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  1. I don't think I have any connection issues on my end, I have pretty good internet. I just reinstalled Battlefield 4 and the online works perfectly fine so it most likely does not have anything to do with my PSN/Origin account. I contacted EA support several times, and even though they couldn't help one of them did point out that he doesn't see Battlefront 2 in my games on my account which is odd since I already installed the game, obtained trophies through SP and synchronised them, while he did point out that he saw all my other EA/DICE games. Is there any way I can "add" this game to my account? Just like all the other EA/DICE games that I bought, I bought the physical copy of this game.
  2. I don't know if this is allowed to be posted here but I thought I would since maybe this could also help others who have the same problem as me. So despite buying Battlefront 2 on Friday I still have absolutely no access to the multiplayer whatsoever, in game it says that I am offline and every single time I try to reconnect I keep on getting Error Code: 721. After doing some research apparently this was an issue with the beta, but when I played the beta I never had such problems and was able to play fine. I checked anything that I could: My psn, origin, internet connection, playstation plus, and I even contacted EA support and everything seems to be fine apart from the fact that the Advisor from EA help was not able to see Battlefront 2 on my account (Though he did see other games that I purchased such as Battlefront 2015 and Battlefield 1) even though I have already earned and synchronized trophies from the campaign. Does anyone know any possible fixes or what I could try to do? Thank you very much. Here is what the Error says: "Failed to connect to the EA Servers. Online features will be unavailable. Please check your internet connection and try again. See for additional information. Error code: 721"
  3. I wouldn't say it's buggy, it's just very luck based. I got the trophy using 2 controllers and sliders.
  4. When I got this platinum just over a year ago it was at about 2.15% and now it has dropped to 1.89%, why do more and more people get this game since it is pretty much dead? Just for the trophies? I doubt the only reason could be that new people register to PSN profiles who have the game in their list. I am not complaining though, the rarer this platinum gets then it feels even better to have it
  5. This might be a little bit of a random question but I just really wanted some advice, I still have not even watched the series at all (But I do plan to) and I really want to play through this game. If I play through this game first will it spoil anything related to the series or do I need to watch at least a few seasons before to understand certain things, or does it not matter at all if you have watched the series or not before playing this game? Thanks.
  6. Do people struggle with this trophy? I only got Overwatch a few weeks ago, after playing like 5 games or so with Zenyatta I got the trophy, he is pretty powerful. But anyways if this is a hard trophy then congrats
  7. Awesome, thanks!
  8. Can anyone confirm if this still works? Thanks.
  9. It has been a while since I played Battlefront, even though I purchased the season pass and I only got back on this weekend for the 4X xp weekend, and I was thinking about going for the DLC trophies with a friend and we were just wondering, is it possible to obtain DLC trophies in private matches so we can boost them? I would try it out now but we don't have enough friends on Battlefront so if it's confirmed that it is possible, we will probably make a boosting session by the time the Rogue One DLC will come out. Thanks.
  10. Hard to say, depends on what the MP are actually like and how hard they are and how much time they will take. Also only 32 trophies to me seems quite a little amount with 6 gold trophies (Too many IMO, gold trophies are so common nowadays they should feel more rewarding). I just really, really hope that this a platinum that will stay below %5 rarity.
  11. I never got the chance to play this game in it's golden days but I would love to get this platinum, but since it's not a very active game (I assume, at least), how hard is it to do the online trophies in this game even if you boost it? Thanks.
  12. So yet again we get a Visual novel game for PS+ for the Vita in October, I already posted this same thread when Amnesia Memories (Which is about a +9 hour plat for those wondering) became free this month, so I just want to ask those who played this if this game not nearly as grindy as Amnesia Memories if you don't read everything? Thanks.
  13. Omg the Trial of Power trophy again..... I was really hoping it wouldn't carry over from FIFA 16 because that is literally the only trophy that I need to platinum FIFA 16 and now we have to deal with it in this game as well
  14. Speaking from my experience, if you don't care about the story and you are just going for the platinum, then yes it will be boring. The most time consuming part is reading through all of the worlds and and getting all the endings, after that all of the remaining trophies are very easy to do. I only played this for the platinum, and it was extremely boring for me since I didn't care about the story.
  15. As the title says, can the entire story campaign be played co op with a friend for the platinum? Thanks.