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  1. There is an option in the menu to import your PS4 save, so if you avoid that you should be golden mate. Enjoy playing it again. The game was a blast!
  2. Incredible couple of hours in football! Such a surreal thing to witness Eriksen stumbling and looking vacant on the floor, to CPR, tears, doubt and everything else that naturally comes and is felt in a situation like that, to then watching it being continued at the players wishes. Football when it unites is remarkable! Fingers crossed he makes a full and fast recovery and great to hear he's alive and stable. Amazing really. There are genuine superheroes in the world. The only thing I'd say is that showing the CPR and the whole 10mins after he collapsed unveil I think wasnt necessary given how quick they are to take the cameras off when a steaker appears. Just didnt sit right with me tbh.
  3. I read the title of this thread as doing NG+ and then returning the game for a refund!!
  4. Decent start to the tournament and Italy never really got out of 2nd gear. Some good goals from Immobile and Insigne and Turkey tbh looked knackered and well off the pace. They'll have tougher games i'm sure (Italy), but typically looked steady and pretty solid. Fantastic effort from Andrea Bocelli singing 'Nessun Dorma' at the start gave me insta chills straight off the bat. Roll on tomorrow's games!!
  5. Loved Innocence, decent game so a sequel and a PS5 upgrade will be more than welcome. Would definitely recommend people play the first one for sure.
  6. I can't see past France tbh, but Italy have looked pretty solid too. We'd have to have (England) a hell of a lot of luck and good form etc to get past them in terms of us winning it if we were to. We certainly have an exciting squad thats capable so we'll see. Just hope Southgate doesnt play 2 holding cdms every game to compenstate not having Maguire which will cost us in the attacking dept! Looking forward to it all though as I hate summers with no footy!!
  7. Such a superb game for those yet to play it. Need more 3rd person SW's games of this style for sure and great to see this on PS5.
  8. NG+ bud. After getting the OG Trophy through the WungFu trick, it reset the requirements for Toy Tinkererer weirdly!?
  9. Excellent news this. Good to hear they have addressed it.
  10. The new patch 1.4.0 should be available now for consoles so hopefully this should or may address the issues people have been getting. Similar stuff to what PC gamers got, but obv some changes will only be applicable to consoles. I got him to appear at Level 50 as it was the last trophy I needed that had bugged out on me.
  11. Well i'll be fucking damned! Lmao this actually worked! Literally went to a place called Hopehall (just south of the Tree of Life) where there are about 8 enemies and one mini boss. Spammed the Wungfu activation about 10-15 times in between leaving the area and resetting the enemies and killed all bar one enemy as I realised that one of the enemies with a shield you can literally use him as a bullet sponge to spam the WungFu meter and farn this method (dont break his shield with a melee weapon though).. I must have done loads of activations prior to this just playing the game naturally, but it could take up to 300 like people are saying. BUT, this crazy method works lol. EDIT: Ok so carrying on from this trophy, I was having issues with the bear not appearing for the Toytinkerer trophy. After getting the Gadgets trophy I thought i'll go and see if I can make him appear and unbelievably and whether this is coincidence or not, it seems that the gadgets trophy popping may have reset the bear for me in that I got the quest and ran it through to its end, getting both the trophy and the Platinum!!! Long overdue that I tell ya.
  12. I think so yeh. I havent done this method myself, but I think you just need to get 'x' amount of activations which weirdly bump the %age I think of gadgets completed. Thus popping the trophy.
  13. I think what he is saying is if you find an armoured mini boss (one spawns at The End of the Line Chu-Chu side character location on the mini island surrounded by oil) put the difficulty on hard and use a weak weapon to defeat him. The benefit here is you need to build up the WungFu Ability and then activate it and launch attacks at him. Now this works because if I understand the glitch to help, you only need ti activate the WungFu Ability so with a weaker weapon you can get a few activations off one enemy as apposed to it taking longer looking for enemies. Another method to speed this up is to use it on the enemies in the forts as there is a side mission for doing 11 forts that have 2 bosses each and around 4-6 enemies total so you can rack up WungFu Activations quickly. Hope this makes sense mate.
  14. They wait for us the majority to buy the games full price, then throw them on Plus and reduce them in the sales!
  15. Hmm thats interesting, more so as you have gone way past the requirement for the trophy. Have you interacted with them all at least once and the 2 that don't appear on the map - Chubsa and Pebble?