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  1. Well, like I mentioned: this is what I have done and didn't work until I read the first email I have got from the paleontologist. this is what locked me out of getting new mails and I didn't noticed it.. but thankfully I got the last chip und finally plated the game!
  2. Yes, after each delivery I have slept in a safe hose which was build in that area... I have done all the orders for 4-5 times now.. Edit: Okay.. I think I know what the problem was: I didn't read the first email from the paleontologist. So it locked me out of receiving new mails from him.. after realizing that I had to sleep a few times in the private room and got the email... hopefully that helps somebody else and not doing the same dumb mistake I did
  3. I have a problem with getting the #30 memory chip at the Paleontologist. Everything else in the game is completed and the last thing missing is the memory chip 30. According to PowerPyx trophy guide I have to do "a few more" deliveries after leveling up the Paleontologist to 5 stars to get the email which unlocks the last memory chip. i have done now 10 hours of gameplay only to do orders for the Paleontologist, but never got that email. Has anybody else had this Problem?
  4. Are you serious? Cant find anything on the internet..
  5. well, then this will be the problem.. i bought the game a few days a ago. so i will wait until my disc arrives.. thanks for the quick reply
  6. Hey, has anybody else encountered this problem, that absolutely no tophy is popping up? I started the game two days ago and got the first trophy. Since then no other trophy showed up.. i tried story related and misc trophies.. a frind of mine has same problem. i tried rebuilding the database, but got no more luck.. Has this something to do with the demo? hope somebody can help..
  7. i can confirm this is working. this saved me a lot of time.. thank you a lot!! im wondering why nobody else came up with this idea instead of dying all the time..