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  1. Job Guru Unlocked every job.
  2. Arbitrator of the Gods Cleared Chapter 4.
  3. Returned from Yomi Cleared Chapter 3.
  4. Devout Worshiper Maxed out shrine levels.
  5. Secret Skill Awakened Used a Secret Skill for the first time.
  6. Yasakani no Magatama Cleared Chapter 2.
  7. Pacifier Cleared 30 requests.
  8. Bounty Hunter Awarded for completing 40 different bounty hunts.
  9. A Tonic for the Djinn Awarded for defeating the Dark Djinn.
  10. Wonder Wand Awarded for restoring the legendary wand Mornstar to its former glory.
  11. Fly the Friendlier Skies Awarded for befriending Tengri.
  12. Viva the Evolution! Awarded for managing 10 metamorphoses.
  13. New Sheriff in Town Awarded for completing 10 different bounty hunts
  14. Familiarizer Awarded for taming 20 different species.
  15. Tricky Trapper Help Clasko catch a chocobo by the end of Chapter 3