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  1. Anyone else that cant unlock this.. Played like 60 off them before patch and must have done like 40+ now after patch still no trophie
  2. Still no luck whit villian sector or the files.. done 9 sector missions today and my total is now 29 Files picked up 9 so far today total 61 still no trophie
  3. I have 1 brick left for that trophie and its from the nighttrader but i can't buy it. I can buy every other item he sells but this one i cant buy.. anyone know any solutions for this. Will it help to delete game and game data??
  4. I done the Eu verison And when i check the games overview on the ps4 all i can see is come back later.. where the trophie % and the other stuff should be
  5. Anyone else have problem to sync this game. I cant sync the trophies
  6. It says that the gane has 0 trophies when i check.. Anyone know why
  7. No the last levels ia very easy the hardest level ar on world 5 but u can just run past everything u dont need kill much in that world if u dont want too
  8. Not eu atleast i plated eu eailee today and thats not show i guess its Na or something
  9. Any news when it comes
  10. Everttime i load up the game it crash and i get a blue screen anyone else that has the problem Ps4 eu verison
  11. If u use a guiad that show a pic off all solutions its under 1h plat so if u really fast in check the pic and okt the letters out its doable. Then remember if u leave 1 Petter on every puzzel u dont get any trophie then u redo all and u just need to put in last lettte4 in all. So 5min is very doable
  12. Is secret 12 not only för the host player
  13. Katzen147 if u want u can join me and a friend we still need 2 more levels for insane trophie
  14. Anyone up for boosting The online trophies for this game
  15. If it not glich