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  1. Ending: Tiara You saw Tiara's ending."You have changed everything for me.
  2. Finished my first walkthrough on Fairy Fencer F and started the second for the other 2 endings, plus some grinding for leveling my chara up and weapons boosting.
  3. The World's Money is Not Enough Lola joined the party."Despite my appearance, I'm actually a fairy." Diligent Worker Achieved a Quest Rank of S."...I shall continue counting on you."
  4. Surging Waves of Fury Performed 250 Hits."I'll...cut shreds!"
  5. Tenser Fencer Maxed your tension 300 times."I'm fired up!"
  6. Fairy Fencer F on PS3. Working my way through the story. 23% of completion so far.
  7. Wherever My Sword Takes Me Apollonius joined the party."I'll become your overseer."
  8. Where...Are We? You got sent to an unknown place."Eryn, wake up! Where are we!?" Evolving Power Eryn powered up."If I decide to get serious, I'm capableof all kinds of things."
  9. A Lengthy Relationship Accumulated 20 hours of playtime."That sounds like it'll take forever." Bond with Fairy Reached level 10 with one of your fairies."There's still much we don't know aboutfairies. "
  10. Air Master Performed 100 Air Combos."There!"
  11. Professional Fought 500 battles."Fwoooooosh!"
  12. Performed 100 Avalanche Attacks."We're invincible!"
  13. Ragnarok odyssey ace
  14. 3D Dot Game Hero