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  1. I am very disappointed that the game didn't let me use the weapons that I get from completing hunting trials in NG+, like what is the point of removing weapons that are only obtainable post game in "New Game Plus"? Is this NG+ or NG-?! I was excited to use corruption arrows but unfortunately the developers decide to make my second playthrough boring and bland by forcing me to use the exact same weapons! However Ultra Hard is fairly easy with shield weaver, I died only 3 times and I am at the middle of the story missions, it's in fact easier than my normal playthrough
  2. Thanks all for replying, your advices really helped me But there is no point in having several difficulties if there are a lot of enemies that kill you in 1 hit or 3 seconds, just few minutes ago I was liberating a corrupted area that is only 2 levels above me, I killed all the robots and flamethrowing one is only left, I took the fire potion to protect myself and when I approached him he swinged his tale and killed me instantly and I had full health! They are very well hard for most people and that's the point, there is something wrong if normal difficulty in this game is harder than the hardest difficulties in many other games, especially similar RPGs like TW3 and DAI, difficulties must be scaled so evrey audience enjoys the game. Probably it will get easier as most of you said but there is definitely something if many enemies can kill you in 1 hit even if you prepared with potions and such.
  3. Hello First let me say that this is coming from someone who finished TLOU on grouned, Uncharted on crushing, DAI on nightmare and many other games on the highest difficulty available, I am not a "hardcore" player -and I don't like cruel games- but I am also good at video games. I wrote this to say that I'm having a very bad time regarding this game and I am playing on normal difficulty, evrey enemey that doesn't belong to the usual types of robots gets me killed in a few seconds and I have to run away so I can loose him to hit him again from behind and repeat the cycle again. Now I spent about 30 minutes trying to kill a flamethrowing robot in a closed arena so there's no way to hide, I hit and run/dodge but its flames catch me and burn me to death no matter what, I use potions/traps..etc but its health meter drops very slowly unlike mine! I know that I can turn the difficulty to easy but I just hate doing this especially in very good games that I enjoy, so I am asking is there something wrong in my playstyle or it's this game's design to have those insane spikes at the beginning and gets easier towards the end?
  4. Think whatever you want to think, I think also that I was right regarding my first comment.
  5. If you like JRPGs it's fine but that doesn't make everything about them is perfect, it's completely ok to like a genre & admitting its cons at the same time, who cares about story in side quests? Really? It's like playing a playing a Telltale game and saying "who cares about gameplay in video games?". Clearly FFXV tried to copycat some recent WRPGs (the open world, the new combat system, the new dialogue choices), so I can't see why you treat it like a purr JRPG or like an old FF title where side quests didn't matter.
  6. Did you ever play any game of series like The Witcher- Dragon Age-The Elder Scrolls-Mass Effect-Fallout? If no then I can't say much because those games offer side quests that are more rich than "just go and kill that enemy or bring that item" to gain more xp. And please mention some of the side quests that add some lore to the story or the NPCs.
  7. I don't consider fanboy as an insult as I consider myself as a fanboy for other stuff so sorry if you don't like it. The thing this game has been released in 2017 so there's no way to say those type of side quests are good or even ok, hunting monsters quests are as dull as assassination contracts in AC games which are not RPG. In RPG games side quests must add lore to the story/characters or at least add a unique experience/side story, and I didn't find a single side quest that did this yet and I don't think there is because I googled it and everybody who completed the game says so Again you can argue about story/combat ..etc, but the side quests have nothing to argue about.
  8. There's nothing to debate about how bad the majority of side quests are in this game UNLESS you consider fetch quests are the good kind of side quests; other than that as I said anyone who consider side quests in this game is good must be a fanboy or someone who doesn't play an RPG before, and there's nothing wrong with this .. but just don't try to turn up plain facts into "opinions". It's like saying THW3's side quests are bad or DA:I doesn't give the freedom of choice and present this as "opinions" because they are "video games".
