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  1. #102 - Metagal (Vita) I'm finding a lot of these multiplat games play way better on Vita for any number of reasons. #103 - LEGO The Incredibles Ok, so, I complained a lot that the Marvel LEGO games were just too much busy work and pixel hunting. This is the complete opposite. Over half of the collectibles and junk are just sitting out in the open, no puzzles or quests, just fly into it. In some ways, it's kinda nice. Something very zen about an uncomplicated collectathon.
  2. #101 - Metagal (PS4) The platinum itself can be done in under nine minutes, really. But I decided for the first playthrough (since buying the game once gives you a stackable copy for Vita & PS3), I'd play all of it. It's pretty much a generally unremarkable Mega Man clone, with admittedly cute drawings and sort of bland OST. Really, forget the trophies, I could see this selling just because it will scratch that Mega Man itch, quality aside.
  3. The hardest part of the game is the laggy damn controls.
  4. #100 - LEGO DC Super-Villains I love the LEGO games so damn much. I also like how the DC games aren't as bogged down in mindless pixel hunting like the Marvel ones are.
  5. Try downloading something else relatively small first and see if you have the same problem. The few times I've had the PS3 do that to me, it was also for specific games but the problem was that I didn't have enough room for the physical download and, for whatever reason, that fact wasn't triggering the 'not enough HD space' error message you're supposed to get in that situation.
  6. To be literal, yes, but so is everything. You can't save time, you can only spend it. But, in general, if you enjoy it and it has value to you, then it's not a waste.
  7. That's for the PC version. Most of the people who had access to the beta for the PSN version have been saying it's all been dumbed down and 3 hours to max level seems to be consistent from feedback. Then again, this might all be a ruse to get more veteran players over. Free to play games don't tend to have a robust player bases on PSN, a few games aside.
  8. Now, I'm not going to lie. Judgement is a hardsell even for the most hardcore of Castlevania fans. But I've always felt that it wouldn't be as bad with proper controls. And the OST is pretty boss.
  9. Now, now. Legends wasn't terrible, just extra fiddly at parts. Actually, so long as where dreaming, let's also toss in Judgement and the two N64 games.
  10. I'd love to have the PS2 games on a modern system. Never got to play Lament of Innocence. And Curse of Darkness is good stuff. Unless it's for the anniversary of the Lords storyline.
  11. Yep, it's a direct sequel to American McGee's Alice. While it's not needed for follow Madness returns, I do recommend a playthrough, as it's pretty good. If you bought Madness Returns digitally, you should already have access to a quick and dirty port of the first game. It doesn't have a platinum, but it's an interesting, short 100%.
  12. #98 - Drowning (PS4) #99 - Drowning (Vita) Bland walking simulator, one of a million about depression. Strangely, the Vita version played and looked better.
  13. #97 - InnerSpace Pretty, but a pain to control. Also, most of the guides are a hair out of date, as the dev stealth added a few collectibles in an update a few months after the game was released.
  14. #96 - Celeste OST is really good. Thought most of the challenges were pretty reasonable.
  15. It happens every now and thing. Skylar & Plux jumps to mind.