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  1. ok, one last one for me. got color guardians. so that makes 7 for me total. 6 plats and a 100%er. would have liked to have done more like some of you who pushed into the double digits, but life got in the way. great event as always. hope everyone had fun
  2. ok got meiq, criminal girls 2, hotline miami, rayman legends, rayman origins (all plats) and child of light (100%) finished up
  3. heres mine: ended with 778.11. mostly thanks to ni no kuni...had a fun time, good luck everyone
  4. OK a bit of an update: Child of Light- *ready to pop* (100%) Criminal Girls 2- *ready to pop* Rayman Origins- *ready to pop* Rayman Legends- *ready to pop* Color Guardians- *ready to pop* (kinda- I didn't leave an easy trophy for me) I'm working on a few others so I can at least get 7 for the 7th anniversary, but nothing else is too close.
  5. not sure how much time i'll have but i'll join
  6. thanks for the giveaway. favorite xmas memory was getting my first dog when i was around 10
  7. @Beyondthegrave07 89-confirmed @Mesopithecus 20-confirmed @Arctic Cress 5-confirmed @Kent 17- confirmed @DrEvilGuapo 30- confirmed @shadowhood1111 43- i only count 39 with the last being trophy #16886 @locutus442 1- confirmed @GTA_Darren 43- confirmed @Crazy 1- confirmed @xFalionx 32- confirmed @sephiroth4424 37- confirmed @Han_the_Dragon 50- i count 73 with the last being trophy #11346, maybe you got more after the post @Alternatewarning 2- confirmed @Deadpool--Rik 172- confirmed @SpaceCoresDad 10- confirmed @fabiansc83 15- confirmed @Cisele80 17- confirmed @W571WE 57- i only count 43 with the last being trophy #2974 @PermaFox 34- confirmed @ThatMuttGuy 6- confirmed @Crimson Idol 20- confirmed @kingofbattle8174 10- confirmed @elonius007 9- confirmed @Jelloycat 32- confirmed @Van-Helsings 1- confirmed so of those I confirmed we have a total of 514. (including the 3 I had a different count 669). I stopped at van helsings.
  8. alright, I doubt I'll get any others in the next 10-15 minutes or so. So my final count is 17 (16 from child of light and 1 from rayman origins). Thanks for the event, I hope everyone had fun (and skipped over reading enough VNs to see if we can make @Satoshi Ookami head explode 😜)
  9. at 10 trophies today from child of light. probably will get a few more later, but don't think i will approach the 50+ some of you have already managed.
  10. i'm in. good luck.
  11. For AC there should be a climb 8848m trophy that will be one of if not the last to earn. i would leave this to last and climb fairly close to plat easily on the day. for farm sim there is a trophy for driving 1000km. not sure if not using farm hands will pop this earlier, but this was easily my last trophy and again you should be able to leave it for last and get pretty close prior to the event. just be careful with both trophies to not go over beforehand, but those are my suggestions
  12. i am, as they say, down. no idea what yet. obviously oddworld: munch's oddysee so it can glitch out on me after yet another playthrough, just like in the last birthday event. but i should probably also include something where i can get the plat. i'll let you know in less than 7 months. Also anyone who needs help boosting any game i own, just let me know. i may be rusty but i'm always down to help.
  13. Belgium 3-2 over france
  14. belgium 3-2 over brazil
  15. Belgium 2-0 over Japan As for this... I'll say its a really bad case of hemorrhoids...