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  1. Is there a menu or something where you can see your medal progress? Closest thing I can find is the uber tags but that doesn't help me. I'm trying to see how many more bronze "checkmate" medals I need for the trophy. The ubertags stop counting after 10 and go straight to the gold medals unfortunately.
  2. Is the 100% still attainable?
  3. Just found out you can boost with 4 players if you can lockdown the lobby. If matchmaking stays at 4/6 for a few seconds you'll be locked in with your boosting group. We switched our region to Asia since most of them are sleeping midday US time. We completed our boost with zero Randoms joining. Realistically the game can be boosted from scratch to 100% completion in one 3-4 hour session depending on if people have alts.
  4. Post shutdown what trophies will be made unobtainable or will they all be unobtainable?
  5. I have Chapters of Deceit installed on my PS3 and am wondering how you start it. Do you need to complete the game, then it gives you the option? I don't see anything about it in the games menu. I played the game ages ago and have since lost my data so I have to restart the main game. I suppose I will play thru the game again and see what happens when the credits roll. Any help/advice would be mint.
  6. I finally got my trophy to pop after dropping about 40 airstrikes. It's interesting though because my trophy didn't pop at first. I then went to start another session and as soon as my partner joined (no airstrikes or anything dropped) Damage Inc popped for me.
  7. Word, Thanks for the speedy reply. I'll give that a shot when I beat the game again.
  8. I can confirm that this method is still working. I got the trophy today using this method. Just don't mess with the multiplier and it will add up in no time.
  9. As of 05/31/21 this game has been delisted from PSN in preparation for the server shutdown coming this summer 08/31/21. Get those online trophies while you still can. Here's the Article
  10. I would recommend you play them on PC if you have a choice. They run very poorly on PS3 with horrendous frame drops. As for the first game I think the single player is alright but the multiplayer was terrible. The second game is in the same boat, I have the second one on PC but have to finish up the trophies on PS3 too. The SP is halfway decent but the MP is god awful. I haven't touched the 3rd game but remember critics slamming it upon release (May be better now). I've heard from a friend that the new contracts games are pretty decent (compared to the garbage fire original games).
  11. Yes, these servers are still up. For how long? I have no idea but best bet is to do them asap.
  12. So are invasion bosses back to weekly or is it just random when they decide to show up?
  13. Definitely going to have to hop on and try this out. Thanks for sharing!
  14. I have to say after playing this game for a few hours today, I can wholeheartedly say this is the worst rally racing game I've ever played. The FPS dips down to like 20 periodically which becomes extremely nauseating rather quickly. Also, the game likes to randomly crash or freeze whenever it decides to.(usually after completing an event or loading into one). My last gripe with this turd is the physics. I wish I had footage of my "explorer" run due to all the glitches I encountered. Several times I'd be about to flip my car expecting to roll over and recover. only to be slingshot like 20-30 FT vertically into the air. If you're looking for a good rally sim, This ain't it Chief, I'd highly recommend the dirt franchise those games are amazing compared to this.
  15. As of 05/31/21 this game has been delisted from PSN in preparation for the server shutdown coming this summer 08/31/21. Get those online trophies while you still can. Here's the Article
  16. The cutoff for shift 2 was actually a little bit longer. At first I thought I had missed out on the online for shift 2 when someone told me that it was still on the store. I immediately purchased the DLC and the Online pass on 06/02/21.
  17. K9WTT-J596S-C6CFS-XTBBB-33HHZ 3 Gold keys expires June 10th, 15:00 UTC
  18. I don't know what it's worth but I just did this in about 30-40 minutes with one friend across multiple accounts and used the XMB>Quit game option with no issues. I would recommend dropping out at 0:01 instead of 0:00, sometimes you might be too fast and it will show up that you quit for your opponent. Fear not as your stats will save and you won't be knocked down back to Qualifying round. However, if you choose to cut it closer and back out at 0:00 you risk backing out too late and losing all your progress. you will know you did it too late if you can see black as you're quitting. (found out the hard way)
  19. Anybody else getting this code today? I hope my PS3 hard drive isn't fried again.
  20. I Can confirm that NFS Shift 2 Network Pass/DLC's are still on the US store.
  21. Correct "Legends" and "Speedhunters" are the only DLC packs that entail trophies.
  22. yes sir hate to say it but the exotics racing pack for shift has been pulled from the store.
  23. Just what we all wanted. DLC for a horrible game nobody would've played if it wasn't for the easily cheesed trophy list.
  24. As of 05/11/2021 there's a new plus pack for rogue company that will expedite the "Good Company" trophy for winning with 8 different rogues. Included are the "Blue Steel" camo for the Tomahawk and for the Deagle. 600 Rogue bucks, which can be used to buy your 8th rogue, 20,000xp for the battle pass as well as the "samba shuffle" emote. LINK