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  1. Started off my PSNow sub with something quick and simple. Not an amazing game, but worth a play. Back in the 90s I had an opportunity to play this on the actual arcade cabinet. Local arcade was good at getting expensive machines. A year or so before closing down, the owner was able to get his hands on a SegaSonic the Hedgehog cabinet, complete with built-in seats.
  2. This is a very large thread, so something like this might have already been brought up. But a while ago I was saying that a solution for PS3 issues would be to add as much of the PS3 library as possible to PSNow. It's not a perfect solution, but it's better than nothing. With patches suddenly vanishing, I'm remembering that it's in the actual text of the service agreement for Now that games will always be of the latest patch. Several of the games currently on the service are games also seeing their patches disappear. Sorta wonder if this is the start of a transition to Now for a large portion of the library.
  3. I'm sure this has already been brought up, but I wonder how this will effect games that include major version patches in DLC.
  4. it does, but this trick causes the game to think debug is off. I've seen other people use the same trick in other ways to unlock trophies.
  5. Grind takes about the same time, but it's more rewarding with how equipment upgrades work. Won't feel like you're beating your head against a wall for the last pack of levels. I do need to add notes to the first post, lots of what I've got there is outdated information now that the game works differently.
  6. Already a number of good examples here, but I've always felt that trophies that come with boarders, not just a screenshot or something, are the best. Check out any of the Spyro trophies, for example.
  7. No. But if a tenable solution can't be found (I point once again at PSNow), I'd be heavily considering a permanent switch to Steam or similar.
  8. There was also a thread about the filing that was just approved when it was first filed in 2020. It was straight up stated then that the point to was renew the patent, with a dev pointing out it was the same 'PS2 to PS3/4' thing.
  9. The joke answer is we can piss and moan about it, like what's already happening. Sony's not going to care either way. The real answer would be to suggest and push for adding more older content to PS Now. They aren't going to build the PS3/Vita emulator/BC that we want, it's just not going to happen. But maybe if there is a market for accessing your previous generations library via Now or some other service...well, it's not perfect but it's better than nothing.
  10. In theory, I'll stop when I'm dead. In practice, probably once I've cleaned up my lists to a certain point and gotten to stuff I've payed for but never started. A lot of that will be PS3/Vita stuffs. I'm not really seeing a compelling reason to continue on to the PS5 (yet) and I've got enough left over to keep me easy for years. Particularly so when it takes me a week to even bother hitting "play" these days.
  11. Infamous 1, 2 and Second Son - I'm halfway through a second playthrough for all three and never got back to the previous one before getting the next one. TROVE - One last damn trophy for my platinum and it's a PVP one in a super glitchy game with 45 minute queues. And then a few games that I'm not far into, but are reasonably short games when you know what to do. I just haven't done them yet.
  12. I still find it rather baffling. Like people initially complained that the PS3 UI was way too complicated compared to the PS2 we had become used to. And then the PS4 was a marked improvement on the tested PS3 XMB. You'd think the next iteration would be like the last, take what didn't work for the PS4 XMB, improve and add new features. Instead it's...this mess of new features no one asked for, and the loss of features people actually liked. Would adore having folders back.
  13. Yeah, sure. Would be great if more games did that. Personally, I'm more interested in seeing more out of game rewards. Like the XMB themes for obtaining certain trophies in Final Fantasy 13. There are a lot of unused or otherwise ignored features of the PS3/4 that I'd love see more action with going forward.
  14. Medium difficulty, mostly time consuming. Rock N Roll Racing isn't that hard, but there is a sharp difficulty spike in the later parts. I'd say this is the hardest game of the three. Blackthorne might require some practice, but it's got a lot of cheese. Look up a longplay on Youtube. The Lost Vikings isn't difficult, just really time consuming. Most of that time is figuring out what each level wants. All order of operation type stuff.