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  1. Appears the console cheat codes are different to PC. Ive found PLIPCAM gives you First person view. Anyone know any others?
  2. I had saved every Mudokon on the train which took 2 hours, then entered a secret room right beneath the level exit switch. It checkpoints me in that room then removed the exit path so I was stuck. Only option to restart level and lose all that progress. Massive disappointment.
  3. Getting Dizzy, True Descender and Get the Gang together. They've since patched the game and trophies worked for me on a replay.
  4. I will preface this by saying it's a really fun game that I would highly recommend HOWEVER there are at least 3 trophies that I have met the conditions for but haven't unlocked. I was hoping to platinum this but now its impossible.
  5. My mistake, they did not. I see a lot of people got triggered by this huh.
  6. I just completed it in Crushing and the same thing happened, no crushing trophy. Glitched trophies will be the death of me.