solo, and went on. Luckily the game has changed so you don't really need to do the zone quests at all, you can just rush the story, and I'm so glad I found out because I got so burnt out on the zone quests. Also Tera is probably the shortest MMORPG main quest line and time spent from min. level to max. All in all the platinum wasn't that bad at all, until it came to the world bosses. These are the worst and terribly designed concept. Most of them are fine but there were 3 causing problems, because for some reason someone thought they should have a respawn time of 6 to 12 hours! Also apparently if you don't get the first hit on them (or one of your potential group members) the kill doesn't count. I was so lucky for this even though it was annoying, I got them all in one evening maybe 4 hours total. And they have so much hp two of them, they're definitely not designed to do solo, but I did anyway and it took about 20-25 minutes for a kill! It was a bitter note to end on, but I was so happy when I got it, because it had been so long since I started and I really felt like I can put the game away when the servers close down eventually and know I had my good times with it. The platinum in FFX-2 has been such long. I said close to 3 years but it definitely feels like more because I also played FFX. I really like the combat in FFX-2, I really liked the story and there is a lot I liked, but the reason I have been so on and off about it is because of the story 100% completion criterias. You have to do EVERYTHING in such a specific order and if you miss a single thing you will be locked out for the playthrough. So I followed a guide for the most part which kinda sucked the enjoyment out of lot of the exploration and such. I don't have a problem following guides, but I really don't want to feel like it's necessary. I think there's something wrong if you want to explore something, but if you do it too early you can miss out on certain important things later. Then there's the tediousness of the 100 floor tower with every enemy and boss inside, which each you have to kill a certain number of times to see the "oversouled" form of. And when you have done all this (takes a very long time and some enemies can be missed if you didn't do some specific side quests earlier) you have to play the "dlc" which is a completely different game more like pokemon mystery dungeon - rouge lite game. In this game has so many mechanics you suddenly have to learn, because you need to climb 80 floors and defeat some absurdly difficult enemies on the way. I thought I would hate this game mode so much, but actually I ended really liking it. I just don't think it really belonged there. Also luckily you can save every 5 floors or with an item every floor, so it's not like you're forced to start from the beginning from death. But if you're underpowered you will never really get further. There is an item where you can start over but without losing character progression. When I found out I just had to prepare and build up my character by starting over a couple of times the whole experience became much more enjoyable. I do really like Final Fantasy, so I'm really happy I've finished this because now I feel like I can actually start a new one with good conscience. I crossed X-Blades from the list for now, because apparently you can't purchase ps now subscriptions anymore, I assume because of the merging with ps plus. So here's to hoping it will be on the plus streaming for ps3 games. So for now I can't play it, so it's back on the metaphorical shelf. Also got a couple of trophies in Yu-Gi-Oh! Played it with my good friend, and it has also been a long time coming. Might look at actually making a good dent, because using the story deck for each battle is really difficult when you don't really now the strategy going in. I enjoy it, but not too long sessions. Probably because of too many cards all with different effects, so there's constant reading. I will be playing this on and off. Not really sure what to play now, because I'm not quite ready for Elden Ring yet. I won't be starting a new game but maybe get on with my current Warriors game. Also want to play Crash 4. I also really want to play a proper PS5 game but not sure, and shouldn't extend my backlog too much, so I need to be sure I'll finish it if I start. Sorry for the long ass novel of an update. TLDR; pretty good month for me trophy wise, I'm pretty close to the 60% already, I feel like I have an okay pace and I know I can't keep this up too long so here's to hoping!
  3. Yakuza is so great. I’ve played 0 and Kiwami and loved them both. But the plats are definitely time consuming. Though they are great. For the most part at least
  4. It's been almost a month since my last update, so here's what's happened since Update 1 - May, 17th: Starting PCG: 56.90% Previous Update: 56.90% Current PCG: 57.47% Short-Term Goal: 60.00% Goal: 65.00% Long-Term Goal: 75.00% Games: LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: 12% ==> 100% Elden Ring: 10% Final Fantasy X-2 HD: 81% Astro's Playroom: 0% ==> 100% Tera: 40% X-Blades: 5% Last week I finally got a PS5, so I had to play through Astro's Playroom, and the new controller features and the vibe of Astro's Playroom almost gave me child-like joy, which was amazing. I can't wait to see what it has in store for me. Right now I'm still getting "settled" with it. I don't have any games really downloaded, and only just transferred my save data a couple of days ago. Right now I'm exploring if I can do anything like auto pop for any of my games, and also if there are any I can upgrade to PS5 version, but there is so much it's almost overwhelming. Also got some games on my PS4 that are not on my account - they are through humble playstation bundles, so I'll have to transfer them some way too. I loved getting the platinum in Astro, it was fast, easy and fun all the way through. Loved all the small Easter eggs and interactions that happens. I also finally finished LEGO Star Wars this night. I have so many mixed feelings about that game. I really love it, but god damn it is awful to play with all those glitches happening all the time. It's like it hasn't been tested at all. Some levels you just can't play through in free play, characters duplicating, notifications never going away. There are just so many small problems everywhere, not to mention all the times the game has crashed on me (I was playing the PS4 version btw). I'm not sure if I liked the challenges in every level, I'd honestly prefer more minikits. I love how many planets there are, and how you get to explore. All in all a great game. I would just wish there weren't so many bugs. Maybe in some months it'll be an amazing game. Elden Ring and Final Fantasy are on a temporary hiatus right now until I've completed these new games I've listed. Since I heard Tera's PC servers are shutting down in June, I got worried the console versions might follow, so finishing that as fast as I can. It is so long since I've played it though. Same thing with X-Blades, because of the new PS Plus service I figured PS Now is shutting down, and this is one of the games that is definitely not going to follow. I think I have a free trial, so I hope I can finish this before ps now closes. Hope you're all doing well. I would like to progress a bit faster, but I have many games, many exams and many work hours these days, so it's difficult finding time. But I imagine that I will be making time for my newly acquired PS5
