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  1. Power Strike Do 9999 damage or more in a single attack
  2. Teamwork! Win a blitzball match
  3. Battlefield Transcriber Viewed 500 or more battle callouts. A Song of Madness Your voice went unheard. A false truth deafens him.
  4. A Song of Cleansing Experienced heaven and hell.
  5. A Song of Welcome Found the one hiding in shadows.
  6. Height of Piracy Finish the Difficult Main Story.
  7. South Park™: The Stick of Truth™ Platinum Trophy Collected all South Park™: The Stick of Truth™ trophies.
  8. More Popular Than John Lennon Everyone in South Park is your friend.
  9. Friends in Strange Places You befriended both crab people and gnomes. Make it Rain! You've spent $500.
  10. More Popular Than Jesus You made friends with half of South Park.
  11. 12 Grandmaster All trophies achieved.
  12. Kamunagi of Chaining Used Action Chain with all characters.
  13. All a Dream Challenged Dream Match for the first time.
  14. Mask of Deception Witnessed the ending of the game. Fond Memories Unlocked all event visuals. Melodious Heart Unlocked all BGM.
  15. Remnants "Remnants" completed.