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  1. Ok damn I must have zero luck. Never can get more than 10 hits and after 3-4 reshuffles still not get a mist charge unless I'm doing something ridiculously wrong.
  2. For getting Black Hole I've tried starting with a lvl1 and a lvl3. I k iw it's all rng but is one really better than the other for trying to hit black hole?
  3. I just played Contagion and one enemy threw a fire bomb and killed 2 people. Will those count the same as if I killed them?
  4. As long as you didn't kill him first before you restarted you might be alright. Any kill you make is recorded to the save file.
  5. I like the idea of having characters specialize, but how would if differ if you have 2 machanists/white mages and all your other characters tank?
  6. Do the license boards expand? Will the characters eventually be able to learn everything or are the boards limited and each character will end up with 2 specializations?
  7. I know this version is a remaster of the job board version but does it also include the license board from the US/EU release?
  8. I have T3 weapon for Fang and T2 weapons for everyone else. What accessories do I need to use or avoid using to get the 5 star? With T3 weapons on everyone and using genji glove/kaiser knuckle I got 3 stars and after getting the gold watch I still only got 3 stars.
  9. My strategy is try and buff/debuff and get quick staggers but I get attacked faster than what I can recover and I don't have much as far as components to upgrade accessories.
  10. Tried your method and after a couple of times it worked. Going to try and get Gaian rings to see if that helps resist his damage further.
  11. I don't have Genji gloves. Trying to get them but I can't clear the missions that drop them and I'm already max level. Again I try following the guides that show how to clear them but everything they hit me with takes too long to recover from and mission 51 hits me with doom.
  12. I have and tried methods already described. Problem I'm having they attack too quickly for me to recover.
  13. I'm trying to go after the Adamantortoise but not sure what I'm doing wrong. My primary group has Fang, Lightning, and Hope. Fang has a lvl3 weapon and the other 2 have lvl2 weapons all with instant stagger and maxxed chrysrariums. I have 1 pair of sprint shoes but nothing that really boosts my defense. What is a strategy that I can use to kill them quickly and without using Vanille's death ability since it never works for me or without summoning an Eidolon.
  14. I've been trying to use areas where my bots will suffocate instead of having enemies nearby. Do you know if that will work? Everytime I hit his action it's either been blightbot or minion.
  15. Are there any tips to help make these actions happen with greater percentages? I'm trying to solo this with dummy accounts but can get him to either heal when their health gets low or revive with his action skill.