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  1. Love the tiles and descriptions! Is this the game that looks like a No Mans Sky/Ratchet and Clank hybrid lol. Seem to remember the footage being a vibrant world that looks fun and chaotic? Pretty sure it had a farting bird in the gameplay footage too haha!!
  2. Its been a while since I played, but when you enter the ice caves on planet Zeffo, where the large troll breaks out of the wall and roams when you enter a large open area, there are some ropes to the left of that area the troll enters from and you can use them to swing back to an area where there is a save point and a room just around the corner from it where there are around 6-8 of the tall Security Droids. You can get the hack trophy here and if you enter outside there are around 15-20 storm troopers that arrive in a couple of waves you can take on. Once done, head back to the save point near by, rinse repeat. I think, for the explosive kill in Kashyyyk as you head out of the buildings to the forest, there are 3 rocket launching troopers in a tree house rotunde if you will. Here you can get 3 kills in one. Again go back, save, rinse repeat. Hope this helps mate and my descriptions are ok. It was launch last year when I played it.
  3. Lol! Fair do’s man. I’d say for those in the UK, wait for a generous sale!
  4. Feb predictions 2020: • Prey • Assassins Creed: The Ezio Collection
  5. That’s still expensive imo. £15 or less would be a better price for people to hope for.
  6. Some review LMAO! You sure did 👏🏻👏🏻 I started this last night and being a fan of Terminator (mainly 1 & 2) I was expecting this game (not by much) to be decent. Salvation was shite imo and that’s the last one I played. Erm, for me honestly, it’s not great based on my first 1-2hrs I played. It should be better, because well imo it’s Terminator and i’m pretty sure one day hopefully we get a really good one, but Salvation from years back was baaaaad (this is better though)! It is a low budget game, so yeh it’s to be expected, despite me expecting more lol.It reminds me a little of last years Metro Exodus, just not as good (mainly the derelict environments and dialogue). The texturing and graphic dropouts are that of a PS3 game which are noticeable and at times I just laugh at. You can do side missions, upgrade your character, craft weapons etc so you could prolong the game (if you really want to) but the guns are pretty op which makes the crafting etc a little pointless and you can just brute force through everything.Fortunately I borrowed it off a mate for 1). An easy and 2). I genuinely wanted to try it out as I just fancied some mindless cyborg killing.I wouldn’t pay over £40 which is it’s retail price in the shops over here (UK) and I think it’s even more on the store and they charge you like a wounded rhino. If you have a receipt for this game, don’t lose it!
  7. Good thread For me the list is as follows and its in no particular order: Maka’s Guides - Accurate, informative, no messing about, they get the job done and commentary is very good and clear. Seraphim17 - Being a fellow northerner (UK) I can relate to his lingo, but his dialogue and communication is excellent, yet witty and he tackles games on all difficulties which helps me alot if I decide to take on games at the hardest levels (which is hardly ever! Haha). Powepyx - Ready with guides day one! He has a good team now of which I speak with a few of them and you know content and quality will always be present. I just wish like with Harry94 they had commentary. Just a preference thing for me that though. BushidoCypher - Helped me loads with the recent SW game and his videos are very good with plenty of detail and good commentary. Sporksaregoodforyou - Very well spoken Englishman lol, who goes the extra mile in detail when explaining what to do. Enjoy his videos, sadly he isn’t that active and doesn’t cover many games. His Dishonored 2 guides were awesome!! Joraptor - Loves AC Odyssey!! Not guides per se, but his breakdowns, early release heads up and explanations of games he plays are decent and helpful. Rubhen925 & Gaming with Abyss - Last two for me, these two like the above are helpful, concise and do a good job respectively helping their audiences through games, be it straight forward or tricky.
  8. Jan 2020: Last Guardian Dark Souls III
  9. Same haha. Its shite!! Absolutely shite! I can’t do the second to last mission (assassinations x3 in 3mins) The time frame is tighter than a nuns taco and the hit detection on enemies is weird and just doesn’t work! You get what you pay for and for those who paid full whack, unlucky. :/
  10. Fun event and y first on PSNP. Thanks guys for running it, congrats to the winner and Merry Christmas to all here at PSNP. All the best.
  11. This^ I got the plat a few years back and back then when it was shitty regarding glitches etc, I never stumbled across game breaking ones for me. As kensei said above, be vigilant and do the challenges asap as waiting for spawns of enemies is very tedious and incredibly frustrating when or if it was the last thing to do for the plat. Good luck.
  12. The best game i’ve ever played for me and i’ve played some good games over the years. I left it for a year before going back as I went in favour of Batman after that was released shortly after The Witcher. Bad mistake! It’s just brilliant and there are too many superlatives I can throw at it, but it’d take me too long. I’d recommend this to anyone that has even a small interest in rpg, 3rd person open world, fantasy games as it’s worth the investment. It’s always cheap and on sale which is a massive bonus. I just started watching the Netflix series and coincidentally I left the dlc for the game as I wanted to play other games when I finished the main game at the time. Having seen a few episodes now it’s sparked the fire and i’ve reinstalled them to play again.
  13. Tbh, it’s good that we get remasters of games we love and would want to play again and more so if they have trophies, but would it be too much to ask to have some new original IP’s on the PS5 and move the next gen forward and push the boundaries???
  14. I haven't had a single notification off the 100+ games I have an interest in, regarding waiting for a sale from PS Prices, so on one hand its a good thing as I don’t have to spend loads 😅 whereas on the other, gimme cheap games I want!! 🤣 There are a shitload on sale though... Edit: Yehp, shortly after posting I receive over 20 emails telling me what games I have an eye on are reduced! 🤣