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  1. Eh I'll believe it when I see it. I still think the time frame is dodgy and enough reason to doubt this, but there is also the fact that it would have to be developed by Treyarch which would be ... weird .. and be in direct competition with .. uhh Black ops 4? well whatever the new call of duty is called, unless they suddenly announce that's coming out in a months time too and like infinite warfare comes packaged with MW2 Remastered if you buy the special edition ... Not saying this couldn't happen but I'm not gonna hold my breath
  2. If nothing else I'd say the release date pretty much confirms this is a fake. Not that I wouldn't love a remaster of MW2 as I played the shit out of this game back in the day, but no, I say if the game really were to release in about a month we would have heard/seen something official by now.
  3. *sigh* well shit that would have been great to know earlier Still thats more of a time saver than it is a skip (even if it is a damn good one) sort of like how you can save a couple seconds hitting your dad with a vase instead of throwing them at him in the intro, as you do have to sit through the start of this sequence still ... besides if anything I'd actually say the dinner sequence was one of the less painful ones as it isn't really that long (maybe 3 min doing it the slow way) A skip for the intro really would be the most helpful fix for other people as that does seem to be the longest one and you have to sit through this one no matter how far into the game your attempt gets
  4. The "cutscenes" become a problem on repeat attempts. Try failing on the last level due to either dying or the game freezing (yeah .. both happened to me ) and then tell me you honestly feel like going for another attempt in which you'll literally have to wait 10 minutes before you can even begin (might be closer to 9 min but I actually did try to time this intro sequence and it took me just a little more than 9 minutes before I could move around in the wheelchair and this was with me skipping as much of the cutscenes as I could) the next sequence you'll have is immediately at the start of the next level and takes about ... 5-6 min not quite sure, but stil its downright painful to waste a good 15 min watching the same cutscenes over and over before you have even started level 2 in the game. In total for 1 play through I'd say you'll probably have to sacrifice about 45 to simply watching "cutscenes" since you've got: Intro sequence First Engel capture sequence Dinner sequence Tiny bit following courtroom sequence (where you choose your gear) 2nd Engel capture leading up to courtroom battle Hitler audition sequence And these are just the ones I remember, .. Really doesn't take a lot of failed attempts, for whatever reason, before this time starts to add up
  5. Uhhh ... could be a number of old Game boy games really but the one that sticks out to me as being one of the earliest ones would be: Yeah I know crazy good stuff right? Nah, in all honesty I still think this game is alright to this day. Nothing special by any means but a solid enough little game for young me to get in my baby steps into the world of gaming. No idea about my age though ... maybe 4-6 years old?
  6. ... its a bad game to be sure but complaining about it on the internet isn't gonna get you your money back and quite frankly I don't think its worth your time either Everyone gets burned by a purchase sooner or later, best thing you can do now is simply move on and forget about it.
  7. Appreciate it guys, feels good to be a part of the club Honestly I probably could have joined a lot sooner, but I kept on hoping something would be done about the "cutscenes" in Mein leben ... but uh .. yeah that didn't happen .. so that was time well spent Now I kind of feel like tackling the dlc's (considering they are on sale for the moment) since I got to say I did enjoy the game .. and actually the challenge of "Mein leben" itself .. apart from the odd 1-2 hours I must have wasted watching in game cutscenes again and again of course but I was wondering if you guys felt the dlc's were really worth it since it does seem like they really don't add anything to the main game?
  8. Well there it is. Mein leben was beat and I can finally take a break from this game Good luck to any future souls going for this trophy. Definitely beatable, just overly annoying sitting through all those "cutscene" sections as they really kill the momentum of your run and are far too long to be non skip able.
  9. #139 - Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus The New Colossus The last part of my "Mein leben" run had me shitting bricks left and right but through determination (and a few shed tears as a result of failed attempts at Venus and the Ausmerzer 😢) I finally beat this sucker ... heres to not having to sit through that intro dialogue again in the near future
  10. From what I remember I do recall the story and characters getting dumbed down a bit in comparison to the old games, mostly for what felt like the necessity to tie in with the movie (which I've heard was awful btw ... what a surprise a movie based on a game that sucks ass? never heard that one before ) and a general tone shift, which felt like it was trying to appeal a bit more to the kids. None the less the gameplay was still was still very much enjoyable and the visuals are a treat to behold (even if the frame rate has been cut down a bit in favor of this as someone else already pointed out) so I'd say its definitely still worth playing, especially since its free with ps+ right now
  11. Pretty much this. I personally put off my mein leben runs in the hopes that they might patch in the removal of these scenes in mein leben or some way to skip them, but seems like that is never really going to happen so I decided to just suck it up and get to work on this. Its definitely a shame though since listening to your father ramble on with his rampant racism for a good 10 or so minutes at the beginning of the game shortly followed by a 5 or so minutes section of "Frau Engel torture porn" really sucks the fun out of what could otherwise have been a decent challenge.
