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  1. Berserker Defeated 10,000 enemies. "There's no way I can stop!"
  2. Redrum More than 5 critical hits in one battle. They're Here Fifty exorcisms? Well done!
  3. Stairway to Truth Activated your sixth sense in episode 6. Stairway to Heaven Episode 6 cleared.
  4. They Scare Me Too Sometimes Only a minute left? Cutting it a little close there.
  5. A Different Truth Activated your sixth sense in episode 4. It Makes No Difference Episode 4 cleared.
  6. You Can See Us Without the Sheets? You're always ignoring everyone. Or maybe you're a daydreamer. Change the World Episode 1 cleared.
  7. Nature Lover Complete a full insect and fish collection.
  8. I'll Take You All On! Defeat a total of 5000 enemies.
  9. Artisan Develop 100 items at the factory.
  10. The Cat Burglar Steal items or Beli 100 times with Nami. Yummmmmm Eat 100 dishes from the restaurant.
  11. The King of Snipers Land 200 attacks with Usopp in Sniper Mode.
  12. And Then There Were Twelve Have Kagato join your party. The True(ish) Heroes(?) Have Rejected Kanata and Rejected Ranze join your party.
  13. Dark God Kanata Beat the game on the "Dark God Kanata" Route.
  14. Made of Rubber Perform Luffy's Deflect 100 times. High Flyer Use Gum Gum Rocket 500 times. The Sword Master Perform Zoro's Cut Off 100 times.
  15. Miracle Comeback Perform your characters' special skills a total of 100 times. Episode 8 Complete Finish Episode 8. Power of Words Power up 100 strong words. Final Episode Complete Finish the final episode.