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  1. I wanted to play this game with my friend on ps4. Just found this tweet of THQ nordic. So i will wait for the update
  2. Update just went live here in germany! Trophies autopopped for me! Yeah, finally! Edit: First login nothing happend, then i got a notification ingame that there is an update. So i got back in the main menu, logged in again and trophies popped!
  3. I think they patched it with the hotfix. Also got it last weekend.
  4. I am looking forward to play this game with my friend. Will there be a PS5 disc Version of this game? All i can find on the internet is that you can buy the ps4 disc and get the ps5 upgrade.
  5. Ahh thanks for clarification.. i honestly never noticed these cards. guess i have to explore my ps5 a bit more (but not for bl3)
  6. That's what i wanted to hear jokes aside, what activity cards do you mean? i cant remember, were this a thing in the ps4 version?
  7. Well, thats what i thought.. On my ps4 playthrough i played solo most of the time and had no issues, like you said. i was looking for a coop game for me and my friend and he never played borderlands. i think i take my chances with this.
  8. Since i played the ps4 version and platinumed it there, i know there were problems getting trophies playing in coop mode. Has anybody encountered such problems with the ps5 version? I wanted to play and plat the game again together with a friend. And yes i know that the platinum is not obtainable at the moment. But i am hoping they fix the problem
  9. Okay, my bad.. i had to be more patiend.. took more then a few seconds to load the progress... After 15-20 tries it works now perfectly every time. I dont know what happend! Apologies and thank you for your support!
  10. Hmm.. Unfortunately, this isn't working for me then. I am clicking "load progress" and nothing happens.. i am using the brave browser, is that maybe the problem?
  11. I really wanted to thank you for the script. i'm using it constantly since you first published it. Great work! One thing i have not recognized until today: right now i am playing jedi fallen order (eu version). the trophy guide is written for the na version. So progression does not take over in the guide. Is it somehow possible to connect the guide to other stacks via your script? This would be a great addition i think
  12. The gig getting warmer is still not fixed. It is stuck at „enter the building“ For those wondering how i got the trophy: i had to replay an older save
  13. I can confirm this!! I am wondering why nobody found out earlier?
  14. Well, like I mentioned: this is what I have done and didn't work until I read the first email I have got from the paleontologist. this is what locked me out of getting new mails and I didn't noticed it.. but thankfully I got the last chip und finally plated the game!
  15. Yes, after each delivery I have slept in a safe hose which was build in that area... I have done all the orders for 4-5 times now.. Edit: Okay.. I think I know what the problem was: I didn't read the first email from the paleontologist. So it locked me out of receiving new mails from him.. after realizing that I had to sleep a few times in the private room and got the email... hopefully that helps somebody else and not doing the same dumb mistake I did