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  1. But u can get the trophies thru quickplay. U just need to have luck to find games on levels u need i got all my act trophies that way
  2. I really dont understand the point system in this game. One time i gor up to where u deatory eggs got them all 3 times in a row before ball went down. Got it back up 3 more times sp multi ball avtiveted had 3 balls Alive for a fair bit off them. Before i lost them all. End score on that round was 6m. ( game ovee) Round after that did a few missions but no x time score. Lost 2 balls had around 4m points last ball i killed all eggs gor the x2 ball insta died aftee that end score that round 13m in total. So in somehow it went from 4m.to 13m whirout hitting much no mission just the eggs once. I though game before that when i killed all eggs 3 times whit same ball should have gave more pointa but no🤔
  3. I cant see the gold bricks and stuff on the mini map in all districts i can only see them in 3. Is there any special i need to do for them.to .show up in a district
  4. Yeah its freez . Okey i try hope it works
  5. I have not accepted it yet. When i got that message on screen i selected no. And did some clean up. And when i wanted to sleep it says. Unvabile to use this atm it's not safe.. something like that
  6. I cant sleep in any bed anymore. Is that A part of story or something? Im at the point where games tells me if i progress i cant return until after story..
  7. This time its much harder.. the 1000Hk cups and race are hard. But doable.. time i would say around 30-50H ~ mabey depens on what diff u play the adventure mode on i guess.
  8. Can u earn trophies in the tornument if u play on relaxing or do u need to play on like normal?
  9. Can u earn trophies on relaxing diff
  10. There is many more trophies from side quest u can miss if u make the wrong move
  11. Yesterday i was on 38% and today i done like 6 perfect gems and got a few normal gems ( dont know how many) but my % is still on 38% should it not have rised abit??
  12. Yeah i know your feeling Good luck to you too hope it pops for us soon
  13. All i need is hive trophie and one from story that gliched.. i played this hive for 10-15 times everyday the past 6 days and never struggle this much.... I really hope the trophie pops soon im so sick of hives atm
  14. Is it just me or is the game like 10times harder now? The hive i play atm i did whit no problem before now i really struggle whit it i die like 1 or 2 times everytime i play and my Ai dies like all the time Challange level 1