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  1. I dont think its markedly difficult relative to the other 2. That said the difficulty trophy only has a few tough spots, namely a spot towards the end. The check points are annoying in the highest difficulty but much of the overall difficulty is mitigated by doing an easy run and upgrading heavily then completing max difficulty in ng+.
  2. Same has anyone found a fix for this? Edit: Logged back in and did another match in party, the trophy popped at the post match stat screen.
  3. So weird question, if i have bf2 from ea access is there a way to claim it from plus?
  4. So i was trying to get this exploit to work but need some clarification. I have finished the game and redid the last checkpoint of deathshead on uber no trophy. I saw something that said to start on uber get to the first checkpoint ( post dog hallway) switch to essy or whatever and seitch to uber at the final deathhead prompt. This didnt work either. So i assume this means the whole chapter has to be run on uber then?
  5. Would anyone be down to send me an invite so i can get the lvl 50 crew trophy pls and thanks? Possibly @Aeir_ ?
  6. I'd be down for this I'll try to remember to check it out next time I'm on
  7. Any further tips on the bandit trophy?I've gotten the code checked the code tried to input said code what feels like 100 times to no avail.Does the code change?do I need to start elsewhere from level select? Any tips on inputting it?Some help would be appreciatedThanks
  8. Is anyone still willing/capable of doing the drops? I just wanna get things moving on my end and thatd help. If possible feel free to msg me on psn. Please and thanks
  9. So I just finished this a third time and these trophies are getting to me nowAfter a third playthrough to make sure after creating a new save and a fresh download chapter 13 wont pop I've played through it separately from the rest and as part of the entire story straight through and it refuses to pop seemingly.Has this happened to anyone else?Is there any way to work around this?Help this is my last trophy for plat
  10. So down Yakuza 4 us a personal favorite
  11. consider my name in said hat please and thanks
  12. Ok so this has probably been answered at some point elsewhere but would anyone be kind and let me know what exactly carries over from one playthrough to the next. I currently am in my second playthrough missed flipping one racket boss and am missing the money related trophies. How much specifically carries over? ( using most current patch ) These are the trophies I need yet which I would like clarification for: Baby you're a rich man Hole in your pocket The new boss No loose ends Combat specialist Shh shh Any explanations/help would be very appreciated Thanks in advance.