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  1. ... well I gave you a Me Too because eh why the heck not, took me like ... 30 secs but I'm not gonna sugarcoat things with you ... unless you manage to stir up another "Battlefront 2" scenario (which I find unlikely in the case of an old game like this) I don't see EA giving a rats ass about this particular problem since they really don't stand to gain anything by doing something about it ... sorry. In any case:
  2. I mean come on guys, how could I not (σ‾▿‾)-σ
  3. Since this was nothing more than a pre rendered cutscene kind of trailer I suppose its still too early to pass judgement on the game ... but honestly this just got me thinking I'm probably gonna skip this one when it eventually comes out. Call me crazy but right off the bat co-op was never something I thought to myself would make a Wolfenstein game better. Wolfenstein games were always sort of like a cheesy old school action flick where you had your action hero BJ Blazko acting pretty much like Arnold Schwarzenegger from Commando in that he was literally an unstoppable killing machine, which just like in Commando was made easier too just sort of accept because the games just like Commando emphasized to you just how much of "god" this dude was in the eyes of those around him. Now after ...10-13? games with BJ behind the wheels were suddenly shifting over to not one new character, but two who apparently can do the job just as well as BJ? (we we're already stretching this with the dlc's for colossus but now we've got an entire game without our main character ... hmm) Well ... okay I just can't help but feel like you just removed Bond from the Bond movies and still expect me to care about the movies the same as before even though what you've got now is some fairly generic spy movies I admit this might be more of a personal problem though ... whatever moving on. From what I can gather this whole games premise just sort of bugs me as well. Okay so from I could gather its set sometime in the 80's (a good 20 something years after Colossus) and we're playing as BJ's twins. Okay ... sweet seeing how the nazi's are apparently still roaming around at large I'm guessing whatever happens in Wolfenstein 3 (I really hope this isn't the actual follow up to Colossus and is instead more akin to Old Blood considering where Colossus left off ...) is utterly pointless and essentially means BJ never got to defeat the nazi's after all. Oh yeah and the whole "hurr uhh we need to start a revolution to create a better future for our children" thing ... really didn't come through on that one did yah BJ. Oh and uh the title? Yeah it really sucks 😏 (Maybe I'm just scrooge mcduck at the moment and simply need to reflect a bit about this one to see its potential but for now ... they definitely didn't catch my interest)
  4. Always happy to help
  5. Well Nate even though I'm not officially part of the 100% achievers club ... yet (still waiting for the dlc's to go on sale at some point again :P) I have done a bit of research on each of them and in comparison to main game's mein leben run the dlc ones are FAR easier. It really just boils down to the fact that the dlc ones actually give you checkpoints after each "stage" meaning as long as you complete a stage you won't have do It all over again unlike the main game. The length of each dlc as far as I can tell are also much, much shorter than the main game's run. Depending on how many times you do die I'd say you should be able to knock each of them out in about 1-2 hours worth of gameplay. Happy hunting ^__^
  6. Heck while I would love a remastered version of GTA IV to play on my PS4, at this point I'd settle for some kind of Acknowledgement from R* concerning the games 10th year anniversary. I mean I don't think they ever mentioned it or hell even gave out like a crappy t-shirt in GTA online or anything like that. (can't actually confirm this last claim as I sort of stopped playing online before this event) ... I don't know just feels really cold R*
  7. Yeah certainly wasn't one of the strongest aspects of the game thats for sure, not that it bothered me to much but I can see how it could be somewhat of an annoyance to others
  8. I have actually considered doing the dlc's for this game, though I've sorta missed them the last few times they were on sale and at the moment I've already got a growing backlog of games I need to finish up so I just dont think the dlc's (short as they are) are really worth buying at full price
  9. Well the game certainly did not look like what I was expecting all those years ago when it was first announced (Thought it would be more akin to the remake of RE1) but I gotta say this game really does look awesome in my humble opinion. A little sad there is no fixed camera angels or door opening animations as I did feel like those added a certain nostalgic flavor to the RE1 remake (even if I did never actually play any of the originals) but I do understand why they made these changes and honestly don't think it'll really make the game any worse, just makes the game more of a reimagining than a remake like others have already pointed out. The only thing I'm actually a little sad about is the games crosshairs. Would have preferred the laser sight used back in RE4 and RE5 as I both felt this was bit more immersive (less hud) and also a bit harder to use (at least in the beginning until you got used to it). All in all I'm just very happy to see this announcement as I was honestly starting to think this game had gone the route as games like Rockstars "Agent" which was announced at some point but then got lost in development hell never to be heard of again. Easily one of the best announcements at this years E3 if you ask me
