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  1. Heres how I see it: Games where you can't receive duplicates = Not gambling. Essentially I view this as a free alternative to paid dlc where you don't receive all the content at once, not necessarily in the order you desire and in most cases at such a stretched amount of time that when you finally unlock it all chances are it won't interest you anymore, game has died out or newer dlc has come out for you to start all over on Games with duplicates: Yeah this shit is definitely gambling if you ask me. Your point of "at least with duplicates you still earn something" I would disagree with since with duplicates even though it might seem like you earn something, in most cases you really don't. Take BF1 for example. While I don't remember the exact exchange rate in the game (yeah I know sue me ) lets say the cheapest pack cost you 200 something scrap (which is the in game currency) and this pack would cost you say 2 bucks in real life. Alright now to simply break even you would have to earn something in this pack worth at least 200 scrap right? Well too bad the rarest items in this type of loot crate, which you are very unlikely to receive btw, only nets you the sorry amount of 270 scrap. The more average type of duplicates you are likely to receive only give you 30 and 90 scrap respectively. This basically mean that in BF1 every dupe that isn't a "Legendary" item (basically what you call a "jackpot" in gambling terms) won't even give you back half of what you paid for it. Essentially every dupe in this game cost you either 1,70 dollars or 1,10 dollars, which, while I can't speak for you, I'd hardly specify as earning something 😅
  2. No? of course I don't think that CAPCOM consist of 12 people, when did I ever say that 😟 What I said was that remasters generally tend to be the result of consumer demand and/or positive feedback from the majority of the people who bought the game previously. Now I'm sorry for what I'm about to say (because from what I can tell you might actually have enjoyed the game which is fine, each to their own and all that) but RE: ORC did not receive either of these. The reviews of the game are as the developers themselves put it "challenging" at best and I honestly haven't heard even a single person ask for a remaster of this game .. like ever 😅 Now the only reason I brought up the RE2 remake is that as large a company that CAPCOM is, I just found it highly unlikely they would be working on dlc for RE7, a RE2 remake (which at this point for all we know might end up stuck in dev hell if something isn't announced soon) and now a second remaster for yet another RE game? (could also be working on their fighting games but I honestly know nothing about this so I'm not gonna claim anything about this) Lastly if I may games like Sonic 2006 and Aliens Colonial Marines also sold very well and from a business point of view were considered succesfull, but I hardly expect we'll ever see remakes of those eh 😏. Sorry if I ended up going on a bit of rant there, just felt I wanted to try and explain myself
  3. Considering how badly the game was received and how relatively new it is compared to other titles in the RE series ( A 2012 release vs RE 2 1998 which I'd say fans have been asking for way longer anyways) I'd honestly be quite surprised ... and confused, if this game somehow got a remaster all of sudden 😅 Still gotta add that I too were click baited (Thinking it had something to do with RE 2 rumoured remaster) and now feel quite foolish as I honestly don't know what I was expecting after reading the title of the thread a second time 😓
  4. Nah I don't think you're missing something, I honestly believe we're simply dealing with a perfect example of "different strokes for different folks". 😌 Personally I'm just sad to hear you didn't have the same experience with the game that I (and a lot of other people as well it would seem) did 😞 It is was it is though. Hopefully you've moved on to other games more to your liking by now 🙂
  5. Well .. damn 😟 I respect your opinion and all, but I honestly never understood what you people hope to achieve by starting threads with words like "overrated" and "shittiest game ever". I mean its kind of like going into the middle of Times Square and shouting " I hate gays", sure you might get some approving looks from other random homophobic dudes but odds are the masses are just gonna drown you in hate before you know it. Rough example, I know but you get the point 😅 Personally I found the game to be just fine (not the best game I've ever played but I certainly did not regret playing it). I loved the music and found the gameplay addicting enough to stick through enough trial and error until I actually started kicking ass in the game. That was where the fun really began. But hey not like my opinion holds anymore value than yours sooo ... just put the game down man. It simply wasn't your cup of tea and there is no shame in that, game certainly isn't for everyone 🙂
  6. The concept of microtransactions I'm actually completely fine with. After all game companies also needs to make a living and as game cost have increased over the years we the consumers still seems uncomfortable with the thought of paying more than 60 dollars up front for a game so alright, microtransactions are the current solution to the problem, got it. For me the problem is a lot of games out there (note I said a lot as in not every game out there) manage to completely butcher some aspect of the microtransaction "model". For example lets look at GTA online. While I can't argue that R* has put out a lot of content over the years ( Although I would argue said content is complete garbage in terms of quality compared to the likes of Episodes from Liberty City, this is debatable) I do believe the majority of GTA onlines player base would agree with me when I say that R* has completely fucked up their ingame currency and in turn their microtransactions (shark cards). The perfect example of this can be seen in their newest "dlc" which would cost you 600-740 dollars If you were to buy everything in the dlc. Another example where I would say microtransaction have most definitely gone wrong would be the likes of COD where I believe you can buy, supposedly better guns (yeah If you hadn't guessed I actually stopped playing COD games by the time this system was implemented, so no, I dont speak out of experience). I feel like this system speaks for itself and why it should not be promoted as a great one. In short I dont feel like the concept of microtransactions is a bad one, I do however feel like game developers in general needs to handle their microtransaction systems a lot better than they're currently doing
  7. Well ... fuck me 😨 So I was never a HUGE Friday the 13th Fan, but I did have a modest interest in this game after seeing some gameplay, now however ... 😬 The game might very well have been fun for a while had I gotten it ... but there is literally no way its gonna stay fun long enough to sink in the amount of hours its gonna take to complete a minimum of 2000 matches. Sorry but unless I hear some sort of uplifting news regarding this I guess I'll just have to pass on this one
  8. Well the first thing that came to mind was a remaster, so thats what I'm going with. Not the option I want the most but then again looking at the gaming market right now I wouldn't really be surprised if this turned out to be the case. Remasters galore, lets hope its a least among the good actual improvement to be seen kind of remasters and not the lazy cash grab kind
  9. Honestly I have no idea, although I'd say it would be fair to believe it would indeed still work, if it worked on the ps3 version. Still it might just be my memory thats gotten a little rusty, but wouldn't it be far less time consuming to just play through on the easiest difficulty on a second play through if necessary? I do believe the time given for the trophy was actually quite forgiving, so long as you remember to skip all cutscenes
  10. Well certainly looks interesting I'll give it that. Looks to be more powerful than the Pro ... Even though I do feel this increase in power does seem a little .. underwhelming? what with all of Microsofts talk of "4K Gaming" and what not (but honestly I never really did believe they would manage to pull that off soooo no surprises there I guess :P) I still believe the deal breaker for this console is going to be its price and support from game developers. If either of these points fail to impress I fear the console is going to as well. Still heres hoping for the best
  11. Run the Gauntlet Complete "Desperate Escape" on Professional (Personal Note: Before I started playing this game I had heard the horror stories of this game's Horrifically bad AI .. well lets just say the stories weren't exactly wrong )
  12. So this hardly seems like a very original choice looking back at some of the more recent answers, but ... Everybody's Gone to the Rapture To be fair Gone Home is probably a close second for me, but I felt like this game had a .. uhh, "somewhat" interesting story (I mean it wasn't anything fantastic, arguably not even good, but at least it wasn't so god damned convoluted as Raptures story was X___x ) The saving grace for Gone Home compared to Everybody's Gone to the Rapture however was the difference in the two games pacing ... shit. was Everybody's gone to the Rapture's pacing horrifically slow and boring. I get that the game was a walking simulator and taking in the games world was essentially all the game had to offer ... but come on man At the end of the day though neither game really interested my at any level whatsoever and the only reason I ever bothered to platinum them was the fact that were both ps + games at some point go figure
  13. At first I didn't really get how Sony was okay with this, since I thought the new game was being developed by ND, who I believe most of us know is owned by Sony After a quick bit of research on the game though ... turns out ND and in turn Sony actually has nothing to do with this game ... well damn, can't say I'm actually surprised by this then. Activision is still the publisher of the game and they do like their money sooo ... yeah, multiplatform seems like the obvious choice to go with I'd have to say. Nostalgic pride set aside, gamers as a whole honestly also benefit from this decision since more people will now get the chance to try out the game ... although I personally feel a bit uneasy with the new game now. Since ND isn't developing the game and the new creators refuse to label it as a straight up "remaster" I take it they couldn't just beef up the graphics but were instead forced to change up some gameplay aspects as well in order to avoid infringing on the rights of the original games Guess we'll find out soon enough though ... and honestly how bad could the changes really be ... right?
  14. ... WAW might have been my very first platinum, but I still remember the complete and actual HELL that the games veteran campaign was More or less every level had a least one part that (in my opinion) felt like the S.O.G level from Black ops ... Straight from the god. damn. sniper. level. (No Reznov. For the 100th time, I did not Graze him I shot him in the f*** head ) right down to .. Heart of the Reich .. of god the memories .. no .. please ... dont make me destroy another artillery cannon I-I dont want to .. no please I'm begging you just one checkpoint ;____; Uhh yeah so personal feelings set aside ... Black ops campaign might have had a few annoying spots, absolutely, but when compared to WaWs campaign? Easy peasy.
  15. Hey man if anyone can pull off a sequel to this game, Naughty Dog would be the ones to do it, and since they are, I'm only a bit worried, which I honestly feel is completely reasonable when discussing sequels. Now onto UC3, I honestly did not have as much of an issue with this game as I suppose a lot of people may have had. Only real complaint I felt was that Marlowe may have been a bit of an underdeveloped villain. I dont know I just never got the same feel for her as I did Eddy, Lazarevich, Harry Flynn etc. Still game was overall a blast and at the time I felt a justifiable purchase and conclusion to the UC franchise Hoping TLOU 2 will put my doubts to shame and do exactly the same.