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  1. BUNGERRRRR!!!! 🍔
  2. Haha, yeh, at one point, I was doomed! I had to revert back to a cloud save, which thankfully wasnt too far back. The quest though as I said was proper broken prior to me reloading that save. Not sure if the recent update had affected it and borked the mission. My last option had I not have had a save, would have been going online and seeing if I could get it that way!
  3. The Main Quest Chapter 8, Mortal Coil where you have to enter The Godswell near the end, has bugged on me. The cursor to progress, should appear on the portal gate (like the Overworld) but for some reason its stuck on a Fast Travel station which is at the other side of the map! I FT to Brighthoof and upon returning to the Drowned Abyss, I cant access the area where the entrance to The Godswell is now as the ship that gets destroyed on route is back and blocking the path and you cant destroy it! Its destroyed as part of the quest, yet it's reset. So now, I cant finish the mission! 🤦‍♂️
  4. Hell, it'll take longer to read all this! 🤣 Fair play though mate for doing it, although i'd highly discourage new players from attempting to spam through this game regardless of speedruns or wanting the plat quickly. Just my opinion.
  5. W3 is the best open world rpg game i've played and i'm 100% all over this. So long as they dont ass it up like Cyberpunk from a PA/launch pov, this potentially could be an absolutely awesome continuation of the story/series. Can't wait to hear more on it! 😬😬😬😬
  6. This^ There are plenty of places 'safe zone' wise that will work. From memory I did mine on a grass rooftop next to a generator, in DownTown so when it turned night, the UV light meant I never needed to replen and I could be left idle for hours.
  7. Very impressed with what I just watched. Not a die hard HP per se, but i'll be playing this for sure. Looks better than I thought it would and i'm sure it'll tick alot of boxes for most.
  8. Ahh ok, like I said I don't know as i've never done it. Im sure guys like yourself in the know will offer more insight into what can or cant be done, which will help answer the OP's post.
  9. Im in this boat of looking to start this again. Played PS3 years back, only did SP and at the time when I played it, GTAO was unplayable. In answer to your question, I imagine the trophies would be doable if doing it with the right people? Time may be something that could be an issue if they take a while to do, i'm not sure. One thing for sure is given how popular GTAO still is, you shouldnt have any issues finding people to help you out if you need it?
  10. My guess is the former as when you attempt to start the PS5 version it sends you to the countdown to release window.
  11. It was poor and uninspiring imo. Nothing of interest for me at all and alot of the games looked old and dated. I'd have rather it have been 20mins discussion about the proposed direction of PS Plus and 'Spartacus'.
  12. GTA V is £8.75 on the store with GTAO being free. As like others I dont think (although it'd be nice) we wont see seperate lists, what was interesting is when you buy it on the store you get two tiles. One is GTA V PS5 which is downloadable and there is a GTA V Story Mode tile underneath it, which has no option to download. This may become available once you download the game perhaps, or at launch i'm not sure. But it seems it will be standalone to GTAO??
  13. Zero interest in the game as i've never been a fan of the series. The devs probably don't give 2 shits about trophies as it's a minority interest, but those trophy tiles are horrendous and lazy, even the plat tile colour is almost the same as the Silver trophies. 🤦‍♂️ Poor effort all round. For those keen to play it and are aiming to go for the plat, I hope the game is good and works out for them.
  14. Beautiful trophy tiles. Love the artwork. 👏👏