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  1. Some early scores for those interested, or those still on the fence about getting it: Metacritic 87% GameSpot - 8/10 IGN - 9/10 Game Informer - 8.75/10 Gamesradar+ - 4/5 USGamer - 3.5/5 Eurogamer - No Score
  2. Not yet, there may be one or two appear over the next day or two? Guess it depends on those who got the game early as to how long they have played it for and if they or anyone want to or are guide writers?? Some early review scores that look promising (apart from Eurogamer) for those still on the fence... Metacritic 87% GameSpot - 8/10 IGN - 9/10 Game Informer - 8.75/10 Gamesradar+ - 4/5 USGamer - 3.5/5 Eurogamer - No Score
  3. Whereas I would love an open world Star Wars game, similar to something like The Witcher III (and tbh I thought this new SW was initially), this game from what I know from mates playing it, is similar as we’ve discussed to GoW/TR and Uncharted in terms of its world and how you travel around it and for me i’m completely fine with this as those games referenced are some of the best games i’ve played on a PS4 because of how well both the setting and story link and how the player fits in with it. What we wouldn’t want and could be a danger of an open world SW game, would be a game that is vast and expansive, that would look stunning but with an awful lot of nothing just occupying, well nothing, ala Red Dead Redemption 2.
  4. Second person to say almost the same thing which is very promising and only encourages my decision to get it. (Which I am doing anyway).
  5. Love it mate!! Can’t wait to grab this tomorrow. I’m ready for some third person exploration fun, after a stint of FPS games and from what we have discussed already, I am more than buzzing for it.
  6. Game is out tomorrow and although not much is about regarding gameplay as EA seem to be keeping a tight lid on it, obviously embargo’s haven’t been lifted yet for reviews etc and as this forum seems quiet, anyone have much interest in it? Are you unsure with it having an EA badge on it? What are peoples thoughts??
  7. Yes, 4 difficulty modes and there doesn't appear to be any difficulty related trophies, so you are free to play on whatever difficulty you choose.
  8. Ahh right ok cool, didn’t play the Titanfall games, but yeh looking forward to this. It’s the reason why i’ve been procrastinating about what backlog games to play to tie me over until Friday! Lol.
  9. Probably late Tues/Wed this week. Correct me if i’m wrong, but I believe EA are not keen on giving out review copies earlier than a few days before release. Will be keeping an eye on what reviewers say as i’m picking the game up this week regardless, but interested to see how its received.
  10. Haha, he can take it Geg. Bless him.
  11. Sooooo, when are the good games coming out...
  12. That’s what she said...
  13. Doesn't look like a bad list at all really. A mixed bag of everything. Some interesting misc type ones aswell. Love the trophy tiles too. I’d forgotten about this game up until a few weeks ago. Looking forward to it.
  14. Yeh its another Rata game. Point and Click adventure about a guy called Tommy who is Quarterback American Footballer.
  15. I expect this game to be around the 100-150hr mark for the plat. The trophy list kind of eludes to it with the delivery aspect labelled trophies, so you could probably expect alot of traversing about to attain the trophies required outside of the story. From what I have seen, which probably like others isn’t alot, it doesn't look overly fast paced either so off the back of B3, W:Youngblood and MW 2019 which I have played recently (yes all very different to DS), it will probably feel like a longer game aswell. I am intrigued by it I must admit and being a trophy hunter, the list doesn't bother me really in that it won’t put me off playing it, because if you are interested in a game and want to try it out, just go for it, if you pop a trophy well why not carry on and try and get the rest, if not, don’t worry about it.