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  1. Don’t worry about difficulty. Definitely dlc will come Brutal
  2. Need a guide for collection. In case, glitch.....
  3. Because the version 1.00 was soooo easy. All bosses can be killed in “easy” way. Then 1.04 patched lots of “buggy” and fixed also bosses posture.
  4. They are trying to get to Mexico because Daniel has a " superpower" They can do anything there without punishment. If they don't have the "power", how can 2 teenagers survive in Mexico? "It's not my fault, we are just teenagers" Yeah, I chose to kill everyone, I am Daniel, the teenage king. Life is Strange first season is a " god " act, rest just nonsense for making money. And I play it for easy platinum. Lucky, I got it with a discount Maybe Life is Strange 3 will come, -The revenge. Daniel brings a super army to attack the USA for free criminal It can be an RPG !
  5. Really need help on Moscow ch2. The newest patch made AI totally useless, and zombies are more crazy. No resources which totally depends on luck. Really get mad on this game
  6. I tied so hard.... Just no sense. Couldn’t defend the first swarm. No defense, No heavy weapons No powerful main weapons. Every time just gave me pistols. Why is so hard Finally matched up with som randoms, but someone just used lv 14 class to play Orz. Really get mad on this game. It’s so depends on the luck. Have you done that chapter? May I add you ? pls help me 😑😑😑
  7. The gameplay is so horrible after the newest patch. I bought it due to trailer AI are totally useless. I spent 2 weeks to do insane mode with random. Only Moscow ch2 is left. Watched all videos, guides etc. BUT it’s totally impossible to do it solo after the newest patch. Because AI is more useless than C4. I even can’t defense the first swarm. The worst part is that no players. I waited 2 hours to match up with random.. Still no one play this chapter!!! And also it totally depends on luck. I played as fixer, and couldn’t find any defense tools.... 2 door break and 1 from NPC. Only gave me medic kit. Hopeless! I gone be crazy. Really, need any tips for doing this chapter solo AFTER the newest patch. I so wanna crash the game, unfortunately it’s digital.
  8. Same question! Ho is this possible in less than 5 Minutes??
  9. 😓 I can’t find anyone or anywhere for sharing the game (neither free or pay) That’s why I’m wondering how they got it. BTW, even I have different regions games and also VitaTrick games on my acc. But I bought those games in digital or physical version.😥 Any tips about any communities for sharing games? 😆😆
  10. The game already pulled from PSN in 2017. But there are 6 recent players that got the platinum in the present. And the latest achievers from 1 to 50. All got platinum in 2018. HOW did they get the game? I can't find anywhere... RECENT PLAYERS
  11. The website is dead ?
  12. The trophy list synced automatically to alt acc. due to WiFi unknown error.😥 Then the trophy list can’t sync to main acc now. Is it possible to fix such situation? edit: I fixed the problem, finally 😂
  13. Thanks for the great guide.