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  1. Imagine that being in their thought process. It’d be like falling into a bucket of tits and coming back out sucking your thumb!!
  2. Thanks matey. I would have done the upgrade, however in another thread I posted in, there is no upgrade option with the digi PS4 MM copy I have. Tried all the methods to initiate it, but it doesn't work.
  3. Does anyone know if the remaster will be available to buy as standalone at any point? I have the PS4 game and saves etc, just done the PS4 MM version, but won’t be paying over £60 for the remaster.
  4. Yeh its a weird one. Sounds like you tried the methods I did to no avail. Tried it dude, only get as mentioned originally ‘Unfollow’, ‘Ultimate Edition’ and. ‘Health/Privacy’ options.
  5. December 2020: Burnout Paradise Remastered A Way Out
  6. Afaik no, it’s just PS3 & PS4.
  7. Bit of an update on this. There was a patch ystdy for the game and when I started back up after, I was greeted with this message... However, still no upgrade option in game or on the store/library or game page? Only thing i’ll try when I finish the game is to delete it and see if a new option appears. 🤔
  8. I have the PS4 disc and saves on the cloud. Whats the process for this to work on the PS5?? Do you need to buy the Remaster in order to auto-pop??
  9. Kin ell!! That is ridiculous. Looks like a deep clean is incoming later then! Sigh!!
  10. On the subject of Cloud saves, I was getting notifications last night every few minutes saying could not upload save to the cloud as it was fulletc etc. As I had my PS4 on as well, I checked the cloud storage and it was at 12% and clearly not full! Is the cloud capped at a save limit level or memory size?? I’ll have to delete some old shite and turn off auto upload as I think that must still be on?
  11. Yeh, I was trying different things last night to see what would change, but to no avail. Not sure it would work or is a thing, but is there an ‘upgrade’ option/unlock on the game on the PS4 Miles Morales tile in the library on the PS4, so when you sign in on the PS5 and choose to download it, it gives you the PS5 one? Clutching at straws I know, just bugging me as to why its not working?
  12. Tbh, the story is short if you just focus on doing that (handy in a way as you need to do it twice for the plat), the collectibles and side content will fatten out the games length if going for the plat. Worth £50? I’d say no. Like Uncharted: Lost Legacy which was a spin off per se, that was half the price and I held that as a better game that Uncharted 4. Subjective of course, but its a fun game nevertheless!
  13. Standard Digital version PS4. I found this bit of info:
  14. Yeh I checked that and the only current PS5 games are Astro and Bugsnax! I guess as Startyde below has said, it’s a particular edition (unless your version is standard?) Possibly yeh. Like I said it’s no problem, I only looked for the upgrade as I was on the PS5 and figured i’d try it.
  15. As the title says. When I went to install it, there was no option in the game hub to upgrade. It's the PS4 Standard Edition. On the hub game screen on PS5 for the game, there is the price to buy it £49.99, add to wishlist and the ... option gives me Unfollow, Ultimate Edition and Health/Privacy Terms. I started it on PS5 (PS4 version) and have been earning trophies, so either way i'm not too fussed, just wondered why the upgrade option wasn't there?