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  1. Thank you kindly.
  2. Source? Not intended as a challenge, would like to read it for myself.
  3. This prompted me to check my e-mail and I had a message from Playstation titled 'Congratulations. You're one step closer to glory' with the avatar/theme code mentioned here.
  4. "with some games you can trick the psn download server to download a lower patch"
  5. List looks mildly time consuming, but not out right hard.
  6. Even given the difficult later trophies, I'm all for supporting Imaginary Monsters. Although, I'd love for him to return to comics, his games are pretty good. You can really feel the love here.
  7. I can think of one valid reason for savefile modification, and that would be fixing corrupted saves from the early to mid PS3 era. I wouldn't even call that 'hacking' or even really 'modification', though. Mostly it involves having access to a device or script that can decrypt the file and then re-encrypt it. That normally fixes early PS3 save corruption.
  8. Thought I'd pop in on this. Likely the timeskipping most of you are doing is the standard quit game > move system clock ahead one month > restart game > repeat. But it was found to be more effective to leave game running > move system clock ahead 99 years > return to game. The game just cycles forward like you suddenly spent 99 years playing.
  9. Patch is out in the US, kids. Trophies are popping.
  10. At this point, I'd just forget about it for a few weeks. There is supposedly a fix coming, so you should get your trophies retroactively whenever the update comes.
  11. Another user reported that a game rep stated that a fix should be coming within two weeks. This coincides with the supposedly release window for the 20v20 battleground, so basically the next major patch.
  12. Just did it for myself, major time saver. The first dot on the path has four pits where these things spawn pretty quickly, can just run around in a big circle, provided no one else is doing the same.
  13. 0_0 I wasn't aware of this. What a time saver, and I second that it should be standard on system.
  14. Didn't see it specifically mentioned, but the preoder is up on the PSN. I searched last night, but didn't find it on Amazon.
  15. I'm posting to bring a bit more specific knowledge to the "it all carries over" part. Everything does, but not in the way you think. Let's say you got 9/10 items. When you start a new game, your list will say 0/10 and all 10 will be up again. But if you get the one you missed last game instead of the nine you already did, the trophy will pop with your list saying 1/10. This leads to the obvious problem of remembering which specific pickups you didn't get last time and will probably result in another full playthrough or until the final trophy pops, whichever comes first.