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  1. :)))
  2. I already said: I apologized, right? will I ask again? an ultimatum is a requirement, and the demand is rudeness. who is he to demand something from me, and in such an ultimatum form?
  3. this is not true and you know this very well. He himself was the first to issue an ultimatum
  4. so quickly you can go through the game and collect all the trophies. the game is actually terribly frizzy, and not really interesting (as it later turned out).
  5. You can do whatever you want. however, I want to note that I act just like my opponents on the forum. if they are rude to me - do not expect anything from me except rudeness in response, it's logical, no? I changed the story only once at the start of the dispute and I apologized, right? about the flags - you yourself admit that almost every game has glitch, and its use is not a cheat, right? and your rules (flags) have exceptions. let's put an end to this issue - not all glitches can be repeated or found on the web and on forums, right? The fact is that usually as soon as information appears about glitch, they are almost immediately corrected, is this clear? Regarding RDR and GOW3 - it's not important, but you're wrong, there's no deception.
  6. haughty? To me it's just ridiculous, a person asks me to do what I have already done (video showed, the link gave to the forum). a feeling that he does not read the message. and at the same time threatens to be exempt from the rating. Господи, прости! ))) Ужас, просто нет слов )))
  7. Я напуган, как мне дальше жить без рейтинга? Я сейчас же запущу машину времени и все вам покажу ))) Ужас какой, уважаемый, вы температуру давно у себя мерили? )))
  8. The problem is that if you did not make the usual co-op missions, and you were invited to the team and you made advanced missions for gold, then you will receive the trophy "The mother lode", and "You rule" no. this is a bug add-on, maybe it's fixed. I received these trophies in 2010.
  9. congratulations, you hit your finger in the sky. there are game glitches, and there are systemic ones. the famous glitch of gov3 with varying complexity and getting invulnerability - refers to gaming glitches. glitch gov3 with the tests of the Olympian - not a gaming one, but a system one, was fixed by one of the system updates of ps3. I can not roll back the firmware of my ps3, so it's clearer?
  10. I am also certain of something - this glitch of the game is fixed, it can not be demonstrated.
  11. What else can I do to make your life even happier? I also did not have a capture card - I used what was at hand. I did not think to leave the original topic, it's you present two more games (RDR and GOW3).
  12. if you look at my trophies, you may have noticed that I know this very well. that's why I would like to see it with my own eyes, and do not listen to your stories as much as you are a cool player.
  13. LOL I use your answer: "Does this work on the PS3? I do not know, I'm looking forward to the video. LOL this game glitch has already been fixed (it worked 4 years ago), I do not have a time machine, sorry.
  14. I also do not know anyone who would have received platinum in Demon Souls in 5 hours 17 minutes, can share a secret? or video lay out?
  15. you checked if there is such a bug in Red Dead Redemption? no? and so - here is a link to the Russian forum (2010 year), where I ask a question about this bug and I am responded by link (the link unfortunately does not work anymore). know how to read in Russian? you doubted whether the given glitch works on getting Glory Points in the game, I showed on video that in version 1.0 it works, what else do you need?