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  1. It's better in that the difficulty trophies aren't there, so you only have to play the game once. That's the benefit of being a lone dev. What, when and where is all up to you.
  2. Had this list include the hard modes trophies from the first game, this would be a frustrating 5, maybe 6, out of 10. Without them, this should be a pretty quick 3. Provided you can hack the damn controls. This is a pure cash-grab release, btw. The original was a just functional title made of stock assets and was very clearly a student project at best. Still, there was something satisfying about completing it. The AI is so dumb that it sometimes circles back to being a sneaking bitch. Finally putting it down felt nice.
  3. Second the idea of come back later. That was the winners mentality the early Sega days, just take a break and you'll get what you need next time. Wish I knew that before I got together with a guy here. His name is Platinum Trophy. Dirty, dirty man.
  4. Crash 4 - I've not dealt with the Crash collection yet, so this will be put off for a while. But it looks good, so still intend to play it eventually. Man Of Medan - I've been told this is a 'you either like it or you don't, no middle ground' kinda deal. Will try. Arcadegeddon - Watched the trailer, hard pass.
  5. To clarify, this is a couple months off yet, yes? A couple of those, specifically Saints Row 3, I'd like to knock out before it's gone.
  6. It can be less than that by 3, maybe 5, hours if you know where to power level and when. But it's also RNG heavy and the game isn't really that hard. Overleveling is more for bonus bosses. Has a lot of things that can be exploited. Actually, just looking up speedruns, the record is 7:32:59 for glitchless, 1:40:37 with glitches. How either of those will pan out in terms of achievements I can only guess.
  7. Keeps giving me errors when I try to add Siphon Filter to my library. Everything else seems to add fine.
  8. Ugh. Add like five hours to completion time just for attack animations. Do we know if it stacks between version? PS4 to PS5? I'd imagine not.
  9. This is a rather lame take. Now is a service we're paying for, deciding against permanent meaning permanent effects the quality of the service and our faith as customers. Leaves a bit of a bad taste as well when you realize that they know removing any given game with no notice likely won't be seen since 600+ games are being hosted. While you're free to just not give a damn, trying to push off general concerns with an 'all is woe' comment isn't constructive or helpful.
  10. This is not in defense of the all digital dystopia we're moving into, more for completions sake. But Steam has repeatedly made a note that if there is every a situation where the service is to be shutdown, they'll try to give everyone advanced notice and a way to backup whatever is in your library. It's likely not going to be much of a notice and it'll be near impossible to backup everything for people with large libraries. But it's still something. Would be nice if the other three major networks would at least consider the possibility.
  11. I hate everything.
  12. Edit: Never you mind, I figured out the answer.
  13. Thanks! But, like, how did you pull those?
  14. Ok, gonna ask a stupid question. My profile is only showing me my level up trophy for every 10th level. There a tool you're all using to measure which trophy was for each level between the 10? Or is it just good bookkeeping?