  10. Thats great and all Sony but uh, you're kind of gonna need to roll out PS Now in my country first if you want me to take advantage of this .. no worries though .. its only been like .. 4-5 years now right? Yeah I'm never getting PS Now, so good for you guys I guess
  11. Sure, but isn't that honestly more or less inevitable for all games? Sooner or later all the people who bought the game around its release is either gonna have obtained the platinum trophy or given up on it entirely, at which point you're left with just a few people who might have bought the game at a sale or got it as a gift or something. Won't really see a lot of posts containing tips from people who already obtained the trophy either as its very likely almost every useful tip out there has already been posted by somebody else (look no further than the post above me for a pretty good example ) Personally I still like to have a look in here once in a while simply to check if someone is struggling with something specific I could help them out with, but honestly there is not much left for someone like me to say. Best advice I have left is simply this: As much as some of these guides and tips can certainly help you out, there is pretty much no easy or guaranteed strategy that'll enable you beat this 100% of the time. Sometimes, either due to glitches, bad timing or even just straight up bad luck, shit is gonna hit the fan and you'll simply have to be able to adapt to the situation at hand. Best of luck to anyone still struggling with this, I believe in you 😉
  12. So I just finished up the 2.8 collection on PS4 and since I already finished both the 1.5 and 2.5 collections on the PS3 I do believe that's everything ... well for now anyways To quickly summarise my thoughts on the 2.8 collection: DDD: Good game overall. I did however feel like the combat system still wasn't quite as good as KH2 in certain areas, for example enemies (bosses especially) would often just randomly break out of combos (or not get staggered at all) which made some of the fights feel like they dragged on a bit unnecessarily since you mostly had to just slowly chip away at their health instead of being able to reliably learn enemy patterns and counter them (like you could with lingering will for example). These were minor things though and the gameplay was still very much enjoyable ... except for: Dreameaters/Spirits section: Boy oh boy did I not enjoy this ... if this had only been mandatory if you wished to beef up your "party" members then whatever I never felt like they helped much anyways, but they just had to tie in the whole command system to this So much time wasted petting and playing balloon/barrel mini games with these pokemon ripoffs .. not gonna lie, I won't be sad if these don't make a return in KH3 but eh I'm sure they will 😞 0.2: Also a very good game overall. Would I have liked it if the game was a bit longer, of course no surprise there, but I knew this was more of a demo(prologue to KH3 like "Grounds zeroes" was to "Phantom Pain" so it didn't really bother me since I knew what I was getting into. The gameplay to me was also very solid (great visuals and mix of KH2 and BBS mechanics) the only real gripe I would have here would be the bosses. Apart from Phantom Aqua (and I guess Darkside because nostalgia :P) they felt kind of boring. I mean really it was just the same boss fought multiple times in different "forms" so I'm not really sure what more they could have done with him, it just felt a little lazy to have your main boss simply be ... a horde of normal enemies bunched together 😐 X (Backcover): Yeah ... so this one happened. I'm not really sure I learned that much from watching this except some UBER master of masters (honestly I do believe his name is something like that ) had a strange sense of humor, some dude with a bear mask got pissed off at ... well mostly everyone and some other dude in a black cloak received Xehanorts future key blade and a box with ... something in it? Eh I watched it and I guess it was something. Probably got more questions now than I did before I watched it but there's that
  13. To be fair I'd say the whole female debacle is the least of my worries concerning this game after watching the trailer ... like honestly I just feel genuinely disinterested in the game as that whole trailer just kind of screamed generic FPS to me since it more or less just went through as many cliched action movie scenes as it could ... Jumping from an exploding building narrowly escaping in the nick of time No scoping an enemy with a sniper rifle Straight up ramboing (spraying everywhere) with an LMG Shooting down a plane by shooting a thrown back grenade in mid air ... Straight up copy paste saving private ryan knife struggle sequence If it hadn't been for the battlefield title at the end and theme song playing in the tank ride I might actually have guessed this was gameplay from a future COD title 😐 As for the female ... eh whatever in my opinion she won't really make or break the game. All I really have to say about her is I find her design choices really strange and more fitting for a character in a game like fortnite Oh well from what I understand this might have been footage from what their new 4 player co-op mode might look like so here's hoping thats indeed true and the actual single player and multiplayer footage are more exciting 😞
  14. X-files: Season 2 The truth is out there ...
  15. Eh I'll believe it when I see it. I still think the time frame is dodgy and enough reason to doubt this, but there is also the fact that it would have to be developed by Treyarch which would be ... weird .. and be in direct competition with .. uhh Black ops 4? well whatever the new call of duty is called, unless they suddenly announce that's coming out in a months time too and like infinite warfare comes packaged with MW2 Remastered if you buy the special edition ... Not saying this couldn't happen but I'm not gonna hold my breath