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  1. Fencer Elites Reached level 99 with every character."They're calling themselves a hero'sadventuring party..."
  2. The World's Strongest Reached level 99 with a character."My coolness is about to reach godly levels."
  3. What is this thing? Orange I Defeated Is it hiding something? Orange II Defeated Kind of cute, I guess... Orange III Defeated Well, they're dead now. Orange IV Defeated And so the curtain falls... Defeated the Keeper of Lorvin, Arzelide. Flawless Demon The Ultimate Blade
  4. Flawless Demon The Ultimate Blade
  5. How'd we get here, dood? Prinny I Defeated Dood, give us a break! Prinny II Defeated We don't have any money, dood... Prinny III Defeated Fine, dood, we're outta here! Prinny IV Defeated Revenge at last... Halted Alfred's ambitions Stopped the failed experiment Eliminated the Eyes of Argos
  6. Congrats: you beat a little girl Stopped Sephi's surprise attack They're oversized chickens, really Gutted the vile Griffons
  7. Help an older Blade Toppled the Trolls Hmm... It's no Gandum. Vanquished the Vandred
  8. Machine Dismantler Destroyed the Bullvezarks Dragon Slayer Slayed the mighty Nidhogg
  9. Avenge the Sealers! Defeated the Grudge Holder
  10. Maniac ChainChained a lot in a single battle. A Planet RebornPHASE 3 completed. Reincarnation!Succeeded in reviving Prim. Thank you, see you again!Saw Ion and Nelo off to the Will of Exapico. Acquired All TrophiesAcquired all trophies.
  11. Acquired All TrophiesAcquired all trophies My third plat, yay! Had fun with this game. The plat's not hard to get, no particular grind, only the item creations took a lot of time *_*
  12. GourmetSynthesized many items with Nay. Science GirlSynthesized many items with Sarly. Abandon All Else...Saw the Shurelia ending.
  13. True Treasure Reached the end of Cass' Genometrics.
  14. So Many BirdsSynthesized many items with Kanon.