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  1. Well whether or not the multiplayer is actually still alive in any capacity sort of determines if AC: Black Flag would be a better choice but I'm gonna go ahead and assume that it is in which case I'd wager Infinite Warfare is probably the worse choice here. I can imagine the campaign at this point in COD history was probably average at best which means although the trophies tied to completing it were probably easy I don't imagine they were insanely enjoyable to earn. Not to mention its probably got some annoyingly convoluted zombie(survival) easter egg trophy you have too earn for the platinum soo ... yeah In my humble opinion dont bother with COD: Infinte Warfare
  2. Oh ... alright then I guess Picture more or less sums up how I feel about this. As a lot of other people have already pointed out looks aren't everything (Though I will say in my humble opinion they absolutely failed to capture both characters likeness with these two) and actors in past have proven they were the right choice for a role even though pretty much everyone and their mother believed they weren't (Take Heath Ledger as the Joker for example). Guess its only fair these two should get a chance to show off their acting prowess first before we pass judgement on them right? Now if you'd asked me personally whether or not I'd believe they could pull off their respective roles I honestly have no clue. Haven't seen a lot movies/shows featuring either actor/actress so I don't really have a lot to go off. Game of Thrones and the Mandalorian are probably the only two properties I can honestly say come to mind (I know Pascal is in the Mandalorian though I haven't actually seen that show so what do I know if his performance in that is any good or not) From what I can seem to remember from Game of Thrones though I'd say they both seem like alright actors. I would say neither Pascal or Ramsey ever delivered any crazy or memorable performances (You know stuff were it almost seems criminal to consider any other actor in the role such as Robert Downey Jr. as Iron man, Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter, Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator ect.) but on the flip side I dont think they ever delivered a truly bad or immersion breaking performance either so eh, could be worse to be fair. Actors aside though I must say I have close to zero anticipation/excitement for this series (Obviously I do have some otherwise why would I bother to check any news on the series). Could easily go into more detail on why since I've already rambled on for too long I'd quickly summarize my feelings on the matter with a simple question: Why do we really need a "Live action" Last of Us 1? (Immediate comparison that comes to mind would be more or less all the Disney live action remakes. All right movies on their own I suppose but compared to the originals a lot of people would say they feel inferior in almost every single way rendering them for all intents and purposes: Pointless)
  3. Guess I wouldn't mind adding the Horizon zero dawn platinum to my collection Game's supposed to be pretty good from what I can gather but I never got around to actually try out the game for myself.
  4. Ah, well good for them. No point joining the ongoing "discussion" on whether the game deserved this or not. (most people have already figured out where they stand concerning the games quality and are not gonna be swayed one way or another) Besides as the old saying goes: "One man's treasure is another man's trash" What I will say though is this ... can the game industry please stop inflating the yearly amount of game awards at this point? I'm no expert by all means and perhaps 400+ tiny awards in total really is the best way to go about things but come on man would it really be so hard to cut down on some of these duplicate awards (Wouldn't be surprised if you could find something like "Astroglide's GOTY" somewhere in that pile ...) to actually give the award's a bit of meaning again?. (Be honest how many of these awards can anyone really name off the top of their heads?)
