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  1. Just happening by, and yeah this has been a known problem since Bomber Royal first launched. I got it via the same circumstances the day it launched, which would have been physically impossible even for the most avid player. If you check unlock times, lots of people got it in that unlock window. It was reported up the ass at the time and a 'fix' was put into place. The fix mostly meant that instead of it unlocking all of the time, like it was, to randomly unlocking after using a bomb in the same tower difficulty. Which means anyone playing Boomeranger was probably going to get it pretty fast. I can't find the thread offhand, but this was reported to the cheater detection team at the time. It was agreed to be a server side issue and therefore not cheating.
  2. It's more difficult to catch a cheater when they actually put thought into unlock order. We run into this all the time in Steam achievement hunting. But no matter how good, every cheater slips up eventually and gets caught.
  3. Probably because the playerbase in the West was much lower than you think it was. This is beside the fact that it wasn't well covered. Hell, I played the game for years and didn't realize it was censored until some months after it shut down. Which is likely the kind of censorship companies want to make, something you're likely not to notice unless you're scrutinizing everything. Edit: And also Mobius wasn't on the PSN, so it doesn't really fall under "playsation's new censorship".
  4. To those enjoying the game, here's a look at the upcoming DLC, Steam version: Dev said earlier today that he wasn't sure if or when it would be added to the PSN version, but it's on the list.
  5. :platinum:#149 - LEGO Movie: The Videogame (PS3)

  6. #149 - LEGO Movie: The Videogame (PS3) A PSNow stack, I completed it on the PS4 some years ago. It's main issue I have is many of the pickups are in one-time spots in long or otherwise very annoying levels. Lots of restarts are required for practice. It's also a visually messy. Since they tried to make all the characters move like they do in the movie, it gives the game an odd choppy look at times. And some levels, like the opening for the Wild West, is just a high speed blast of colors. Overall not terrible, but it's a movie game. Those are always hit or miss. Also, this game took me to 10K trophies.
  7. I intended that as more of an open advice thing to passers by than anything else. No need to display your age point average, I know you're experienced.
  8. Yeah, rule of thumb when talking over console networks, keep it to hello/bye and GG. Anything else say over discord or just let it go. Also don't connect your PSN to the official discord thing when it's released in a few months, that's just asking for trouble.
  9. I've played pretty much every LEGO games, most of the glitches are in the TT ones and have gotten progressively lesser and lesser with each new title. I recommend the Harry Potter one and any Star Wars sans Clone Wars since it's rather different than the rest.
  10. Admittedly if the game has any one downfall in comparison to House Flipper, at least 75% of it is janitor work. Not as much building so much as fixing vandalization and neglect, then redecorating.
  11. While this is a reasonable summary of the point I was making, I don't think it's completely fair to put it so simply out of hand. There are likely a percentage of gamers, hunters or otherwise, that seek out cheap and easy stuff for the purposes of achievement farming, but that doesn't account for everyone in the niche. As I said, there's a lot of media competition, time isn't infinite and people need to do normal human maintenance things. This is ignoring home and work needs. People are going to seek out something quick and easy to consume because of limited time to consume longer more detailed things. And developers/publishers know this so it's catered to. This is part of why I'm against those whole 'cheap platinum shaming' thing, it seems like a reasonable response to the increasing rigors of life for the average person.
  12. It's also a good one to start with if you are new to simulation games. I loved this so much and the Steam version is getting DLC soon.
  13. Nothing of great interest to me this time. I agree with the notion that they give out far too many sports games.
  14. Oh, this again. Here's a point I never seen made in these easy trophy threads, selling to casuals increases profits. Sure, a decade ago we enjoyed harder trophies, but the audience has changed a lot since then. There is now more media than ever demanding a single persons attention. As a result media is designed around the idea that the average person doesn't have infinite time to consume everything, so make it short and snappy. We can (and will, dear god) pontificate about the psychology behind why people are buying 2 minute plat games en masse (I still subscribe to the 'more is better, Action 52' idea) and the effect it may or may not have on achievement hunters of all ranks, the bottom line is right there in front of us. It's quick, it's cheap and that's enough when there are dozens of other games clamoring for your eyes. I agree with @Cassylvania as well. We're at a point where it all averages out and the wide selection of things to play isn't a bad thing, even factoring in the bottom rung. Forget the PSN, there's enough quality games from before the PS1 to keep any one of us busy for years to come. And if I get an itch for achievement hunting, RetroAchievements exists.
  15. So, PS4 firmware 9.0 fixes the CMOS failure issue. We'll still be able to access our games in the even that it happens. However, it strips the system of the ability to record timestamps in the event of a CMOS failure for trophy unlocks. Here's a good breakdown: