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  1. Trails in the Couch Played for over 100 hours. Quick as a Flash Initiated 300 advantage encounters (including double and triple advantage). A Strong Mercenary Adjust a quest's difficulty before clearing it.
  2. I can say for sure that the physical european version of agarest zero has a trophee list (you can see it on my profile) because i got the limited edition (with the soundtrack). And what about South Park : The Stick of Truth?
  3. Novice Blacksmith Forged something at the blacksmith. A Sharper Sword Upgraded equipment at the blacksmith. One of a Kind Synthesized equipment at the blacksmith. True Grit Used Grit to avoid an enemy attack. Four Great Nations Visited each capital of the Four Great Nations. Boundless Courage Achieve victory while morale is low. Double Finish Killed 2 enemies simultaneously. Object Breaker Destroyed an object while a unit was on top of it. Stylish Equip glasses on one of your units.
  4. Fledging Mercenaries You hired a new unit. Leave It To Me! Finished off an enemy with an Assist.
  5. The Beginning of War You are now affiliated with the Guild. Oops, My bad! Attack an ally unit with an area-of-effect attack.
  6. Honorary Literature Club Member Completely filled the book section of the notebook. Put to the Test Completed the final chapter.
  7. Valedictorian Achieved student rank A0. Chest Grabber Opened every treasure chest in a single playthrough. R is for Romance Forged a strong bond with Alisa.
  8. Class Act Completed all quests, both extra-curricular and during field studies. Cafeteria Commando Obtained all recipes. The Cutting Edge Acquired the strongest weapon for any character. Can't Touch This! Canceled enemy arts and crafts 100 times.
  9. Heart of a Lion Received the Lionheart Medal of Heroism from Principal Vandyck. Lake Lord Caught all varieties of fish. Link Master Raised any two characters to Link Level 5. Progressive Chaos Completed Chapter 6.
  10. Rush Master Used Rush in battle 100 times.
  11. Advanced Beatonomics Won 500 battles.
  12. Flawless Jewel Raised a master quartz to level 5. Follow-Up Master Used over 500 follow-up attacks in battle. Signs and Omens Completed Chapter 5.
  13. Breakout Performance Used 100 S-Breaks in battle. A Midsummer's Revels Completed Chapter 4.
  14. Eightfold Obliteration Defeated 8 enemies at once.