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  1. Was literally going to post the other day saying, "Holy crap, have we still not got this trophy yet?" but just saw on the 100% Club page that people have finally got it! Guess I'll finally start making progress towards it now. Shoutout to all who were trying to figure the requirements out and at the time had to grind credits etc! Does anyone know the total amount of credits that will be required? Thanks to the recent reward changes, I have about 56 million I think? Hopefully that'll be enough for all three cars? Edit: Nevermind, just saw it's listed in the trophy guide. 👍
  2. Or at least should! Will need someone to confirm this is the case as I used the workaround to get the Time Extend Crew trophy but yeah. Should all be good now! Full patch notes here.
  3. Finally returned to the game this weekend and thanks again for testing this @skin_it_up! Did it offline and got the trophy and Platinum. (Finally haha.) 👍
  4. So I just finished getting 5 Diamond Superstars and thought I'd just share this in case anyone was wondering about just how much you have to complete, or potentially anyway due to the briefcase rewards RNG for giving out tokens. I got Sasha Banks and Stone Cold from Proving Grounds Chapters 4 and 5 respectively. The other three Diamond Superstars were actually from using the tokens in the Store! Proving Grounds I had completed the first three chapters switching between difficulties, then the last two is when I started to do all matches on Legendary. Once I did them, I was then going through the previous chapters on Legendary. In the end, I only got all tokens for Chapters 1, 2, 4 and 5. Chapter 3 I was going to go through tomorrow, which I guess I don't need to now haha, but in the end, I only have 89/126 tokens for Chapter 3. Faction Wars I was planning/expecting to have to go the full 500 wins, however in the end, I only ended up with 300 wins. Diamond Superstar Rewards is at 410, 455 and 500 wins. So I didn't even need them in the end! Not sure if there's any more for Weekly Towers, but it looks like as of right now, you only get tokens from the Week 3 Tower? Either way, I have done all the matches in this mode, including the recent addition of Week 6. So yeah, now I just have to wait a couple of weeks to get the final lifetime challenges! Just have Daily Challenges, Loyalty Rewards and 100 Weekly Tower Wins left.
  5. Ouch... Guess I've just been lucky then? Also, latest patch is live now and servers seem to be okay as of right now.
  6. The latest patch has stopped the kendo stick method now. You can't seem to get any weapons at all now.
  7. The patch is live with a size of about 651mb. Edit: R.I.P Kendo Stick method. They've removed all weapons by the looks of it. 😅😭 It now does the animation as if you can't find anything under the ring.
  8. Yeah, it's been dodgy since last night. It was dodgy during the early hours this morning too and is still the same now. I'm just glad any progress seems to remain intact! Not only for the server errors but for crashes too, as I literally finished an 8 man ladder match (all vs all) and after ages, finally won it, just for the game to crash haha. 😅
  9. Yeah, this happened to a friend and me. It gets ticked off just by returning to the main menu and going back into MyFaction. 👍
  10. Probably about the same as I'm still on Chapter 3 as well. I was doing everything on Normal but then as you pretty much referred to, the multi-man ladder matches are a pain haha. So I did then start to go back through the Chapters to do a mix of Hard and Legendary, depending on the match type.
  11. Just finished the 200 medals challenge, and now that I'm looking into the whole diamond card thing properly, I realise now just how much more of a grind it's going to be haha. 😭
  12. Is Legendary difficulty needed for the 200 medals? First Chapter doing Normal gives you 42. Assuming the other Chapters give the same, you'd have 210? Of course if you're not interested in completing the whole mode then yeah, you'll have to haha. 😅
  13. Yep, I think you can do them any time! You can switch between the three brands as well. (I'm planning on returning to that game mode at some point to do the storylines I left.) The only place you can't revisit though is the Performance Center as far as I know. So if you're looking to complete every single storyline, you'll have to make sure you do those ones before you leave for one of the three brands.
  14. In an update to my post from yesterday, I had it crash about 3 or 4 times yesterday alone. Think this thread jinxed me haha. 😅
  15. Link in that post. Thanks by the way Gatsby! Started this last night. 500 wins is going to take ages. 😭