  5. "For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow." Whats the point of this obnoxiously "wise ass" quote you may ask? Well in all honesty I didn't know much about Cyberpunk before watching this video. More or less just the basic stuff (Futuristic setting, Keanu Reeves, RPG made by the Witcher guys) and of course the numerous bugs and glitches that has apparently been crippling this game from its release. Basically up until now I thought the game was more or less what people had expected minus the buggy stuff. Now that I've seen this video(review?) I got to say the bugs and glitches in all honesty as immersion breaking and frustrating as they might be dont seem like this games biggest problem anymore. After all with enough time (and patches ...) MOST of this stuff can probably be ironed out and make the game for the most part playable ... but from what I've just seen even if the game was "bug free" it still just seemed like an ... average (maybe even slightly below average) FPS RPG. Can't speak for the story which for all I know could be amazing but the gameplay .. my god as he kept pilling on the comparisons to games as far back as the PS2 it really hit home how much of a letdown this game appears to be in multiple areas. Add to that the promises for game features that were never even kept in the first place (seriously reminds you of No mans sky back in the day) and you've got yourself a pretty nasty combo. Oh well I'm just glad I was never aboard the hype train (more like wreck at this point)
  6. If this is a hint at what Naughty Dog's future game is supposed to be I guess good on them for taking the risk with a new IP ... Having said that this absolutely does not look like something that would/has ever interested me in the slightest (Elder scrolls/Witcher medival fantasy style games) so unless Naughty Dog goes all out and creates a game that somehow both plays and looks better than anything we've ever seen before I doubt I'll be picking this game up at some point .. well unless it eventually ends up on plus
  7. All I have left is the trade an item trophy so if anybody wants to trade with me just send me a friend invite. I've got a few painted and certified items as well as an acelerato boost for the throwback trophy as well as a few extra cars if anybody is interested in any of that (got a bunch of blueprints as well but I doubt anybody really cares about them ) I'm a legacy player so from what I understand credits shouldn't be a problem for me EDIT: Well I helped a couple of guys get "Stocked" and in doing so got my own trophy so that would seem to be it for me
  8. Well I've literally never seen heard or heck been made even slightly aware of its existence so I'd go for "The Complex" From the looks of it I'd say its probably an FMV type game similar to "Erica" so probably not too hard ... but yeah I'd say pretty rare mostly due to its obscurity
  9. Well Damn man, not sure if that last bit was a jab specifically targeted towards me but still ... ouch Sorry if I gave you the impression that this game had to fit my preferences perfectly because obviously it doesn't. Unlike the previously mentioned ps3 games where the only way to play the games on your new console was to buy the remasters I'm assuming we'll be able to play the ps4 version on the ps5 anyways so in all likeliness they were never gonna catch my interest with this game anyways so you're absolutely right in that it doesn't really affect me in any way As for the part about feeling scammed by Sony I can see how might have read it like that. Again sorry for that wasn't really what I was trying to get across. While I'm sure there's probably people out there who do feel that way, I certainly never did. I bought the mentioned games again out of my own free will because I wanted to continue playing some of my ps3 games on my ps4. Now sure I appreciated the upgrades (mostly the frame rates) but in all honesty I never bought the new versions because of those features but rather because of the ps4 lack of backwards compatibility. Now however with the ps5 that point seems to be completely eliminated (as far as ps4 games are concerned anyways), which honestly just seems like a win for everyone. As for your final point I have to whole heartedly agree. There is absolutely gonna be people who never played the ps4 version even though they wanted to and for them I'm guessing this new version probably seems great. I just cant help but feel like this remaster makes a little bit less sense however compared to the ps3 ones like Last of Us and GTA. Not only is there the backwards compatibility issue we already mentioned but I also don't really feel like there isn't gonna be as much of a surge of new playstation players as there was back with the ps4 because of Xbox's massive blunder with the Xbox One reveal. Probably also worth mentioning the high sales numbers for Spiderman on the ps4 (I believe it was 13 million or something back when I last heard something about it) which I would assume represents that most people who would ever have an interest in buying the game probably did so back then. I don't know maybe I'm missing something here but doesn't it feel like they might be going for a bit of tiny consumer base if they truly only care about new players on this one?
  10. Look first of all let me just say ... what a lame change to focus on. The entire "remaster" already screamed cashgrab to me since they're basically pulling the "Last of Us remastered" and "GTA V" move on us again where a game they released on the tail end of a consoles life cycle gets a free pass to be sold to consumers twice with barely any real difference besides frame rate (and possibly a few bits of added grass). Well you got me last time Sony because I really enjoyed both games but even though I also love Spiderman I just can't justify a purchase if my PS4 copy is gonna be playable through backwards compatibility. Now this? This is apparently such a major change for the "remaster" they actually felt they needed to promote it. Two words: Bad omen. Like alright if they felt the old facial models were somehow lacking due to technical limitations and they had decided to overhaul literally every characters face then maybe that would be worth advertising. Here's the problem though. Seems they only updated Peter as far as I can tell (at least Doc Oc wasn't updated which given his importance to the story doesn't bode well for other less important characters). Hell not only is Peter the only one seemingly getting updated his updated model isn't unanimously loved by players either (not really even close it would seem for the time being) which begs the question was this really the best "new feature" they had to show off from the remaster? To end on a personal note: I honestly don't really care much for the new look. Apart from the hair looking a bit more defined (at the cost of a perhaps even blander haircut) I honestly don't see a whole lot of straight up improvements in his design. Sure he looks different but different ain't always better and I would argue in this case it probably comes down to personal preference.
