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  1. The Sinking City, like the board title says.
  2. Looks pretty straightforward. And since it's by the same people who made the last Sherlock Holmes games, it'll probably only have a few technically missables trophies.
  3. #106 - Warlock's Tower Clever little movement puzzle game with sweet faux Gameboy graphics. Do recommend. My hubby is a mailman and it was funny being able to turn to him and say 'Is this what your life is like' every other level.
  4. I generally don't look at the difficulty, I start with whatever strikes me as fun at the moment, while prioritizing anything with a dying online component.
  5. Leave it for a few hours. It can take a while. Doing a restore file on my old PS3 took a full day.
  6. Level 35 "Mastered all jobs." Dragon Sinker
  7. We're probably done as of the Young Justice set.
  8. You can quit out, yeah. Once both players spawn in game, you're clear to back and go to the next one. However, some people are saying that it only unlocks when this is done in one sitting, so keep that in mind.
  9. Yeah, the assist mode doesn't work they way you'd think. Have basically turn in on twice, it's kinda strange. Then again, it's good for turning it off if you're only using it to help in tricky spots. Nice hot take there, champ, we'll all take that into account going forward.
  10. #105 - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy It's been a really long time since I last played any of these. Last time was via WiiWare releases. Pretty stand up series and fun as well. A few parts are particularly fiddly and use really obtuse logic, but it's over all a fair experience.
  11. It's $2 on my screen, but that's still too much for hardly anything more than a pallet swap. Unless it's secretly got killer stats or something.
  12. Why? Why? WHY? That's why.
  13. Fair enough. But I've seen the collections (physical) on sale individually for under $10 per. As I said, it all depends on your local prices. People think it's weak because they are expecting deep, deep discounts on popular games. Like 50% off Spider Man or something.
  14. Haven't really combed through the pile yet to see if there is anything of interest to me. But I do see that MegaMan bundle again. Depending on your local used prices, it's very slightly cheaper to buy them bundled like this.
  15. I didn't think to mention it, but yeah, I had a few crashes too. It was frustrating as you could never tell if the game was crashing or if you've hit one of the games fifty thousand loading points.