  5. Count me in for the challenge then. I hope I can achieve the 5% increase in completion: My current PCG is 56.90% I have a short term goal of 60% (other than the 5% increase) and a longer term goal of 75% which is very unlikely I'll reach. So I'll also set a more realistic goal on 65% I will be using the following update format: Update 0 - April, 18th: Starting PCG: 56.90% Previous Update: N/A Current PCG: 56.90% Short-Term Goal: 60.00% Goal: 65.00% Long-Term Goal: 75.00% Games: LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: 12% Elden Ring: 10% Final Fantasy X-2 HD: 81% The format is inspired by @Static_Rook - I hope that's okay ^^ I know I will not be making progress or updates each week because I will definitely lose motivation then - That's why I'm using update instead of weeks In the moment I'm playing LEGO Star Wars, just begun almost - so hopefully it'll go well, I'm playing Elden Ring mostly when my friend is here but also playing it on my own - haven't found the time to fully immerse myself in that game, but I love it. And Final Fantasy X-2 I have been working on for so long on-off, I finally did 100% the main story but now I need to do the "Last Mission" part which is kind of a separate game which is why I haven't begun yet. I haven't seen many talk about the monthly challenges. I am assuming that these are things you track yourself, and then tell if you've completed one of the monthly challenges? If anyone can help me understand the monthly challenges I would appreciate it very much ^^
  6. Hope it’s still possible to join this. I’m a bit late on it and kinda new to these community events. But I always like something that looks back on the games you never got around to. I haven’t had much time lately to play but that will hopefully change. I’ve also been a bit discouraged on completing my backlog, beceause i had a bad habit of opening up games just to see the trophy list. But since I learnes (today lol) that you can delete 0% trophy lists I got excited and saw this so it must be destiny. Also love the monthly challenges it invites to much completion. Tldr; I’d like to join. Is there anything other than state the completion pcg and some goals? Because I will do this as soon as I get home and have those 0% lists deleted. Also hello everyone
  7. Hey all! So I was originally playing NieR Replicant and until now it has been really good. I completed up until about the point of no return for the game, and went back to do some side quests etc. While I was waiting for my plants to grow on my farm for the last side quest I started playing Black Mirror in the meantime. And in that night (yesterday) taking about 4-5 hours I completed it and got the platinum. This is pretty funny imo that I can get a platinum in a game while I'm waiting for the plants to grow in the other. So Black Mirror is beaten with platinum! I thought it was pretty short, but shorter than I imagined, which is great because it filled it's purpose perfectly. On to the rating of course: Gameplay - It was kind of a horror game mixed with an adventure game. The story was definitely in focus here and here and not the gameplay. If you can't play a game without action then this isn't for you, however it is really good at capturing an atmosphere and it even got my a few scares (not that it's difficult to scare me lol). It's pretty standard procedure with your inventory that has all the stuff you collect and the puzzle is where you use the different items etc. The horror elements come from the story, vibe and scary characters. I did really like the puzzles though, there weren't too many and they were different, and a good thing there was a quest log or else I would have ended up not going anywhere lol. I used a guide some places for some of the missable stuff, just to make sure I didn't progress too far to do something, so I would have to replay. However, in the later acts I think it got a little confusing where I should go, so I started using a guide, and focused on only the story. I did not like the visions in the game. I don't know why they have to push sections in where you can die in this game. I only died once, but it felt so cheap the way it works, because it's if you get too close to the ghosts while they are acting out. Then there were this "calming" mini game, which I think was pretty pointless, but not bad. I didn't fail it once so I don't know what happens if you fail, but I know you don't die if you fail. This game doesn't need something that could kill you, it works well without and I think it ruined it a bit adding stuff that could kill for no real reason. It felt like being there because someone said "is it really a video game if you can't die?" I really think it had enough in it's own mechanics, even though I do like they are trying to innovate on the genre. But it should have been more well thought out. Story - I love the British gothic horror. It is amusing and disturbing. The unnatural elements I weren't a fan of, but I love the family feud there is going on. This curse between this family, and all the mysteries, deaths and murders there have been within the family. You want to know more. And it is definitely because the characters are so great all of them! You don't trust any of them and you're almost afraid of just talking to them in broad daylight. And I just think they twist the characters all the right ways. Give this game a chance just to experience those characters. Even if you hate puzzles use a guide or something, because they are amazing and so well designed. The characters are really the story here, and the main characters powers are also very interesting. I won't spoil too much, so you all can have a chance to experience it. It is short - really a game you can play in a day with a friend or alone an evening night instead of movies etc. Music - The music for me wasn't that memorable, but I think that is mainly because I played it so late a night and I had it turned down (not all the way obviously - wanted to hear the character dialogue etc.). But listening to the soundtrack a bit on YouTube really is amazing. It hits all the right vibes. I gives those creepy manor vibes, mysterious orchestral music with dissonant