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  1. Just adding to this. Can confirm along with a few others that my CR was stagnant until I shot my 101st bullet.
  2. Have you tried it recently? I might try it tonight with my friend if it indeed still works.
  3. Looks like I joined the RDR2 party way too late. Sucks that they patched it before I even got a chance to try.
  4. Thank you everyone for the responses.
  5. I have two copies of the game and then I have a friend that wants to boost this trophy with me. Question is, are three players enough to get this trophy? I know the races only require two, but the others are a bit of an unknown. Thanks!
  6. If you missed the Great Armor, then you bumped up the difficulty a tiny bit because it greatly (lack of a better word) reduces the damage you take. However, the Great Armor is really only useful for the Marcellus fight because his attacks can be a bit painful to dodge. Fortinbras is a total joke because his attacks are incredibly easy to dodge. You can easily complete the battle without taking a single hit.
  7. I just got my platinum, this game is a solid 5. It's very short and easy with the only problem being the Oni Spirits minigame which took me about an hour. If 10 year old me could complete all stages of the minigame, then anyone can do it.
  8. You're welcome.
  9. I had trouble with this as well. I only mashed square but after mashing all the other buttons (circle, square, X, and triangle), I was able to win one on my first try after 15+ tries.
  10. You need to complete the game using Normal mode, not Ultimate mode.
  11. UPDATE: Trophy is fixed as of patch 1.02. tl;dr, purchase your last map from Iselda and not from Cornifer. As most of you are now aware, one of the trophies is missable in the sense that it's bugged and that trophy is Cartographer. The biggest question is how to avoid the bugged trophy. Upon seeing the trophy pop for my friend when he bought his last map from Iselda, I had a theory that the only way to avoid the bugged trophy is to make sure for your last map purchase, it must be from Iselda and NOT from Cornifer. Here is a run I did when my last three maps were Howling Cliffs, Fog Canyon, and Queen's Garden: I backed up my save at the bench on Howling Cliffs. I approached Cornifer and spoke with him at Howling Cliffs, but did not buy the map. I went back to Dirtmouth and purchased the Howling Cliffs map from Iselda. I then went to Fog Canyon and Queen's Garden and purchased the last two maps from Cornifer, no trophy. For my next run, I did the following: I reloaded back the backed up save. I approached Cornifer and spoke with him at Howling Cliffs, but did not buy the map. I bought the Fog canyon and Queens Garden maps from Cornifer. Once I got those two maps, I went back to Iselda and purchased the Howling Cliffs from her, trophy unlocked. If possible, I would like some people to help me test this theory by backing up your save when you have two maps left. For your first run, do not purchase a map from Iselda and purchase straight from Cornifer. If the trophy pops, then my theory is already busted. However, if the trophy doesn't pop, then my theory continues to hold up. For your second run, purchase one map from Cornifer and purchase your last map from Iselda. If the trophy pops after doing the first run, then my theory is confirmed. I hope this helps people.
  12. Wow, that was a complete mess up on my part. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. It's not hard at all considering Ultimate Armor will instantly kill nearly everything in the game with Nova Strike. The only thing you need to do is shoot the bosses once afterwards because Nova Strike will generally leave them with one HP left so they can enrage. You'll be fine.
  14. Very interesting method. I just got the platinum, thank you for the advice.
  15. Nearing the platinum and all that's left is to wrap up the trophies that require an insane amount of metal. With the metal glitch gone, what's the best way to farm?