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  1. OH YOU
  2. Long answer, aids in getting everything out of a game and, depending on the game, it's fun. Short answer, crippling completion based OCD. Shorter answer:
  3. I had this problem too. I found that any time I backed out of the game to check the trophy list or something, switching back into the game made the framerate chug until I restarted the game.
  4. If you're missing a pile of tokens, complete the three DLC packs. That should give you enough challenge and base tokens to fill your needs. Anything else can be earned on NG+.
  5. #109 - Warlock's Tower (Vita) Suddenly realized I had the Vita version of this as well. Decided to use a guide on this run, but it's still a charming game.
  6. There is a known method to download digital games at lower patches:
  7. #108 - LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5 - 7 (Vita) So, a lot of Vita versions of LEGO games are mini-game laden facsimiles of their console counterparts.I was surprised to find that this was a decent, if not smaller, version of the PS3/4 release. Although the run time is very padded with the dueling mode thing.
  8. The DLC is out now and has no new trophies.
  9. Bugger. Looking at version difference, it used to work like I described, but was changed in further patches. Figures.
  10. The Spotify tab on your PSN profile was added in 5.53 I think. In any case, you can make is so other people can't see it (but you still will, unfortunately) by switching it to "visibility: no one" in your privacy settings. The exact function of the tab is to show the last song you've listed to on Spotify in the last 30 days. I've read that using the PSN Spotify app automatically switches your privacy settings back so it's visible to everyone, but that might have been a glitch from an older version.
  11. #107 - Marvel's Spider-Man Really not sure how I feel about the game, honestly. I was finding most of the main story rather boring mixed with perfectly annoying boss fights. But once I got the combat down, the general clean up wasn't bad. Even if it makes you want to do Batman stuff but without the convenience mechanics. Still, not terrible. And lots of DLC to go yet, as of this posting I'm just at the end of the first pack.
  12. It's so strange to hear about all the attitude changes in FF14 in the last few months. I started and was active during Heavensward and my experience was completely different. Most instances of 'i'm new here' or 'i'm still learning, sorry' got replies of 'that's fine' or 'we'll teach you the hard parts, otherwise just keep pace with the group'.
  13. SO. Steam achievement hunters first went through this around three years ago. Spam games and such became pretty common. It's harder for PSN folks cause a lot of our scoring is based on 100% and platinums vs. just flat achievement numbers. My advice? Embrace it or ignore it. But don't get after other people for which they pick. Turning this into an endless bitchfight isn't going to solve anything and, really, you could be using that time to earn higher quality trophies.
  14. What this game calls it's Guilds.
  15. You can still play old PVP, you just need to find one of the old entrance beacons and a few people to play with. The beacons aren't difficult to locate, actually, most of the larger clubs should have one or two. As for the people, ask around. Could even make boosting season here.