harmonies. And then a bagpipe because I lied and it's actually Scotland that gives it this Gaelic sound which is a thing that is featured in the game also (the Gaelic). Another reason I don't really remember the music is, it's mostly ambient to create that creepy manor vibe. It's not gonna be your favourite soundtrack but you can give it listen on YouTube to get a feel for the atmosphere that is also throughout the game. Presentation - It's from 2017 and a reboot for the original Black Mirror games that I do not know anything of. I doesn't look the greatest. It kind of looks like a ps3 game. It lacks (a lot sometimes especially outside). Sometimes it's really dark, and I didn't find an option to make it brighter (although I didn't look so thoroughly). So graphic wise it is a bit off. The art style is great though and I do like the character and item models. You can really see their emotions which is so important to make characters feel this alive. It crashed once but quick saves are great, so no problem really, just annoying. The walking and running is also very inconsistent. It has this resident evil / devil may cry camera thing, where the camera has a specific angle for every room and different part of rooms, which works cool. And then I don't know why the load screens are so long. Here it is stupid that all the rooms are separated by load screens and they take too long. Apparently it was worse before the patch. It is also I reason I switched to guide later, because it was exhausting to keep seeing the loading screen when you don't know where to go and you're going back and forth. Creativity - I didn't really find it particularly creative. It was all in the mansion, which is cool but definitely seen before. The visions are a good idea but handled poorly I think. They could really have been cool. I really liked it as a power, because you could use it to confront people with what they've done without having to pick up tons of evidence, which is great because more stuff can happen. But he also knows he's crazy seeing visions, so he doesn't spill it all because he doesn't want to go the asylum. Creative story and ideas definitely. Fun Factor - I don't really think the game has much replay value. It's not a game I would play again because it's fun, the story is super interesting but I don't think there are enough puzzles or new stuff to keep me going. It's short so you could easily do another playthrough, but there is little reason other than to find optional collectables, which for me in this instance isn't enough. Especially without some kind of chapter select. It's a game that you should experience the one time, and that's enough thankfully. It's a good one-time playthrough. X-criteria - I don't think the games does anything special in particular. It had a good idea with the visions, but it became these cut off experiences that were used better as dialogue evidence after the specific scenes. It was a cool way to inspect the scene while it was unfolding, instead of making it like flashes when you find an item or a cutscene. It puts you in the action, but it didn't really work that well. I think they succeeded with a great story, but I don't know if it's the same concept as the original trilogy. Platinum - The platinum is sweet and easy. Maybe it could have included to get the collectables, like the game should have a chapter select. I am glad that it was easy, they were all story related except a few missable, where some where just too easy to miss. And for the rest I used a guide, so I'm not a 100% sure how easy they would have been. I imagine, that if you know the requirement and you have played it through once, you would almost immediately know most of them. I think there is a missed opportunity for some puns based on the lines the characters are saying. Maybe trigger specific responses etc. Never complaining on an easy plat though. Just as easy as the game, and that's a relief as some of the latest I have done have been kind of grindy. So definitely thumps up here. Overall - Overall I think this game falls a bit short. It has some very good qualities like the characters, the atmosphere and it being an easy and short game/plat. Maybe I would have liked it more without the guide I used, so I could have struggled a bit more on where to go, but I also think that would have been very frustrating with the long loading screens. Also the lag that happens in some area does annoy me. I think the game tries to do a lot of things, but none of them really hits the head. I think it had a lot of potential, and with some more time to polish all the parts and mechanics so it would run better and be more fun, it could have been a very great game. Perfect length, vibe/atmosphere and I, as I have said many times now, love love love the characters. 6.5/10 - Short and creepy 6.5 is not a bad score for me. I wouldn't say you have to play it, but I think if some of the things I said that I liked seem interesting to you, then I will recommend. I guess I didn't really have much expectation for this, and it surprised me on some of the aspects where the other aspects were kind of neutral / unpolished. It was a reboot, but I can't imagine it did very well (didn't check the critic scores), but I think I can safely say there probably won't be another one. Maybe someday I will go back and explore the original trilogy to see what it's all about. I don't play many adventure games, but they are really relaxing, I just always get stuck and then I resort to a guide because it can be so random it seems where you have to go. Thanks for reading this far if you're still reading. I have question, did anyone play the original Black Mirror games? Or this one? And what are your thoughts, because I can't really compare to something I don't know that well. Below you can see the pyramid: Now I'm going back NieR Replicant. I just finished my first playthrough almost and I'm good into the grind for postgame etc. I think I'll be doing an update on NieR when I am totally done with it, but right now I don't feel like I completed it, because I only got one ending and it sends you back to complete it again with different cutscenes. So I'll wait on the update. I feel like I have been making a good pyramid because this is going a lot faster than last time. Or maybe I'm just playing more idk. I think the next one after NieR will be What Remains of Edith Finch, I can't wait for this, it's definitely exciting to me. Maybe I will start this if some of the grinding in NieR gets too much, because there is a lot. However, I am close to done. Maybe it'll be Beyond: Two Souls. I'll definitely be saving Trials for later, when I need a palate cleanser. Hope you're all doing well on your pyramids! Do you have summer vacations or anything of the like soon? So you can play more games, or maybe you have other plans?
