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  1. #43 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered Is That All You Got? Earn all available trophies for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 Campaign Remastered.
  2. #42 - F1 2020 Racing Perfection Acquire every Trophy in F1® 2020 This was my very first time playing a F1 game (so, yeah I got this with alot of assists on). The game was more fun then I expected, it did get a bit boring after a little while for me. It does take ages to load anything within the game. Besides that I had a couple problems with some trophies: 'Started from the bottom' and 'Big name signing' didn't pop for me the first time I achieved the requierments and only got it when I did them a second time. The only other trophy I had a bit of a problem with was 'Squeky clean' but that was because of lack of skill not because of the game.
  3. #41 Color Guardians Legendary Win all trophies in the game! (Amazing screenshot I know) So, I started this game in january 2017 completed the up until the final boss. Couldn't beat it and switched to other games and didn't think of the game until I saw it in my libary last week. The game was fun which isn't something I say often. All the trophies are pretty easy didn't have problems with any except the clear the final krogma level without dying which to quite some tries. But then the game decided to help me, because I threw a bomb to him all his shields were still there but the bomb went straight threw. So thank you game!
  4. #40 Ratchet & Clank The Hero of Heroes Collect every trophy in Ratchet & Clank Okay, where to begin. This was my first and probably my last, I for sure will not be buying any Ratchet & Clank game in the near future. I did not like it and the 'Death by Disco' trophy did not help. I had to play 4 challenge mode 4 times before the trophy popped.
  5. #39 Wreckfest Master of Crashes Collect All Trophies.
  6. #38 LA Noire Platinum Trohpy Collect all other trophies to unlock. I completly forgot that I had this game I played it back in 2018 completed the patrol cases. The game is great and fun but I would have liked if I could have killed or at least inprison ray. some of the trophies were a bit annoying and I still have to get bulletproof windshield. The game is pretty easy when you find out how the interragations work. next platinum is probably going to be either Wreckfest or Titanfall 2.
  7. #37 Guardians of the Galaxy A Little Help From My Friends Completed Guardians of the Galaxy So, I love Telltale games but I found the first two episodes kinda boring. But episodes three to five were great with maybe the exception of episode 5 chapter 5 because that speech was way to akward for me. There is not much to say about difficulty as it's a telltale game, the only thing that made it a little bit more difficult was in episode four while fighting Hala where the buttons I had to press didn't show on the screen. I assume it was not meant to be like that but got by it easily by just pressing all buttons at once. Not sure when I will go for another platinum because this year has been really not my year in terms of interest for trophy hunting.
  8. #36 -All the Goat Unlock all the Goat Trophies!. Only my first platinum of the year as I am not really hunting this year. but started playing this game because I was bored and then thought why the f not lets go for the platinum. most trophies were quite easy with obviously the flappy goat being the great exception. What an annoying trophy was that, I personally never played flappy bird and after this trophy I am happy I never did I almost had ten within an hour of trying but died on the last ladder eventually got it after and day. Besides that the game was fine (I will not mention the amount of glitches) I didn't expect it to be anything more then that.
  9. #35 - Batman: The Enemy Within I Am the Night Completed Batman: The Enemy Within. I Bought this one at the beginning of the year but never played it because I had gotten bored of hunting. But now I have played and I liked it, I did think they rushed the last 2/3 chapters and that catwoman didn't show up in the last chapters (with me at least) or maybe I missed a reason for why she didn't show up.
  10. #34 - The Witness Platinum Get every trophy I didn't really like the game kinda boring and not much fun for me at least. I did the areas in 2 days, but then game the challenge trophy at that one was absolute hell. I failed constantly but finally today I got after again 45 tries (yes I am terrible at this) I got it at probably the last moment as the music was coming to the end. But thankfully I got it and now I am finally done with this game. It is the first platinum trophy I got this year as I got exactly zero trophies the last five months. Because I was Completely done with trophy hunting for a while.
  11. I just saw this video about some bugs that have come after the latest patch so maybe the trophy got bugged as well.
  12. yeah, I have the same thing and have tried everything I could think of but nothing helps. I also can't find a solution anywhere.
  13. I had hoped of having more platinums this year but I didn't went for trophies from february until end august so I only have these: 1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered - Jan 4th 2. 36 Fragments of Midnight - Jan 6th 3. NieR: Automata - Jan 21st 4. The Crew 2 - Sep 4th 5. Midnight Deluxe - Oct 12th 6. The Sims 4 - Oct 22nd 7. Battlefield 4 - Oct 26th
  14. #33 Battlefield 4 - 7.87% Platinum TrophyCollect all other Battlefield 4™ Trophies I have taken longer with this game then I probably should have. When I bought it I decided to go first for the online trophies. The obliteration trophy was the most annoying one as that mode is pretty much dead but with the help of some player here on the site in a gaming session I got. Although I didn't knew I got it so I pushed the game aside and wetn on to other games. then a couple weeks ago I saw that I did got it, so here we are with the platinum. The campaign trophies were all pretty easy. Overall good and fun game, and an easy platinum. Up next Forma.8.
  15. 1. Grand Theft Auto V - 2.02% 2. The Sims 4 - 2.13% 3. FIFA 16 - 2.30% 4. FIFA 18 - 3.03% 5. Hardware: Rivals - 3.33%