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  1. Thank you! I did as you said, I kept going backwards and forwards through the cave, eventually it started counting after "In the end" message of Saln Govran. I also played on Grandmaster 3 but I don't know if that helped at all. For anyone who don't know how to check what messages you have its.. Library > Miscellaneous > Enclave Collection > An account of my time with Saln Govran
  2. As the minigun don't hold much bullets, its best to throw distractors when piled up, very quick to gold.
  3. climb on bus to get to the roof, just left of where you start. Freakers will try climb and run over the wooden boards that will eventually break and they fall down and die.
  4. All I can suggest is to keep the combo (white bar) full if it ain't at maximum by the time you reach the horde location (after 1st big ramp) you will struggle to keep it up going further up the hill. Also try keeping combo between 80-90 at this point because the higher it is the faster the bar will drain (100+) I had issues keeping it up when trying to kill freakers and hitting the jumps. I missed one checkpoint and had to go back (which was good for airtime medal) Plus try to keep reticule focused on them for longer so you can try get some kills going past (again I missed quite a few at the start of the course as I kept firing without waiting)
  5. Nah mate, I enjoyed this one too I also fell off my bike which went past the finish line, I had to walk.. Still managed to do it though.
  6. Had the same issue, fixed it by remapping the R2 to R1 - go to accessibility settings.