  8. Good luck with your new pyramid! Hope you'll make some easier progress on this one. It has a lot of games I'd like to play myself, and some I've played. Nioh I really fell in love with
  9. Hey all - First update on the new pyramid! I did it quick this time, and I finished Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, and also I got the platinum for this, because I had to - It's Kingdom Hearts you know - I love this series heck I even wrote one of the guides lol (#whatanerd). I think this game was really great and it will be subject to my first little rating of my games on the pyramid. I think it's always hard to rate the first game fairly, so I do look forward to the decimals or the inflation in my ratings when I find games worse or better that already rated ones. I'll try and keep the numbers relatively simple and clean (see what I did there?). On to the rating: Gameplay - It is a rhythm game, so the gameplay is pretty simple. I think they did very good by finding their own version of being a rhythm game. KH have a really bad reputation for rhythm minigames but this was actually pretty solid. One thing that was definitely a problem some times was the calibrations. It felt like some stages the rhythms were better calibrated to the music than others, so you purposely had to hit the button a very tiny bit late or early to get it perfect, but this was rare. Or maybe I'm just bad, but a calibration option is a must on a game like this. Also I felt like there was a difference when using headphones and not. It is exciting to have a rhythm game with orchestral music, and also so much music 150 songs (some duplicate because they were in different modes) There were mainly 4 different playstyles (5): Normal field, boss battles, memory dives, duels, (and co op). I think it's nice to see so much different, also because it did feel very different. However, the story mode was lacking despite of this. It was very repetitive, which is okay for a rhythm game, I think that's kind of the point, but there was so much potential. So many playstyles and it's not used enough. Instead every song had 3 missions which was nice to see, but ultimately not really important because you would do them if you were good enough. And the game is not really that hard, and I've played a lot of rhythm games and also being a music student. I do think it needs a critical (harder) difficulty like every other KH game. Just to go back to story mode. I think it is a missed opportunity, not enough boss fights (4 I think total), memory dives only becomes a thing in the end. The game is basically going through the story - you could have had a duel with Riku on destiny islands, just to spice it up. Make some co op with the COM where it makes sense. It should be more varied in story mode, because you unlock all the songs here to play when you want. And duels and co op is separate. The main mechanics - really great and you feel yourself getting better, but I think it needs to be harder if I can get a full chain on the hardest stage on the hardest difficulty - rant over lol. Story - As you progress through the story you get small cutscenes here and there. Kingdom Hearts has a bad habit of recapping the story, all the time. This game is just you going through the entire story up until now, but in no detail. And that's the story you get. The intro and the ending is the only real new content. Applause for making story content in a rhythm game, but this is more of an RPG made rhythm game (which is pretty cool tbh). I'd actually rather have no story than the constant recapping. I do understand, because the story is a direct continuation of the ending from KH3. When it comes to the new content it is fire - still loving the story. I'd just wish there was a lot more story. I know gameplay wise it makes sense the way it is made, but I want more of that sweet new story. It's so exciting and always leaves you wanting more. Always ending on a cliffhanger. Music - This I have to give 10/10 no doubt at all - except Let it go, damn that song was so long. And you have to play it 3 times for the plat. Good music makes a good rhythm game - and this game has so good music. It is great because it takes the best music from all the games (except the opening from KH3) and puts it all together. You really get to appreciate how good it really is and how different the versions of world themes from the different games are. It's a whole newfound appreciation because you have to listen for the gameplay. I love the music and so should you. Music won't always count much in the overall score, but in a music game it will. Presentation - Graphicwise this game isn't much to write home about. I don't really care about graphics but I have nothing against beautiful games. It's the good old character models from the remasters of the first games. Same with the locations and enemies and then you're kinda flying through. Cutscenes - beautiful. Memory dives awesome idea to make music to a kind of music video. It came out so fast after KH3 so I didn't expect much here. The look is clean, and you always now what's coming - they prioritise gameplay and I can respect that very much. Creativity - As a did mention a bit in the gameplay section, it is a very creative way of doing a rhythm game. It's an rpg with items and leveling (which doesn't really matter if you're good enough) but if you aren't. Then you can make the hard stages with some potions and a higher level team, which is awesome I think. Ekstra points for the boss battles, they are so cool, just have some more. Duels are pretty regular here, I wished that it was more fleshed out. Cool that it's online, but you can't activate powers yourself, they do automatically so it's rng. Also the level system - using cards is interesting but ultimately not really worth worrying about. And the fact that you have to go to the home menu for it to automatically lvl up is a bit stupid. Fun-factor - For casual completion it's really just fun and games. Depending on how much of a completionist you are, you'll care more or less about the missions. Getting those full chains is the fun part. When you nail a difficult song. The gameplay is rarely broken if you don't want to and I like that. I choose to watch the recaps because I get nostalgic so It's not all bad. But if you just want to play you can. And the music really makes you feel all the more connected to the game. X-criteria - The x-criteria I invented - it's like the x-factor of games. That special thing. For me in this game Kingdom Hearts will just have a special place in my hearts. It's the characters, the