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  1. It glitched for us the first time, we did the Ao3/Double Cluster Bomb trick, thus killing all 3 in around 5 seconds. Suicided The second attempt, we made sure to shoot each villain once before doing the above trick. It popped after, Not saying this is definite, just how it worked for us.
  2. @Jekainden - Just FYI, for some reason the SPs we found could never accept challenges on Rolling Pastures. No idea why, which is why we always reverted to Shack Shover. Anyway, good luck co-ordinating and I hope you and a load of others get this done!
  3. @Jekainden - We always found it better to use the maps/games where you can easily pause to ensure success first time around (e.g. Shack Shover) Not everyone will have mastered those other games yet... But... I can't comment on what @DSRage's score is for that game. If it's 39,000 then it can't be beaten (from memory)
  4. @DSRage, I'm sure 'coming out of the closet' like this you will suddenly receive many friend requests and then challenges through the game before you are ready....
  5. You definitely are DSRage. You've been on my leaderboard for years. Hope all goes well and a few people can get it.
  6. I added well over 100 before I found that Special someone.... If it helps, the date is not restricted to April 2012 - I have seen people with LD Trophies as late as July 2012 who still show up as challengeable.
  7. Unfortunately I don't think that'll be feasible. As @charlijaen says - It is so important to read this thread before attempting a boost. I have personally seen 3 SPs get wasted as people weren't clear on things, despite pointing them to this thread and stating how important it is to follow it. Essentially it's actually quite a simple process - if someone finds someone please post on this group and we/you can co-ordinate @ruaid0r they would need their save file, so unless it's backed up to PS Plus I think they're unable to help @NastyNeezer does the SP still show on the your leaderboard to challenge?
  8. Hey @Deceptrox - the servers do still work to an extent, you can post scores online and challenge those you can see... it's like the current 'challengeable leaderboard' got full at some point - The JP server/challenges work as they should. Have you not played the game at all....? If so can we use you as a guinea pig...?
  9. Sorry @RamonMuerte and @charlijaen - the boost didn't go to plan and he was wiped from the leaderboard - We have been actively on the hunt again... WIll let you know if we're successful (in finding someone to help)
  10. If you have Custom Logos saved (Downloaded pre June-17) you can still get the Trophy - If you don't then I think people may be out of luck.
  11. There is a player willing to help Iacobellis- get him whilst he's hot......
  12. Sorry @KillerLegend91, could you elaborate?
  13. People (individuals) are still getting this trophy.... I guess they're not seeing this thread....
  14. So I took care of the true online trophies for this before the servers shut down. I'm going through the rest and it seems I will not be able to get the 'This is my Yard' trophy as I didn't download a custom logo before the servers went down.... Anyone any advice, or ideas to get a custom logo now the servers are shut? I appreciate I'm very likely chasing another lost cause...
  15. I have had no luck so far.... Contacted quite a few people with no response whatsoever.