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  1. The god of
  2. Doesn't actually have a beard.
  3. Traditional wise Silver bullet !!!! Be more skilled with guns or hand to hand combat?
  4. I prefer to exercise my arms What's the last themepark you've been to?
  5. oops answered question 2 slow... salad !! vampire or werewolf ?
  6. Wants to play black ops 2
  7. LOST I mean... think about it... it's brilliant!
  8. Lures people into their basement via craigslist
  9. Humans. They can be some of the most dangerous people you meet, and you come in contact with them everyday.
  10. I would definitely restart high school and select theatre as my elective for all 4 years and gotten stellar grades so I could go to some prestigious school like UCLA. All in all, I wish I had gotten into acting sooner than I had.
  11. you're so laidback, i like laidback people
  12. Yes it'd be fun (:
  13. Chicken
  14. Mine is too big apparently lmao
  15. hi beautiful