music, the memories and the story, it can get you very emotional. Other than that I don't think this game has something that makes it very special and unique and that way. Not groundbreaking. Orchestral rhythm game for your favourite game series music - that's very nice though. Platinum - I'm split about the platinum. It's relatively easy. You have to get a full chain (that means miss 0) on the hardest difficulty on 50/150 songs, which can be hard. I didn't find it super hard, but it definitely can be. However there is a grind and it seems pointless. For the plat you need to complete every song on both beginner normal and hard. Why?? It really should be stacking. I feel like I'm wasting my time playing on the lowest difficulty here. 150 songs and about 2.5 minutes each (some are longer up to 5 minutes) - that times 3. That's a minimum of 12 hours on difficulties I would otherwise not touch. This is far from the worst. After I had completed all songs on all difficulties, gotten 50 full chains on each of the difficulties, and gotten to the highest rank in duels (not so hard - this was very enjoyable) I had killed a little over 50.000 enemies through the game. There is a trophy in the game, that needs you to kill 100.000 enemies, that was the only trophy left. That is double the amount after I've done everything else. I reached max level with my first team in the end of story mode. The most enemies in a stage is the hardest stage with about 450 in 2.5 minutes. That would be almost 5 hours of constant grinding the most difficult song in the game. 111 times through that song. It wasn't the worst because I ended up being so good at the song that I could watch a show on my computer while playing it, only giving full attention when needed. If you want this platinum, do it over a long span of time. It is not meant to be grinded. It is meant to be a game where you come back and try to perfect your scores etc. For getting 100% in game, you would need an immense grind and this I don't think I can recommend to anyone (Haven't done that though). All in all not a bad platinum - I just wish there were something so I would get nearer to the 100.000. It annoys me that it's the last trophy. Overall - I think it is a really solid game - overall it is pulled down by the platinum, the story mostly being recapping of the other games and the gameplay not being as varied, when it had the potential to be. I'd say it met my expectations storywise - but I always want more. I did not expect to love the music this much and I did not expect to love the other game modes so much - which is why I'm sad it wasn't used more. This brings me to my final score. 8/10 - Most amazing music! I really can't wait for the next game now to see where the story goes, and hope to see at least a tease of something new at E3 soon. I'll certainly be following. I love when Kingdom Hearts experiment with the gameplay - this is what makes it so special to me. The minigames, the weird gimmicks the confusing mess of a story, the characters and the music. I am excited of what's to come Below you can see the pyramid: Sorry for the long post guys. I can't help it, it's Kingdom Hearts so expect at least one more of these. Next up is NieR Replicant. I've been looking out for Automata since it came out, and suddenly got this as a present from a friend. Can't wait to play it. It'll be nice with some action after a rhythm game. I'll definitely be mindfull of the music after having opened my mind to it in this game. Hope you're all doing well on your pyramids, haven't really seen so many updates in the last days! Also hope you come back soon @arsenal4life1471 - we miss you :)) byebye
  10. Another update from me already! Never thought I'd be (almost) double-posting on this thread, I guess this really shows that it's quiet right now. But I already made my next pyramid, so I wanted to show you all before I started it. There were generally some lengthy RPGs I ended up cutting all of, so I guess my next pyramid is almost purely RPGs lol. Below you can see it: I definitely ended going a lot more story-based on this pyramid, whereas the old pyramid was much more gameplay-heavy, so I'm excited for these games, and hopefully I won't get bored lol. I don't really have any action games except Nier, and some of the DLC - but I have some platformers instead hoping it will get a little more peaceful on this pyramid. I hope the many story games won't be too much, I really tried to spread them out across the pyramid. I thought since I'm definitely procrastinating way too much from my exams, I would comment just shortly on the games on my list and why they are they, to introduce them, maybe comment some expectations from each, and I'll see if they live up to it. I think Throughout this pyramid as well - I'll be giving a score and a max. 5 word comment to each game both for casual completion and 100%, an overall score based on different criteria (like, gameplay, story, music, fun-factor, creativity and maybe an x-criteria (Like unforeseen things, confusing elements etc.)) It's a great way to get your thoughts out on a game, and also a way to remember to appreciate the different elements of the games. Anyway here's a little introduction to my list: Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory (PS4) [11% Trophy Completion] - Already played a good part of the first portion of this game. KH is one of my favourite franchises, and I've played almost all to 100% completion. I love the confusing mess of a story, I'm so invested in it, that no matter what happens it will always be exciting to me what is going to happen. Bought this on release and I can't wait to finally play it through. I have focused so much on the pyramid and forgot to play this game that I really wanted to play. So now it's two birds with one stone. NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... (PS4) [1% Trophy Completion] - I got this game as a present from one of my best buddies. I've been so excited to play it, but haven't got around to it. I'm sure he's just waiting to hear my thoughts on it, and I am too because when it comes to games he knows me just as well as I know myself. Also will definitely be playing NieR Automata if this game is as good as it seems just from the first 2 hours of it. Black Mirror (PS4) [0% Trophy Completion] - Honestly I'm not really sure what this game is. I'm positive that it's pretty short, and I can see it's an easy platinum from the rarity. It has just been sitting in my backlog since I bought it in a Humble PlayStation Bundle (I have too many of those - maybe next pyramid will be