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  1. Yeah, I'm confused as to what you're asking, then. That's the button combo to use it. With some practice, it can be done quickly and easily. And if you're trying to get it down so as to make the bosses easier, it would be much less work to just learn the boss patterns.
  2. I like MMO platinums, so I use my trophy case to display the ones I've gotten. Which aren't many at the moment. Really wish Dauntless would have added one, I really like that game. Same here. Wish the game lasted longer, I was really enjoying it.
  3. It's not any harder than the original. There are enough documented tricks to make the game cake. Hardest part is playthrough the game seven times.
  4. It's good, if you like exploration games. Lots of puzzles, stuff to find and a few survival elements. Pretty short, though.
  5. In theory relisting the original could be possible, since it was pulled to begin with because of expiring licenses. Licenses they clearly have renewed, since the rerelease. But even if it is possible, I don't see them doing it. Encouraging people to buy and play an older version of the game you're currently trying to sell a remaster over seems counter productive.
  6. Yep! It'll max level your character to 30, move you to the current expansion home spot and provide some gear chests (which I recommend taking some time to use, apparently people who didn't use them from the last free character boost had them downgraded when the next expansion was released) and that's it. The character will just be connected to your account, ready for use if/when you decide to play.
  7. If you're just getting the boost and that's it, the longest time goes into just installing the game. Otherwise it's making/logging in to a character (you can skip tutorial for new characters), follow on-screen prompt to open bonus window, accept everything, logout to character select screen, highlight character you want to boost and follow the instructions. I got this one and the last one on the off chance I decide make a serious attempt at this game later on.
  8. I did it on the endless zombie hoard mode. I don't recommend that method.
  9. The hardest one was the headstomps thing, since enemy placement isn't consistent. Invulnerable is made easy by using the cheat for the heart sword and running through the first stage.
  10. Nope, anyone who logs in.
  11. There is another free character boost for logging in before the 31st. Level 30 and CR280.
  12. I assume the PS4 pre-order will be up with the weekly update tomorrow.
  13. Awesome, just around the corner. More than enough time to go back and finish off the trophies I've been sitting on.
  14. Deleted images/videos aren't removed immediately, they are backed up to your Recently Deleted album for 30 days before being purged. Open your photos app, find the album called Recently Deleted and delete everything again. Boom, space recovered. A word of caution, if your phone is connected to some other storage device (iCloud, iPad, etc), this method will delete the copies of the photos/videos from there as well. So either disconnect completely or back it all up elsewhere.