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  1. Forth fastest fallout 4 platinum:D happy days

  2. Was about to say this. Interesting, both look good, although Helldivers looks like a loooong plat so prob be a just for fun game for me. Looking forward to whats on PS3/vita now
  3. Not really into online much although trophies in certain games make sense to be online ones. Other's not so much, when it's a tacked on multiplayer. However it does not worry me, if I don't enjoy the online I won't worry about the trophies and consider the single player to be my 100% and move on(presuming thats good enough to get trophies for). Saying that it does seem actually there are less online trophies this gen then last (except ofc multiplayer focused games) but that might be my imagination Basically its the same on or offline for me. If I like the game I will get what I can, hopefully 100%, and if I don't I won't
  4. PT Ok so technically it was a free demo but as a horror fan I've heard all kinds of good things about this game/demo
  5. Reviews have been outstanding. And it looks like without a guide this game is not going to be a easy plat, or even that short. Apparently a lot of the puZzles are insanely tough. And even without finishing all of them but making it to the end game is atleast 20-25 hours (maybe less with guide). Basically as a previous poster said- 1/10 with guide 10/10 without I reckon. Either way it's not a short game.
  6. Depends how this is meant. I've had help on steam achievements regarding co-op or multiplayer stuff before. Same when I had a ps3 way back. However I've never gotten help or a friend to do a trophy/achievement for me that is single player. I've even set up a account so my partner can try games I have shes not sure on getting without unlocking any for me by accident.(a US account too for store deals, go me:P And self boosting yay!) It wouldn't feel right to me to have a friend unlock something even if it was easy, especially if it was hard. Again, if it's co-op or multiplayer then that requires other people anyway so..
  7. Maybe 20+ since But I don't really notice my level or others. I notice what platinums people have though which is more impressive to me when they have alot of really hard or rare ones.
  8. Uncharted 4 Horizon Zero Dawn Firewatch Heavy Rain Remastered Deus Ex Mankind Divided Detroit Become Human, even though I really doubt it will be 2016 Um. Think that's all at the moment although there are a lot more I'm looking forward too but not hyped for.
  9. Welcome, I'm a little further south then you across the border into the land of pirates. When we uprise against England I promise we will spare Exmouth. Well at first Hope you enjoy your'e time here
  10. Like on steam, I enjoy getting them. What someone may call pointless I call having fun. That's literally it.
  11. Play the games you enjoy, or think you will most first. Don't forget to set up or join sessions for those with multiplayer. If you are enjoying the game the trophies will come naturally and feel less like a clean up. Good example for me is Driveclub. I think the games great yet all I read is OMG how much DLC trophies ect..yet I don't even notice the amount since I'm having too much fun even though DLC alone is atleast 16+ hours of content to play through. SO I'd pick the games you enjoy first and foremost. And if you can't manage 100% in every game then don't stress play something else. You might feel better and want to play it sometime down the line to mop up but there is no point burning out over a few trophies.
  12. A few. I am trying not to start too many games(with Plats I'll drop into some more short indy games to break up the grindyness of those games) until I have cleaned up: Wipeout HD Driveclub+Bikes Beyond Two Souls Then I will look at starting some more while working on Alien and Bloodborne as they will be long term ones.
  13. Bloody scary. Let me put it out there. I am literally a huge Alien nerd. I watched the first film at aged 8 (my parents rocked, although Nightmare on Elm Street at that age was a dick move lol) and to this day (I'm 33 almost 34) it has remained my number 1 film. I watch it maybe once every couple-few months and everytime it feels fresh. I even had the coolest life size Alien door poster, and multiply film posters and a few models aswel as books and comics. SO. I am not afraid of Alien anymore. I have my big boy pants. Until this game. I love it. It captures the exact feel of Alien, none of this cannon fodder nonsense from Aliens. I am only managing a checkpoint or level at a time. I'm playing on casual for my first run hopefully without dying so it's feeling even more tense as I attempt that. (I played it on pc prior on release so I have a idea of were to go ect). Even on casual were you can walk about alot more freely I have had one too many close calls. I literally can't handle more then a hour or so at a time so this will be a slow road to platinum but this game literally has me in nappies again and I love it for that. And for those that don't find it scary, bravo you have bigger balls then me
  14. Number ....1 Uncharted Drakes Fortune Remastered. super easy plat. Not sure on going for 100% I might once I've got the other two in the bag and taken a break from Uncharted to work on my other games. The speed run levels were surprisingly easier then I thought they would be too which has me tempted for a total speed run Maybe. lol Anyway the only disappointing thing for me, as back when it came out, the amount of green and the Platinum name is well..Platinum. Yawn
  15. Plat #1 - Uncharted Remastered, better then I remembered now to decide if I will go for 100% :P

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    2. FetchTheBall


      Just the one, crushing off the bat:P I had a PS3 around uncharted 2's time so remembered the majority of it, I hoping the same applies for 2:P

    3. MilanYildirim


      I played 1st Uncharted game on ps3 and I remember how I got my ass kicked on crushing.

      the way you sound like is encouraging though I might give a shot to plat it on ps4

      Let me how how is Brutal btw, I'm quite curious :D

    4. FetchTheBall


      It took a few levels to get used to 60fps but aside from that if you did it on ps3 you should be fine for ps4. Once used to the frames I'm sure it felt easier:P ANd don't be put off by the speed run levels you need to do for the Plat. They are really easy to run through, I was dreading those but cleared all 3 with plenty of time spare on first goes:)