RPGs and games from Humble Bundle). Beyond: Two Souls (PS4) [0% Trophy Completion] - First of the Quantic Dream games on my list - three in total. I got it through PS Plus games, don't know much about it other than it being story-heavy. Really excited for this one and totally blind on it, and it's gonna stay that way. What Remains of Edith Finch (PS4) [0% Trophy Completion] - Pretty sure I got this through PS Plus as well. It has been on my radar for so long since I used to watch Playstation Access, and Rob from there always praising this game to heaven. Now I will finally play it. Trials Rising: Crash & Sunburn [DLC] (PS4) [91% Trophy Completion (20% of the DLC)] - Trials is one of the games most dear to me. It was one of the first games I got on my Xbox back in the day, and Trials Fusion was my first game together with Bloodborne for the PS4. I love Trials Rising and I am yet to properly go through the DLC, so I will be 100%'ing this DLC for sure. This game is hard, fun and just controls amazing. Heavy Rain (PS4) [0% Trophy Completion] - Second of the Quantic Dream games, also from PS Plus (Damn they've had good games imo). This I know a bit more of the story from (also the Jason meme) and unfortunately I do know the twist, but the experience is completely fresh, never played it, but I have heard about it and seen some gameplay. Everybody's Gone To The Rapture (PS4) [0% Trophy Completion] - Another PS Plus game. I have been putting this off for a while. I played Gone Home which I think is from the same developer, but got intimidated by the length of this. I know already now, that I have to find the patience to walk that slow for so long. I'm not really expecting to love this, but I've wanted this out of my backlog for a while. I want to experience it, but I'm not sure it's my kind of story. Rime (PS4) [22% Trophy Completion] - Yet another PS Plus game, I'm starting to see a pattern for this pyramid, now that I'm introducing the games. This is more like a platformer, a bit like Journey and those games. So looking forward to collecting and relaxing. I expect this to be short and sweet, not necessarily the most memorable, but I really like the art style and aesthetics. Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Mode [DLC] (PS4) [81% Trophy Completion (0% of the DLC)] - This is one of the best games I played last year, and I'm excited to hop back in. When I played it, it was the only game I played, so I finished it long before the DLC came out. My roomie also has the game (we both bought it together) and as I understand there is a multiplayer component to the DLC, so maybe I'll play some of it with him. I'll probably also make a playthrough in NG+ to mop those trophies while I am back in, because looking back I did miss it. Not sure what to expect from this DLC, but I'm sure it's crazy good. Hopefully NG+ is a bit harder and the I can utilise all the abilities. Detroit: Become Human (PS4) [0% Trophy Completion] - Last of the three Quantic Dream games, yet another time from PS Plus (They gave them all on PS Plus damn). This is the newest and I've tried to put them on different levels. Haven't really seen much of the but I've heard much about it. I'm expecting it to be the best of the three, so I'm gonna play it last, doing them chronologically by release date. Erica (PS4) [0% Trophy Completion] - Also from PS Plus... Don't know anything about this, haven't seen it, I just know it is story-heavy from my roomie, and he said it was pretty decent. And he's normally not really into those games, so I thought this was a perfect addition to these story games on this pyramid. Not expecting anything big from this, mostly because I haven't heard about it, but I hope it gives a pleasant surprise of course. Hopefully a little gem in the rough. Yooka-Laylee (PS4) [16% Trophy Completion] - I was really excited for this game. I knew going in it was like a Banjo thing, but I've never played any of those games, thinking it was like a "collectathon" I was going in thinking it would be like Spyro etc. So I quickly got overwhelmed by the openness. I think that I need to go in with another mindset, because I've really been craving a 3D platformer like this. I expect it to be a long and relaxing journey of collecting items, and then being stuck for an hour trying to find that 1 item because I'm too stubborn to move on without it. It's gonna be good times. Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion (PS4) [18% Trophy Completion] - I bought this game on a sale a long time ago, and I never really got around to playing the game properly. I remember there were some bugs, but nothing annoying. I love Adventure Time, so I think it will be fresh with a little casual RPG, that is not too demanding. Hopefully there won't be too many bugs, and if there are I expect this to be done relatively quick. Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind [DLC] (PS4) [92% Trophy Completion (53% of the DLC)] - Kingdom Hearts really is one of those franchises I could just play over and over, and KHIII is really one of the best of the franchise gameplay wise. What I need from this DLC is to rank up a special mode, that I have just unlocked. It's going to be extremely hard, because you rank up by completing certain parts of the story with various limitations that could be you only have 1 defence etc. I've been waiting for this, because I've wanted a sort of challenge run for a while, and I'll be making this my challenge run. I'm expecting this to be super hard, and that is fine, because most games on here are easy, and that will freshen the air a bit. These are all the games on my pyramid and I think right now, I'm mostly looking forward to NieR and Kingdom Hearts (I'm literally on the title screen waiting to start the game, and have to end this post soon because I want to play). Also I'm excited to jump back in to do the DLC of the games I've already completed and loved, so I know that's good. Then I'll see what those story games can do to me. I'm not expecting to cry or anything, but hopefully they are intriguing when it is the biggest part of the game. I'm ending here, thanks for reading if you're this far. I hope it inspires some of you to write more on the games you play, because I'm always up for reading others thoughts on that. Have a good day all of you! :)) I don't think I can keep it short as you see above lol, at least when I try to keep it short, it always gets lengthy, but I'm so glad you like it! And glad for the bonus points, he's also from the same country so it makes sense, even though it's not the most common name here.
