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  1. Unicorn Break Butt to Butt. I'd buy it. I'd buy it twice.
  2. Ok, firstly: Secondly, I can promise you every person who looks at this thread will be looking at your profile.
  3. If memory serves, two different PS3s playing with the same ID would cause one or the other system to be logged out. But this should have been a really rare event before this. At a guess, it's more that the IDs are marked as hacked (or whathaveyou) and it suddenly being active again leads to the network banning the system. As to why it took 40 hours, you're guess is as good as mine. I was getting ready to set up the PS3 to knock down a couple older games when I remembered this happened. A bit wary to try now.
  4. Given the current state of the world, someone being depressed and dreading the future as young as 16 wouldn't surprise me. It sucks out there and it's not getting any better. As a serious note to anyone reading this, if you're having issues of this kind find someone professional to talk to if you can. There is no shame at all in seeking help when you need it and it'll help you in the long run. As to the threads question, pretty much what everyone else said. Don't worry about other people, just play when you feel like it, don't play when you don't. Take the time to work on yourself and discover other things you might enjoy. I've found meticulous work, like model painting/building or gardening, good mental resets when I get feel fatigue over other things I usually enjoy.
  5. Really depends on the game. Some games, specifically anime-type games I find, the English voices are annoying. So I'll switch to Japanese or Chinese. This is a step up from my normal habit of looking for the 'shut all the damn voices off' button, but those have been getting harder and harder to find as the gaming generations have carried on. One major exception, if I happen upon a rare golden goose game that has a Deutsch voice-tract I'll switch to it without a second thought. I just like how the language sounds.
  6. Likes a nice, diverse RPG gulash, seasoned liberally with spicy adventure titles.
  7. Well I'm paying for them, however roundabout we wish to talk about it. And I'll be damned if I'm not going to claim free crap I'll never use.
  8. I remember the first Plants vs. Zombies battle whatever title was ok, what little I played of it. Might give this one a try. The other two don't interest me.
  9. For the PSN version, it's only really going to be actioned if they did it over the PSN itself. That is, my messaging you or leaving a shitty comment. Over the in-game chat run by Blizzard, they likely won't do crap.
  10. Uses superior FPS skills to kill zombies and rob them of their ill gotten gains, until they are Done Done Done and then Life Will Change.
  11. As I recall, the story began after they were separated at birth, each sent to a different warring kingdom. One kingdom values all trophies regardless of caste, the other having a defined caste system but still holding value in all trophies. So they were the same, but still liked to pretend they weren't, typical internet shit. Anyway, once they reached adulthood, the petty shade throwing transformed into social platform warfare. Which took the form of Youtube D-listers throwing shade. So they were the dame, but still liked to pretend they weren't. What they didn't count on, caught up in their own endless shitfit, was the rise of the simps and trophy purists. This lead to several bloody forum skirmishes and millions of 'tOpHiEs ArE dEvAlUed' threads that were easily ignored by the trophy hunting middle class. Or maybe I'm thinking of Fire Emblem.
  12. There were a few for the Beyond Good & Evil rerelease. And two sets for Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. Best is subjective here, as they are all stock character images.