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  1. # 56 - Dirt 5 This was my first time playing a Dirt game which I got trough PS+ a while back. I honestly wasn't expecting to get this platinum this quickly since I only started on the Wednesday. I completed Life is Strange: True Colors on Tuesday and since I was getting F1 22 today I thought I would just start Dirt 5 and get some progress in to finish it later after I was done with F1 22. However this went WAY quicker then I thought it would and Dirt 5 was easier then I had enticipated. But that enough about that, the game it self was surprisinly quite fun to play which I wasn't expecting since racing games and I don't get along very much. The only parts of the game I definitly did NOT like were the Smash and Path Finder events. They were the reason I didn't get level 50 before the last event, either that or the many in race challenges that I simply couldn't complete. BTW side note: how do they count for example the distances jumped, it gave me 20 points one round and 10 points during the other round eventhough I landed in the exact same spot. Also why on earth does it give you challenges which cannot be done on the circuit you are on, like overtake 10 cars in a 1v1 . I feel like I missed out on alot of XP just because of that. But other then getting screwed over by random gaps in the 'walls' and my lack of skills Dirt 5 was honestly quite fun to play and a nice change for me. Although I don't think I will be buying other Dirt games because I don't feel like it convinced me enough to try another one of its predecessors. However if you want to have an quite easy and quick platinum I do recommend it to you. Also screw AJ!!
  2. #55 - Life is Strange: True Colors Well, after my yearly "I'm bored of gaming" fase which year only lasted two months (so far), I'm back to gaming and trophy hunting again starting with Life is Strange: True Colors. This is only the second Life is Strange game that I have played after the original Life is Strange. But regardless this is definilty my favorite Life is Strange game that I have played (again only the second). If episodes 4 and 5 had been like the first three episodes that probably wouldn't have been the case, those episodes were still good don't get me wrong, but Life is Strange 1 would probably still have been my favorite but episodes 4 and 5 were simply amazing and saved the game for me. Also I don't know what I did wrong but literally no one supported me during the final meeting except for Steph. Now that I'm finally back to gaming again I got quite some work to do, since I have plenty of games sitting here collecting dust. I had this game here for months same for multiple others including PS+ games, I got F1 22 arriving on friday. I'm going to play F1 22 first but what I'm gonna do after that is a complete mystery at this point.
  3. Nope, even though I only have my PS5 for less then 2 weeks I absolutly love it.
  4. No problem
  5. I had this problem as well, when you get the constant to the pier you have to let the cutscene of the boat going away play out fully and then it will pop.
  6. #54 - Hitman 3 World of assassination Complete all 47 trophies. ____________________________________________________________________ Once again a great Hitman game. This trilogy had been simply amazing and Hitman 3 tops in right of. The levels were amazing, the ways to kill as great and sometimes as out there as always. Belrin, Dartmoor and Dubai are close ties as mine favorite levels in Hitman 3 with Chongqin and carphatian mountains beiing my least favorite. I personally think that, all levels combined, Hitman 1 has the best levels of the trilogy. The Hitman 2 and 3 levels are just as exceptional but that's just my opinion. The game mostly worked perfectly for me, with the exception of during the secret story mission in Mendoza where the game crashes multiple times at the same point (when hitting the guard on the left balcony after coming up from the stairs) and when I had to change to a guard disguise it told me to change back in my previous outfit and then back to guard and so on and so on. Other then that the worked perfect. I am know gonna do the Hitman 1 and the Hitman 2 'DLC' trophies, AGAIN. I really hope when a Hitman 4 comes out that the trophies of Hitman 1 to 3 are not included as additional trophies. Don't get me wrong I fully appreciate the additional content that they give us, but I already have the other games and I don't want to do the same trophies over and over and over again. After that GTA III.
  7. Only one: Saints Row
  8. #53 Astro's Playroom You've Only Done EverythingFound all trophies in ASTRO's PLAYROOM. See you in our next adventure! My first platinum on the PS5 and it is actually a fun game and enjoyed it. This game was a great one to start off my PS5 journey. Only need the speedrun trophy but will do that one later after I finished some other games.
  9. #52 Mafia II Platinum Trophy Unlocked when all trophies collected. Thank god I am done with this piece of **** of a game. I bought the trilogy after really enjoying Mafia III and went to play Mafia II thinking it would be the same since I only heard good things about it. Sadly, this didn't happen the game has a ton of glitches and bugs. - Gates that become indestructible when hit by a car. - Entire building just disappear so you can't trigger a cutscene. - It lags about every turn you make and has constant frame drops. - Multiple game carshes. I hope that Mafia I will redeem the series for me when I get to excually play it. It crashes everytime I try to load.
  10. (most commen / most rare) 2015 - 2 (Rocket League / Grand Theft Auto V) 2016 - 8 (Teslagrad / FIFA 16) 2017 - 16 (The Walking Dead / FIFA 18) 2018 - 7 (Midnight Deluxe / Battlefield 4) 2019 - 2 (Batman: Enemy Within / The Witness) 2020 - 8 (Guardians of the Galaxt Telltale / F1 2020 2021 - 8 (My Name is Mayo / Horizon Chase Turbo)
  11. Okay, Thank you
  12. From looking at the guide, I noticed that a number of the magazines are indoors in areas related to missions, so my question is can you get those magazines even after you finished those missions or only during them?
  13. Mafia II Wake up Call Help Leo out of a tricky situation without getting caught.
  14. Mafia II Pedal to the Metal Travel at 125 MPH Got it while falling after I fell threw the map while driving. This is the second time the Mafia franchise randomly gave me a trophy for litterly nothing that I did. In Mafia III you have the "One Good Turn" trophy for which you have to make a 180 degree turn without hitting anything. I was driving to a mission when a car hit me at the right back wheel (while going full speed) spun me round and I got the trophy. Really hoping that the will coutinue to help me tru this game and Mafia I
  15. #51 LEGO DC Super-Villains Here's to Mischief Collect all the trophies. The story was fun and I personally like collectibles but the LEGO games are really annoying to 100% and I just started to dislike it more and more. It's still a good game with multiple annoying completion trophies. Enjoyement: 6/10