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  1. You need to win, not just complete.
  2. Hello,already found out,please delete this post.
  3. Replacement link,just exchanged mine
  4. Thank you guys,all good Was afraid that it glitched on me.
  5. Got all 3 of those,trophies unlocked. But I suspect Volga bug f this for me.
  6. Will try,this is annoying,already had game breaking bug on Volga,needed to replay whole chapter from the beginning. Aaand "blood"?
  7. This trophy is bugged,be careful. I got all 3 others,Duke,Damir and Alyosha trophies and this one didn't popped up.
  8. One more tip,make a quick save before you gonna go to a balcony and shoot everyone,after you gonna kill everyone,just load your quicksave and vuola. Just repeat it
  9. It looks like you gonna need earn it with every class.
  10. Try this,I completed it watching his playlists,it's quite good and helpful. Don't give up
  11. Well I suck at karaoke and it's already 2 days down, no fucking progress.. 820-890 but not more.. Anyone can help?
  12. Theater Square,I got him there four times.
  13. For today,Yakuza Kiwami,next Far cry 5
  14. All trophies are unlockable after the beating the game,but it's lot harder to pull off some challenges.
  15. If anyone has problems with breach try this method,farmed all the trophies with a breeze,exception prime units,but got those with bit of luck,