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  1. I'm interested in Mafia II DLC's but can't find them on the NA store even with the instructions provided. Does anybody know if they are on the disc of the greatest hits version?
  2. I would assume since last achievers are from mid 2013 that these servers are toast. It's a shame because this was a really cool game back in the day.
  3. I was finishing off the SP this morning, and can confirm the above information as correct. I completed "Suez" and initially got no trophy. I then completed the game which popped one of the endings trophies. Then I went back thru chapter select and replayed Suez and finally the trophy popped. Also I had my difficulty related trophies glitch on me my first time so I have an ending trophy before I had either "fish" "wolf" or "tombstone". I'm hoping I won't get flagged for that because that's some bs this campaign is broken in so many ways it's not even funny. Randomly the game has the chance to whip your entire save forcing a brand new play through. wack!
  4. Grand theft auto 4 was very toxic especially if A.W.P trophy decides to glitch on you. good luck
  5. Same thing happened to me with whiskey hotel and Turistas. I just played the missions over again on recruit and the trophy popped. I played Takedown on recruit and then the veteran trophy popped.
  6. Hmmm, I've never encountered this issue. I get disconnected randomly sometimes for no reason. From what you describe above I would assume your internet isn't the problem maybe something on their end. Sorry I'm not much help :/
  7. hitman Go because F that game!
  8. Ya, to be honest Platinum all the "shameful" games you want and then just balance your list out by getting some nice ones.