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  1. Love the tiles, FIFA always use good designs and colour schemes. Anyway, regarding the list, for those who play these regularly what makes this list 'easier' as it were? I ask as I havent played a FIFA since 17, so 5 years ago now as with not being good at it online and the pay enter and try to wn all 4 matches in an Online FUT Draft session in FIFA Ultimate Team stance, was something I wasnt going to do or put the time into in earning currency to do it only to fail and rinse repeat, so it put me off. So yeh, things like Volta etc I dont know about, so any feedback etc will be welcome. Nice one.
  2. Alot of this. However there are some decent guns to use and upgrade, so you can play this John Rambo style and ignore stealth completely, just be prepared for a bit of a battle, especially when reinforcements are called in. The games concept and premise though is very different to Dishonored, so dont be put off too much. Imo this is my GOTY contender its that good.
  3. You can infuse items to carry them across loops using Residuum. However, you'll first have to progress through the game enough to gain the ability. After progressing through the first few hours of the game, you'll be tasked with finding and taking down 'X'. 'X' has many different versions of themself at the Complex and will require you to kill them all and harvest the final 'X'. (X denotes spoiler). Once you have done this, you'll need to access the menu screen and go to your loadout. Go to any of your weapons and press Enter to Infuse your weapon or Delete to Sacrifice it.
  4. Yehp, feels like a futuristic Dishonored x Bioshock indeed, especially with the vending machines and splicer style enemies. The loop concept and day/night cycles is excellent. Can't wait to get back to it tonight.
  5. Wicked game this so far. Very slick and stylish with some cool features and things to learn and its very intuitive. Loved the Dishonored games and feel at home with this already. Nice to see a new IP/unique game also as alot of games these days albeit very good are or can feel like a rinse, repeat exercise. Given how it plays so far, the creativity of the trophy list is going to be fun putting it into practice.
  6. Can always swift kick someone in the crotch and nab it as they leave the shop....
  7. Yes, well received all round by all accounts and im pleased about it. Arkane Studios do really well with their involvement in games and their style and ambition is great. Loved Dishonored and really looking forward to getting stuck into this.
  8. Should be decent this. First game was very good and the design, combat and gameplay good and intuitive. Decent list that looks pretty standard and doable with little fuss.
  9. This sounds promising. I play the usual plat fodder for my own personal trophy numbers gain and play alot of the popular AAA titles when they release, so i'm looking forward to a bit of a challenge.
  10. Saw the list a few days back via PP, so looks and reads well for a trophy list with some nice variation and typical of Arkane. Absolutely love the trophy tiles/art style and looking forward to giving this a go next week!
  11. In case you wanna hold off (and have a PS5 of course)...
  12. Insomniac are AT IT at the minute. I have no doubt this will be a hit!! Enjoyed the Wolverine game on 360, but if in terms of fun, action and feeling like you are a super hero like I felt worked in Spider-Man 2018, then if this covers those bases by at least 50% it will be awesome!
  13. Yehp, looks like i'm gonna need a payrise....
  14. Yehp! I'm IN!
  15. May as well set this off. I never played this, so will be interesting to hear peoples thoughts on this and general questions. 😉