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  1. It's not hard at all. Minimum of 10 trophies and then a flat feet to add the platinum. It makes sense for mobile/gatcha/microtransaction games that are f2p to not have a final "you're done, goodbye" marker when the point is to keep you around. So most don't.
  2. Extended pre-load window, I guess. Store says one thing, client says something else. :/
  3. I'm installing the game, but I'm not going to actually start it until I see the trophy list. Not going to get roped into another impossibly long MMO-Gatcha-grindfest.
  4. Game releases for us tomorrow. PSN is allowing me to pre-load, 10gb download with a likely content patch at launch.
  5. About the only thing that was really 'hard' was the Screwball Challenges. And even then, hard isn't the right word. 'Especially annoying' would be more accurate.
  6. The page just refreshed on it's own and switched to now qeueuing.
  7. Yes, now that I check, but the queue isn't supposed to be open until 10am PST, around 40 minutes from your post time.
  8. Cyberpunk 2077 LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Considering adding KH: Melody of Memory and Hogwarts Legacy.
  9. This is what I assume as well. Remember that it's a new system, but the same old PSN. You can just claim the games through the normal PSN+ section of the store and be done with it.
  10. I wasn't aware this was a thing. I got my 100th about a year ago, but still: #100 - LEGO DC Super-Villains
  11. #128 - Road Bustle I saw it in the store and thought "oh, cheap Frogger clone, I'm down for that." Didn't realize until after I started that it was a trophy spam game. Point of order, the game actually becomes near impossible after about eight road crossings. So, cheap trophies, whatever. Kind of like the platinum image, though.
  12. .Yeah, that's a bug that doesn't get enough attention in guides. If you've got a backup save, depending on when you messed with the torches, it would be your best bet to avoid another full playthrough. Always keep backups when dealing in LEGO games.
  13. Any of the licensed Kamen Rider games (Battride War, Climax Heroes, Scramble, the upcoming Memory of Heroez, etc). Most of them aren't popular around here due to the limited exposure of Rider to an English speaking audience and most of the PS3 games are listed in the database under their JP titles. A mix of simplistic fighting game and babies first musou. Under 5K owners, friend, under.
  14. The infinite gold and ability points tricks required access to the games console, which can only be done on PC. People kept talking about another trick to generate points, but were failing to realize the glitch was actually a counting error that makes you lose points. Short version for that is resetting your skills refunds points you've earned via leveling up, while leaving points you got from gear, special carry items and training intact. Points you've earned from any other source (books, mostly) are forfeited in the reset. One trick that still works fine: Edit: I'm being told by the Amalur discord that the bag duplication trick was patched for this release of the game.
  15. Full disclosure, I bought it a week ago because I wasn't aware Genshin was going to be f2p and I thought it was a cheap preorder. Whoops!