  11. Hey everyone. I finished Hollow Knight and that means I'm officially done with my 1st pyramid!!! And to top it off I got the platinum for Hollow Knight as well for a special commemoration. This game has been one of my most anticipated and yet one that has been in my backlog for the longest time. I think that I knew I would really like it, and the I would want the platinum. And because it is so hard, I've been putting it off for so long, but I finally did it and I'm so glad that I did. I recently got a really serious hand injury, that means I can't really do anything, but it's not straining my hand when I play video games, which is why I finally had the time to do this in the middle of exams. Damn Hollow Knight is a super great game. If this is in your backlog, please don't sleep on it, you will regret it. It does have a reputation for being a "souls-like" but honestly it's not. It's really more action and fast paced and actually really forgiving. It does have it's hard passages, but they are really mostly in the end-game (DLC and boss rush etc is ruthless, and this is why the platinum is hard). The story is pretty short and relatively easy compared to the rest of the game and what I expected. I won't go in to too much detail, I'll just let you know, that the combat is amazing, and you unlock so many cool abilities, which are all really useful to be honest. Go buy this game - even though I know, no one here should be adding to their backlog right now, but it's great. And OMG the music is so good as well. Love the theme! If you want any more reasons to buy Hollow Knight, just ask. I'm trying to keep myself short this time, because every time I start talking about the pros and cons of a game I end up blabbering. Below you can see my pyramid: Now that I'm done with this pyramid I thought I would make a little top 5 to round it off. So my top 5 is (from worst to best): 5. Oninaki - I'm having a rough time putting this in the bottom of my top 5 for this pyramid. But I have to say as much as I like the aesthetic, the rug-grind for trophies is just barely pulling it down from the top. Great music, great story, great combat. 4. Salt and Sanctuary - This game is not just hard but it really makes you want to try again every time. The combat feels great, and I haven't really felt 2D combat that worked as well as this. The thing about having to worry about dodging through, away from and over enemies makes it almost feel 3 dimensional. 3. Hollow Knight - I want this to be even higher but I can't do that to the rest of the games on this list. Just amazing game. So much to do, and you only feel lost on a good way. If you're having trouble finding your way, just equip the wayfinder compass charm, there's a charm for every playstyle. And if there is something specific that's making it harder for you, there's probably a charm for it. 2. Ghost of Tsushima - The top 3 were all really close - this game comes just behind my top 1. This game is just so good. The stealth in particular feels amazing - and the combat is so cool. I think by the end it got a little easy. But I'm not sure how it best could be dealt with. The reason is still number 2 is because even though I loved the world. And especially the way you follow the wind and not a mini map, so you actually look at the beautiful world they've created. It's because even though the way you traverse is new, it is still mostly a giant checklist. Which is such a shame. I do like that, it means a lot of things to do and it can be relaxing, but I was hoping for some more groundbreaking, when it seemed they did so much new with the world. But it's still settlements, collect this to improve health, collect that to improve stamina etc. Still and amazing game though 1. Celeste - It had to be. The only thing wrong with this game is myself being so bad at it, that I am too tempted to use assist mode. I did the whole story without, but when it came to the extremely hard strawberry collectables and B/C-sides I switched it on. I'm glad that it's there, it's obviously the right step in game development. But I think I would have enjoyed it even more if something stood in the way of my temptations. Of course I also platted all these, because they were so good. Some honorary mentions that just didn't cut it would be: Titan Souls - which was so fun and creative and Dragon's Dogma - which is just a fire game. Love the combat, the climbing and everything. The inventory is crap but you get over it. If I had to choose the worst game on here it would be a tie between Trine 2 and Deus Ex. I really liked Deus ex, but I felt it gave so many options that I could hardly choose, and still It felt like it wanted you to do things in very specific ways. I think that game is just too foreign to me, and I would have to play some more probably. But none of them I thought as bad actually. I think my whole pyramid had some really good games, but I also think in generel of the games are too long on the pyramid, so I'm taking that up for consideration on the next. It'll be more of a mix, and I'll be making it these next days, maybe late tonight. I already know some that I want on my pyramid - KH Melody of Memory, because I love KH and I still haven't finished this! The new Nier, which is way too new to already be in my backlog, but it is. Probably put some dlc on there, the Ghost of Tsushima and maybe finish up the KH3 dlc. Then I've got so many story games I haven't played yet like Heavy Rain, Detroit become Human etc. Maybe some large games like FF15 or FFX-2 (Or 7R). Or maybe I should save that for next pyramid as much as I can. And then make it a bigger one. Who knows Hope you're all doing well and not too annoyed by my posts that are way too long, bye! :))
  12. So true @Spinacheq. Personally I'm working on Hollow Knight, and planning to get the platinum here, so it's taking quite the time. Have finished 2 exams and have 2 more in the next 2-3 weeks. So hopefully I can chip away a little here and there whilst doing my exams. Otherwise I'll be smashing the game in the summer vacation
  13. Hey all, I'll try to keep this update short I got the platinum in Oninaki after some nice grinding. I must say I did not mind the grind for the platinum in this. Quite easy platinum, and not bad if you like the combat. The first part of the grind was great because you could do it while doing the post game dungeon, and for me it lined up perfectly I needed 5 floors when I was done with that grinding. It got a little boring because of the layout of the post game dungeon literally just being 100 floors randomly generated from previous stages, and you have to defeat a specific number of enemies to move on. But the you had to farm for every awakening which is so stupid. Because they unlock by rng. And when they unlock you can be so unlucky as to unlock the same again, even though you already unlocked it, how stupid is that. I was well past upgrading all I needed and I hit max level way before I got these. I wish they would just cut that trophy and make you complete all the side quests instead, or collect all the shadestones etc. The rng is a bit less stupid there. Sad to end on a bitter note. Because it was really a good game, and I loved it a lot. I don't think I loved it enough to play it again some day (because it is a bit long for that). but enough to recommend it to you all. If you want the platinum be sure to equip an awaken chance shade stone ASAP. Because I didn't and I felt that in post game. If you just want to play it, you're in for an amazing game Below is my pyramid: Now I will be moving on to Hollow Knight. I played it a bit before, but I think I will be starting from scratch to get that fresh experience. Can't wait for this game, I hope it can live up to my expectations, and I hope it's not too hard so I will just be frustrated. It's the last game, so maybe when I am too frustrated I can find some games for my next pyramid. I will definitely try to pick a lot of shorter games for that so I can feel it moving forward again, and then save some of the longer games I want to play for the next pyramid (Maybe I'm thinking too much forward though) It'll be a bit before actually starting the game, so it will probably be some time before my next update