  9. I have reached +6 hours into the game and I just can't continue playing, this's one of the most boring RPGs I have every played and it's diffently the most boring modern one! The story dull and generic, the characterers are cliche and their stupid "jokes" and side talkings make me want to strungle them every time they open their mouths. The world is empty and you have to walk/drive for minutes evrey time you want to do a quest and you will face nothing but random enemies. the side quests are ridiculously lazy and developers put 0 effort into making them meaningful, and I don't compar them to TW3's, even old RPGs have side quests that are far better than thise fetch quests.
  10. Hello As the title says; I litteraly can't find a single online match no matter how long I wait, and I tried almost all regions with no luck. What's wrong with the game? Do I have ro complete a certain training or something before the game allows me to play online?
  11. This have to be one of the worst games I have ever played; the art style is nearly perfect and the sound track is cool; but the gameplay is just auwful! The controls are cluncky and unresponsive; and the two dots you are controlling feel like they weight 100 killograms and can't jump 3 feet. And I don't know why I am supposed to control 2 dots but not 1? What is the point of this? This add nothing but more clunckiness to an already awuful gameplay mechanics. I played many indie plattformers like Limbo and Super Meat Boy and the gameplay in those games are much better and fluid. If not for the artstyle I will definitely give this game the worst game in mu trophies list.
  12. I don't see this game going anywhere; it takes 10 minutes or even just to find a single match, and we are talking about a game that came to PS Plus members this month; imagine how many -less- players will play it next month when it beomes a game that you have to pay for. The game is good but I am not willing to waste my time just to play a single match that lasts less than 5 minutes.
  13. You will not realize how very bad most levels in this game are designed until you try out brutal difficulty which is the cheapest and most unfair difficulty I have ever tried in a video game. In many fights Drake respawns and get shot to his death before you even get control of him, and in many fights you have to proceed to a specific area to trigger the next wave of enemies that once they arrived you have literally next to 1 second or less to get back to cover. I am currently at the Jeep chapter; at the section when Elena says "they are behind us", and I have tried over 100 times in about 45 minutes and never succeeded because my Jeep gets blown before I can even press R2 button or by enemies' vehicles that are behind tress or on the sides of the road that I can't shoot at, what's funny is I have done this section without dying a single time but on brutal which should be slightly harder I can't get past it in over 100 tries!!! Seriously; whoever designed the brutal difficulty at Blueprint is very very bad and inefficient person in doing his job; no game no matter how difficult is it should make situations in which the player gets killed without taking control of the character or by enemies/hazards he cannot avoid or fight.
  14. All the collectibles related trophies in this game are glitched, this happened to me too and I had to do another new game plus to get the optional conversations and jokes that the game didn't record, and there is no way to know which conversion was missing so I had to do all of them until the trophy poped.
  15. Hello Just started Breach mode a while after getting all other story trophies and all I can say is this mode is the worst thing I have experienced in video games in a long time! You do the same thing over and over in 90% of the "servers" without any purpose: start the level, collect the data, escape before the time ends, repeat the whole process if you failed! And let us not talk about the awful "cubic" graphics and the fact that the screen turns red when you try to reach the escape point making the scene more ugly than before! It's clearly that greedy Square Enix pit this mode to squeeze more money from players who are willing to buy packages to boost their score/performance, just like they did in Rise od The Tomb Raider, and unlike the praxis kits in the camping that have no effects if you don't buy them, the packages in this mode have a huge effect on your performance (I know all levels are doable without them, but they are far easier with special ammo and boosters). So after DLCs, season passes and other crappy strategies SE has invented something new: a pay to win mini game inside a single player game! I have played the main campaign 3 times and never got bored for a single moment, but this mode feels like a job to do: boring, repetitive, ugly-looking and most important pay to win/progress. Now I have to finish Tier 2 and 3 to get the platinum, more work and boredom, thank you Eidos and SE for ruining my experience!