  11. One Gran Turismo Sport platinum please? Not so much for the difficulty (although that is nice too) but rather because the absolute grind of the multiplayer trophies has made me put this one on hold for far too long at this point. Seriously whoever thought putting in a trophy for playing a total of 300 something races in a game where you're lucky if you can play a race every 20 something minutes really overestimated how long this multiplayer was gonna be fun for. Especially considering they give you a grand total of 3 different races a week (more like 2 since its unlikely you're gonna enjoy all 3 every week). Oh well should probably get back on that grind soon I suppose
  12. The Yakuza games are doing dubs again? ... ok? Bit of an odd decision I'd say but the real question is whether its gonna be bad, bad? or this kind of bad: (Of course there is the hidden 3rd option that it actually turns out kind of good .. anythings possible right?)
  13. In all the honesty the lootbox situation as it is right now is too complex for a simple yes or no answer ... buuuuut if I had to boil it down to one of the two I would absolutely classify it as gambling. Yes I'm aware there are games out there which only offer cosmetic loot boxes and yes there is a difference between games that allow you to buy the boxes with actual real life currency and the ones that only allow you to buy them with in game made up currency earned through gameplay. I'm also aware there is a whole debate to be had over the "do loot boxes actually provide any sort of value in game or otherwise and are they perhaps more akin to old school collectible cards more so than actual gambling?". Having said that though ... I personally hope they do end being classified as gambling simply because thats the only plausible solution I can see that might force game publishers to stop forcing them down our throats. Even if they don't I feel like there is a much better reason to remove loot boxes from gaming (Although I will admit a lot of people don't seem to share this sentiment with me, based on the profits loot boxes are raking in ). They are a shitty mechanic that adds literally nothing to gaming as a whole A least in my opinion I can't think of single game where I've thought to myself "Damn, this in game store which allows me to buy the exact item that I want for a set amount of money is great, but I wish there was some way I could let the game pick out an item at random for me and just hope its the one I actually want and not one of the ones that would otherwise literally not be worth even buying for a dollar" Now I'm not even that hot on the whole idea of in game stores filled with more or less worthless items like blue or green gun skins rather than actual expansions or size able dlc's but if I have to choose between the choice where I can at least still chose what I want to buy rather than waste my time/money on your slot machines/card packs I'll choose the first option any day
  14. Look I'll admit when GTA V came out back in 2013 ... I enjoyed it. Yeah I'll admit it. I didn't think the story or the characters were the best I'd ever seen from R* but the experience was still absolutely solid from start to finish in my humble opinion. Of course online then happened and yeah I was even able to enjoy that for a while although over time that mode became such an unbelievable broken mess that free to play is not gonna bring me back anytime soon (mind you I quit that garbage before the "doomsday" heists were even a thing so I dread to think how bad its become these days) Kind of sad to see that R* used to be a developer that in a timespan of 5 years (2008 GTA IV - 2013 GTA V ) could push out 3 (4 if we count LA Noire even though they technically only published this one to my knowledge) arguably quality games: (Red dead Redemption 1, Max Payne 3, LA Noire and obviously GTA V) Fast forward to now and we're coming up on 8 years since GTA V released ... how many new games have we gotten from R*? 1 now with the added bonus of 2 remasters of the same damn game (Guess R* found their version of Resident Evil 4 or Skyrim which needs to be remastered for literally every system ever apparently) which puts the average life expectancy of each version of GTA V at 2,6 years ... FAN-TAS-TIC
  15. Well that depends. Do you mean this God of war: Or do you mean this God of War: I assume you mean the 2nd in which case ... no, no I do not (sorry) As for the next in line ... lets try a bit of a classic (thats topical this month as well): Uncharted 2: Among Thieves