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  1. Agree, this was satisfying. I know some games are marketed as easy platinums but agree with @ReinyDay - I think they should have tied a few trophies to the in game 'Feats' e.g. the Level 100 one
  2. This game is horrendous... For the Corner Trophy I spent far too long trying different things. Resorted to trying to score directly from the kick, hit the bar a few times but mainly the GK was equal to it.... Then... I scored a normal corner (cross and slide, slide), and it popped. Something I had already done countless times and it popped this one time... Happy to delete the whole thing after that.
  3. You missed the glitch where if you're going too fast with a trailer/cart attached and you turn too much or bump into something the horse goes spiralling skywards everything goes brown and you hear Resident Evil style crows mocking you. Think it's scarred my kid...
  4. Thanks, I have a number of physical games, Uncharted 1 being one of them. I have just stuck it in and patch downloaded fine But if someone was to do this after 02-Jul-21 would it still patch? Not a question for you specifically... I do see there is another thread so will try and catch up on those 50+ pages. See what I need to physically install, etc.
  5. So with the Store being decommissioned for PS3 and Vita will this affect patches for games too? I see earlier in this thread that games such as GT5 no longer attempt to download patch (I have it as latest patch on one PS3 and 1.0 on another....) Take Uncharted '1' as an example, I believe they added Trophies as part of a patch? So if you haven't started it already is the Platinum unobtainable? Does this affect other games that patched problematic trophies? Apologies if this has been covered/answered elsewhere...
  6. Thanks you Sir! As my fellow FF7 @Squarevii87 said a while back this was stupidly hard until this....
  7. I am one of the few that has 100% - In that year... the servers dropped twice, once when I was very close to the end.... They came back eventually but as others have said here my count was once reset after I didn't play for some time. Good luck to those going for it
  8. No love for me here...? Ha For those going for Games of Glory. I wrote my own strategy on that forum. It's a stupidly long grind, not sure if 1 month is enough.... I did it over some time with just an alt. Svandia is simple enough rubberbanding, letting your main guy run towards the centre (essentially idling for that game) Arkashan is the killer, you have to be active and destroy the opposition's core, make sure you're on the 'away' team if doing with an alt. Sometimes you can idle and your bots will win the game for you in over 20mins but more often you will need to participate.
  9. I reached out to that user to see if it was legit but have had nothing back. Frustrating that they released it knowing it was broken, at least with the other regions they didn't know about the issue. I kept asking about this on Discord (whether they were releasing the JP version knowing it was broken) but they just didn't answer (which in itself gave me my answer)
  10. @Shadiochao regarding the 505 Discord, I feel that moderator is goading people into arguments so they can kick them from the server so they don't have to answer anything else. No one has said anything untoward, but offered suggestions and solutions.
  11. It gets released for JP on 13h Oct, they are releasing it knowing that the trophies are bugged and unobtainable which is a bit of a **** move but all about money I guess. Trophies for NA and EU been glitched since back in May.
  12. The frustrating thing is that the option to fix is there, we have seen this. A former Lab Zero employee is happy to make the build and pas over to 505
  13. 3 of the trophies are unobtainable and will not be fixed
  14. Thanks @Shadiochao - I'm still clutching at straws on the Discords.... Mike Z says he reached out to 505 asking if he got a build to them they would release a patch apparently with no response. I've asked 505 about this but nothing back yet.
  15. Being that they know about the issue... You'd hope/assume that the broken DLC trophies would be fixed for the Japan release, although seeing all that we do on Discord I wouldn't be surprised if they just push out a broken product.