  12. This old story again huh? Yeah nothing new here really, feels like the media has been trying to spin this story forever and honestly my sentiment about this whole thing can be summed up as: Violence has been a part of human society pretty much from the very beginning, at least way before video games ever became an idea. The very fact that you dont see a majority of players who play violent video games committing violent crimes (not even close in fact) might point towards the fact that there isn't really much of a correlation there. Maybe, just maybe the people who actually do commit these crimes are psychologically unstable people who just as well could have seen a violent movie, read a violent book, or listened to some violent music before they did what they did, but they just so happened to have played a violent video game at some point because .. what do you know? Video games have sort of became a major thing these days? Only thing I'm really surprised about here is how there wasn't actually a single clip from any GTA game included in this ... guess they actually forgot to blame GTA for this for once, so I guess there actually was SOMETHING new about this after all
  13. Urgh, you're probably right, really should finish this one off .. I'm just not looking forward to the monotonous grind that is "7 day survivor" which is basically more of a endurance run of "hope your ps4 doesn't crash and burn in the 13 something consecutive hours you'll have it running for" kind of thing X___X Honestly looks like you'll have some multiplayer grinding ahead of you no matter what I suggest so I'll recommend ones I've done myself. Either go for BF Hardline, since you'll either have to simply unlock the guns through a bit of grinding (can recommend blood money for those reputation challenges) or you could get lucky and pick them up from a dead enemy and get the kills that way (unlikely but possible) Your other option in my opinion would be GTA V. You've got a little bit of collectible hunting to finish up in single player but other than that you've got to grind away at mp for that level 100 ... yay
  14. Yup that sounds about right 😄 Honestly all I remembered was that he said something with "angel" since I was too busy having a panic attack whenever I heard this Oh Kurt Zisa and the Phantom are definitely doable before you hit level 100 since Kurt actually isn't that bad with Tinker bell and Phantom is more about preparation before the fight than it is the actual fight with him (apart from his clock gimmick guy's kind of a pushover really). Honestly though don't worry about it too much, while KH1's extra bosses are certainly harder than what you'll encounter in the main game they are a far cry away from the madness that'll ensue later on with fights like Terra vs Mysterious Figure in BBS X__x
  15. Nice one dude 👍 Now Proud mode in itself shouldn't be too difficult for you I wouldn't imagine (especially since you've already got a pretty thing idea on how to handle most of the games enemies and standard bosses) You've still got Mysterious figure, Kurt Zisa, Phantom (Clocktower) and the ever so lovely Sephiroth left to fight so in a way you've still got the "best" ahead of you A few quick tips you might appreciate whenever the time comes: Mysterious Figure: Oh boy, I'd definitely recommend going into this fight prepared with MP Rage and Hastes besides the mandatory leaf bracer and second chance as you're going to be healing a LOT in this fight. Might be a good idea to come prepared with some potions as well and I'd recommend summoning tinker bell as soon as possible as she's pretty much gonna be healing you non stop which again. You'll need. As far as the fighting goes you'll want to be dodge rolling a lot of the time as this guy has a lot of ranged attacks and other than that I'd say stay on the offensive to the best of your ability. Kurt Zisa: Bring some ethers with you for one (maybe a potion or two really up to you) and otherwise just make sure you summon tinker bell immediately and then use magic attacks to break the guy's shield whenever he puts it up. Phantom (Clocktower): Come prepared with a SHIT ton of ethers since magic is going to be key in this fight. In fact equip as much magic empowering gear as you can since its pretty much gonna be using 95% of this fight. Sephiroth: Honestly ... no real way to cheese this guy, you'll just have learn his patterns and beat him at his own game Only real advice I can give you is no matter what you do don't fight this guy with abilities that increase your attack combo as it'll mess up his pattern and you'll never hit him with any finishers which in turn results in you doing a LOT less damage to him. Oh and try and watch out for when he's about to summon his "angel of death" move (or whatever he calls it) either quickly attack him to cancel out the move or prepare to heal yourself with potions since this move will bring you down to 1hp no matter what.