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  1. Thank you for your thoughts, I've decided to reinstall it on the VIta. Gonna make it my before bed game for a while.
  2. I think I'm more impressed that this is over an hour long. 0_0
  3. It's free in the US store as well.
  4. So how did you feel about this one? I got it on a whim since it was described to me as a decent Zelda-clone. I started it on Vita but didn't have time to get much past the direct opening.
  5. This almost seems like something that would be better done as a feature of trophy trackers. TrueAchievements does something like this by allowing users to display series lists and the completion therein. There are other quality of life changes to the trophy system I'd rather see first over new features.
  6. Like.....aside from just games played and trophy count, what would there to be reviewed? Header image? Trophy cabinet? PSN avatar and byline? I MEAN, I'm not saying it's a bad idea, it just seems like you're leaving some important information out here.
  7. This. The rioting is going to make this worse before it has a chance to really get better. Then again, there was a piece by SkyNew the other day about how a Chinese lab feels they've come up with a vaccine that'll do the trick.
  8. I hadn't even thought about the PSP and Vita, but both are accessible from a Vita by default, right? If yes, so long as you can still buy used Vita, which will eventually run out, you've still got access to all those licences. Regardless, I'd like it if all my digital content across the entire PSN could be accessible from one place. But then, that might require the fabled PSN rebuild, where we move the network from a brick of Atari Jaguars to something that makes more sense. 2020 is a strange year indeed. :/
  9. I honestly don't care too much about if the system can read every Sony disk ever made. I do care about the system having backwards compatibility for the PSN. Pile and piles of digital goods that are locked behind two different consoles at this point.
  10. I've been reading that hospitals are seeing more and more cases of infected since all the riots started. Some are anticipating that this is going to upgrade it from a pandemic to an outright plague.
  11. Could, but more than likely it's because people have been requesting official controller support for years. Instead of using addons or tricks, it'll just be one of the standards going forward.
  12. I liked Pandaria. *shrug* WoD was the only expansion so far where I was completely checked out after the first run through.
  13. I'd like to think they'd support the PS4 and 5 versions together, as the games will likely be the same on both with few differences besides cosmetics. Although, the early showing suggests they might be pushing for the 5 version as quickly as possible. There has been more and more demand for Warframe to become a cross-platform game, might even be the first steps towards that.
  14. I was curious when Warframe was going to consider the leap, didn't think it would be so soon. Nice to see Dauntless keeping up with technology too. Wouldn't exactly call either game a PS5 highlight, though. Both are playable on PS4 (and in Dauntless's case, cross-platform) currently and are doing fine there.
  15. So, multiplatform achievement hunter here. I've seen this problem with other achievement ecosystems and how communities have torn themselves up trying to find the perfect solution between catching all the cheaters and not forcing hunters to walk on eggshells for fear of being accused. The problem here is the issue is being both overblown and understated at the same time. There are more cheaters than either side of the discussion realizes, but not so much that the community needs to be turned on it's head. It's not near that point yet, of course, but it's well on it's way. The CRT, or specifically B1rvine, could stand to not make it sound like everyone is getting flagged for everything McCarthy style. The vocal community here, or specifically charxsetsuna, needs to calm the hell down, people aren't being flagged and removed from the leaderboard willynilly. I agree that flagging for late syncs that aren't immediately suspect is a waste of everyones time, but acknowledge that there currently isn't a better way to go about this. 'Case by case' largely means nothing when there are only one or two vectors to work with when detecting problems, The only light at the end of the tunnel is that cheaters will get caught eventually. Either a new way to detect cheating will be invented, Sony will change up how the PSN works or the cheaters will just slip up. In most of the cases I've seen between Steam, Stadia, GoG, GooglePlay and a handful of others, the latter is how most cheaters are caught. Not flagging, not fancy tool, just good old fashioned cockiness turned up to 11.