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  1. Nice. I’m playing the main game, once i’m finished with Ghost of Tsushima. Looking forward to it.
  2. Agree mate. I do appreciate effort that goes into trophy tiles and these are very good. The mix of bronze, silver and gold integrated into the Plat and Liberator are excellent.
  3. Trophy tiles are tremendous!!
  4. August 2020: Far Cry 5 The Sinking City
  5. Point and Click?? May just have to keep my eye on this.
  6. Photo mode trophy, followed by popping the Platinum!! 🔥🔥🔥 Good list, with a good variety.
  7. ‘Learning to Recycling’... Grammar police be like 👀
  8. Yep, love the trophy tiles, love Spongebob, sign me up!!
  9. I’m pleased this has reviewed well. I do take reviews with a pinch of salt normally, but I hold SoR games in a high regard for the love I had for them growing up and playing them to death with friends and family, so have kept my eye on them. Could have easily been a mess this, but from what i’ve seen and read and being in a discord group about it, the majority are enjoying it and are impressed, even if it parts/all some may see it as a rehash. Will hopefully get this soon and give it a go. Thanks for the post.
  10. Bloody love those trophy tiles. Great work on them. Will keep my eye on this.
  11. This isn’t a bad shout as Pac Man was temp free on EU store ystdy but got pulled. I managed to snag it though, so it could be a possibility.
  12. Oooff no! The games on my profile are like a load of tattoo choices, some cool, awesome, bad, cheap, expensive, embarrassing, different and some god awful etc, however they all tell a story of when and why I played them over the years, similar to having tattoos done and they stay with you for life. So as with my profile, which has defined my gaming life for the last 8-10yrs it isn’t going away and I certainly ain’t turning the page on this book just yet. I get the reason for maybe starting a fresh, so good luck to ya.
  13. Love the trophy tiles, smart those. I do enjoy a laugh at Spongebob cartoons, i'll hopefully play this.
  14. Pretty underwhelming really. Nothing thats really standing out. Hopefully the update mid April, may add some stuff I have bookmarked.
  15. May 2020: Man of Medan A Hat In Time