  14. Update from me again! I finished Oninaki! Damn what a great game. This game I think met my unfair high expectations somehow, and still exceeded them in some ways. The story is definitely one of the things that interested me the most in this game. It is sure in the top 3 for me storywise, because I do really like the over the top JRPG stories, that get weird with time travel and plot twists like Kingdom Hearts' stupid and convoluted (but imo amazing story). The story here is not as convoluted, but it does get crazy in the second half. I just love the idea of the world, and the concept of it all with reincarnation, and then you as the main character being able to travel between the two realms, it's just really well thought through. In the game you travel through different worlds, it's not open world, very much a linear game, but you can go back to every place whenever you want. In every world (almost) you can switch between the Veil and the living world (Where the veil is like where you go before you get reincarnated. The monsters are people who got lost and your job is to guide the people who are lost so they can move on. Reasons that they are stuck can be like if they are holding a grudge etc. When you are playing through a world you can switch between the two versions of the world, where the monsters change and there will be some sort of gimmick in the "dark" version - like you damage more the farther you are from the enemy. Some times you have to defeat a specific buffed up enemy before you can change between the worlds. I have an urge to explore, and every time I went in to the dark world I would go back to the area that I also explored in the light world, and I would almost always be rewarded with a treasure chest and of course more enemies and therefore more exp. I like the upgrading system, but after a while you don't really have a need for the shadestones you find everywhere. They put special buffs on your weapons, but there are so many of them. You also find a lot of weapons, but that is great because you use them to make the weapons you already have stronger. I like the simplicity in items, there are only really healing, weapons and the shadestones. No money and other consumables which is nice for a change in a JRPG where there sometimes are so many items that you never use any of them. However because of this the incentive to explore lessened a bit, but I did it anyway because I can't stop exploring, knowing there's probably a chest even though I probably don't need what's in it. Also because (cue small thing I don't like about the game): The map is the sort of map that fills out where you go, and you have to go to the edge of the map to fill it out completely. And I have too much OCD to just let it be a little bit unfilled in the edges, Please developers, if you make a system where you fill the map where you go, either automatically fill the entire room when you've found everything and killed everything in it or make the radius of your "fog-eraser" much bigger, because it sucks looking at the mini map while just going around the edges of the room to get it filled (if you're one of those people). Also because you have to do it twice because of the two worlds. This is probably my biggest complaint, and maybe it is more on me lol. The battle system though is amazing. Love the skills, love the Daemons etc. Everything was just spot on. Enemies were great - Good variety, a little underwhelming bosses in the end though. Great start on the other hand. My biggest complaint is that they hand out the Daemons too fast. So you don't really get a change to try them all. And also when you get a new one it is considerably underpowered compared to everything else, so you really have to stick through. Also (this is both good or bad - decide for yourself) It takes quite a while to get a Daemon to max upgrade, so I would never get all to max, maybe 3 or 4 (required for a trophy) But all would take way too long. Considering you would probably hit max level with you main before you've done 4 and there are 11 total. However the game did a great job introducing the Daemons, because most times when you get a new one, the gimmick in the dark world will be an advantage to the new Daemon you found. For example when you get your long range-shooter Daemon, the gimmick is that you damage more the farther away from the target you are. Which is great to balance out the skill gap of the new Daemon. One last complaint I have is about the pacing. The game was so good and I enjoyed so much of it. Until after the 1st act (Gameplay wise - story was still exciting, but presented in a boring way) I won't spoil this, because it's pretty awesome. But it's like they turned the difficulty back to the tutorial and the first stages. And you go to a lot of places where you've already been to do 2nd visits. Maybe it was because it was really late at night when I was at this point - but the pace really drops after some really awesome points in the game. However it picks up again later and is great once more. I like that nothing is missable in the post-game because of certain things they've done. And a post-game dungeon opens up, of which I have only done the first floors. I can really recommend this game, I'm not sure what else to say, but I really liked it, and if you have the chance I would definitely recommend picking it up. At least I found my self not being able to put it down, and it has been some time since I didn't get tired after playing for a few hours. In this game I could just keep going and you could always do a little more. Great loop of small incentives I think Below you can see my pyramid - Only 1 game left: I don't think I am entirely done with this game. It is very dear to me already, and I think I'm going to get the platinum before I move on to Hollow Knight, So I will be off now to the post-game dungeon. And some grinding with other playstyles. EDIT: OMG I forgot to tell you how great and amazing the music is in this game - that is all
  15. Just a short update from me Started playing Oninaki, and I think I am moderately far into the game. I think there are 8 Daemons in total (Think of them as playstyles that you unlock) - And I've had a bad habit in games that gives me a lot of different tools to use, that I use the one that I like the most, which is often one of the first choices because I get comfortable with them. For this game I have made myself a little challenge, that every time I unlock something new, like a new fighting style, I have to stick with it, until I unlock the next. I am so glad I am doing this. I swear every time I try a new one I'm immediately thinking, oh god this is terrible, can't wait for the next one. But then 5-10 minutes pass and I upgrade it a bit, get some new skills etc. and suddenly I love it. I think in general I have to be a bit more patient, because these things are really enjoyably when I give it just a little time. And I think it's the same with most games, where you actually have to tune in to the new thing, develop a skill with it, and get it "up to date" with upgrades etc. So far an amazing game, just had to get this out because it's literally every time I get a new style - Just got my 7th Daemon, and can't wait for the rest of the game, it's actually just on pause while writing this, so bye I will continue this awesome game