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  1. Collector Your first time seeing a Butterfly Nest. D Rank Item Collector You obtained a D rank equipment.
  2. Money Maker Earn 50000 Beli from the museum.
  3. Jackpot! Complete 10 scratch cards. Rivals Finish all boss quests. Speed Queen Finish the "Strongest in the World" quest in 6 minutes or less.
  4. I will replace my previously finished games with rare plat by others, so 3 changes for me Ultra rare : Exist Archive (completion 52%) Very Rare : One Piece (completion 70%), Final Fantasy XIII (completion 56%) Rare : The Witch and the Hundred Knight, Atelier Totori, Rainbow Moon Common : Final Fantasy XIII-2 (13%), A Rose in The Twilight (40), Jojo (8%), Demon Gaze 2 (done)
  5. Thou SHALT Commit Laundry! You have changed your clothes for the first time!
  6. It's Almost Presentable You've enhanced equipment to level +7. Aren't WE Bloodthirsty?! You've defeated 1,000 monsters!
  7. Wizard About Town You've defeated 500 monsters! Alert the Fashion Police! You've weakened equipment to level -7!
  8. I Made It Myself! You've crafted equipment for the first time. Hey, It's a Start You've defeated 50 monsters! It's FAR from over! You've played this fine game for an hour...and counting! Crass Consumerism You've bought something from Smile Curry. It Wasn't THAT Hard... You have cleared the Rock-Hard Cavern!
  9. It's There For A Reason! You watched the fine opening movie. Thanks! I Wonder What's in Here You've opened your first treasure chest. Hardened Resolve You have cleared the Magic Tower, Maze of Initial Resolve! Really, Was that so Difficult? You've learned your first skill! Daw!
  10. Helpful Neighbor Finish 60 quests.
  11. Dreamer's Awakening Completed all Dream Arena stages. A Song of Visitation Thank you for coming.
  12. We're In The Money! Accumulated 100 million G."As usual, I smell the fragrant aroma ofmoney coming from you today!" Ultimate Fencer Obtained every trophy."Thank you... I love you."
  13. 14.Ultimate Fencer Obtained every trophy."Thank you... I love you."
  14. Finished my first game on my list 😰 Fairy Fencer F Currently working on Atelier Rorona.