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  1. Raccoon City Native Obtain all trophies.
  2. Frugalist Complete the game without using a recovery item. A Small Carbon Footprint Take 14000 steps or fewer in one playthrough.
  3. Hardcore College Student Complete Claire's story on "Hardcore" game mode.
  4. For Love of Persia Kill all the Ancients in the Order of Dominion in Messenia
  5. Leon "S." Kennedy Complete Leon's story on "Standard" or "Hardcore" with an S rank. Hardcore Rookie Complete Leon's story on "Hardcore" game mode.
  6. Conqueror Earn all Trophies. Time: 25h Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyement: 7/10 Much better for me than far cry 5. At least, it get a much more satisfiying ending. Can't say it was hard though.
  7. All Your Bases Liberate all Outposts at least once on Rank III. Hey Father, Watch This Perform an Aerial Takedown after using Leap of Faith. Springboard Survive a 30m fall using only Leap of Faith to nullify the impact.
  8. Julius Caesar Win every trophy.
  9. Sizzling Scarlet Hero Complete Claire's story on "Standard" or "Hardcore" with an S rank.
  10. The City Sleeps 100% Complete CTNS: Silver Lining
  11. Crash Team racing, Resident evil 2 remake, and hopefully, the last of us part 2.
  12. What an appetite! Earn all other trophies
  13. Just another day at the office Earn all available trophies for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Remastered. Difficulty: 6/10 Enjoyement: 8/10 Another game who take a huge place on my young years of gaming. Really happy to place it on my trophy list.