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  1. I don't know about the rest of these so called achievement hunters, but I was born with high factor motor control. I reached a hand out and slapped the doctor away, then birthed and cleaned myself. By one hour old I was completing the likes of Galaxian, Ghosts 'N Goblins - arcade & NES - and Dragon's Lair all at the same time. You're talking to a creature ordained by nature and blessed by Atheismo. A self programming TASbot with no wifi cap. An unnaturally reoccurring neural net processor woven into a super meat computer. Why don't my achievement stats reflect my godlike abilities, you ask? The simple answer is I love this community. I wouldn't wish to discourage the peasants that scurry about, posting their ""accomplishments"". The detailed answer is my might is too much for the mortals here. Unleashing my full potential would shatter most of these minds of inferior make. Hakoom would switch from a 48 hour cycle to no concept of time. Roughdawg would congeal into a creature unto Inside. AJ would piddle artifacted pixels all over his 90s Spider-Man undies. Percy would smash his full bowl of Captain Crunch: Opps! All Trophies. Such is my love for this realm that I would rather contain my power than shame you all into a blobby puddle of I Have No Trophies, But I Must Unlock. What was the question again? Oh, right. Probably age and free time balance or something.
  2. Listing what the fix is would have been nice. In case this happens to other people. I'm currently looking at the game, so knowing what happened and how to potentially fix it should the need arise would be great.
  3. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean 23.15% here on PSNP
  4. Look, I'll simp for House Flipper all day and night. But the garden DLC, much as I enjoyed it, has some major task detection issues. Not sure if the console version has it or not, but switching on grids in settings really helped on PC for cleaning up small fiddly stuff.
  5. This just raised further questions, since the quoted post was on page 2 of a (currently) 209 page thread. You are clearly a time traveler going in reverse and I refuse to accept any other explanation.
  6. We've lost another hunter. Not a great year so far. My condolences to family and friends.
  7. Ah, this again. Unhide your trophies and stop caring what other people think. Very very few people are going to give you shit for easy plats, a small handful of busybodies aside. As for deleting lists, I admit it has a certain allure for specific titles, but it's just not possible with how the PSN is currently structured. Perhaps one day when the prophesized network overhaul has happened, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  8. One of the few months where I don't have any interest in the offered titles. Might try Mafia for the hell of it.
  9. That's pretty damn cool. If it wasn't for the fact that Power Wash sounds like it would be a nightmare to play with a controller, I'd jump on it. Maybe someone will mod it into the PC version.
  10. Someone correct me, but I think all the DLC from LittleBigPlanet was account specific due to the strange licensing.
  11. Did...did you just call someone out on a post they made in 2013? When did PSNP become Twitter?
  12. Hmm I see what you mean, the blue is much more impressive. The highlights really stand out. But the red's pretty rad too.
  13. That's a pretty boss looking platinum, damn.
  14. I never followed up on this so it could have changed by now, but patch downgrade can't be done on PS5. Beyond just not updating a physical copy of something that is.
  15. To be honest, this is a game I learned to like. I mostly saw it the same way I did with other Housemarque games: I bought a kickass OST and it came with a free game. That's what it was like with Nex Machina. The samples were great, so I bought the album and, to my surprise, it had a whole game built around it. That's enough for me, really. Well, yeah. It's a PSP game that's been blown up by a thousand inches for your HD TV.