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  1. I noticed too when i checked a few days ago. Thinking the only way now would be to grab all dlc from NA store and secure a NA physical copy of base game?
  2. Was this even available for EU? I had never even heard of this until the closure announcement and it looks pretty good. Edit - I see it did get an EU release, shame that it must not of been up long in the store. If there's a way of still picking it up i would.
  3. Congrats to everyone else who was successful this week and i wish best of luck for anyone else still attempting. Also a Thankyou to all tips in this thread, i dont think i would of had the preparation without it.
  4. That's understandable. As you said and many others here; it is too difficult to compete for the trophy if you don't have the time. I dont think it's pointless to participate in the 12k session especially now we are in the final month, certain people will not be able to trade boosting in larger groups in time, so i dont blame them for wanting to try a different approach. I said to one person they wont get vgc after getting spammed by them, it's not in my interest to discourage people from going for this.
  5. That was my point really, not to be negative just realistic. I just found it silly to receive a warning after trying to give advice to that individual, Im sure they were spamming others on psn too.. Anyway after the warning i just changed the message from 'you wont get vgc' to 'you probably wont get vgc using that method.' Been helping a few others in messages also on how to go about it and answering questions etc. Not sure about you but having the weekly board somewhat visible is actually more motivating to try and keep your spot. As opposed to just going blind and getting stressed over it. I had too much to drink last night so im extending my break today, might do more tonight but i'll definitely do more over the weekend. How are the boards looking? I havent bothered to check today.
  6. I'm not complaining, i'm asking if anyone has experienced the same on this site,... in a public forum. And yes i asked myself why, with no understanding, responded to the mod and recieved no reply. How nice of you to imply.
  7. How do you define a message to someone stating they "wont earn vgc" pointless?


    1. Sergen


      I'd say simply telling someone that is not needed as it is simply there to be negative. If I were to say it to someone, it would be because there's evidence to back it up e.g. there's a thread trying to promote people getting 12,000 as a maximum score so a bunch of people can get the trophy together but I said it won't work because there were 120 pages on the leaderboard and rank #36 was the only person who kept their score at 12,000. Being negative to be negative isn't wanted on the forums. 

    2. BlindMango


      It's a pointless way to provoke an argument over PM, waste staff time to review the drama, and so on. The warning point isn't that big of a deal as the other guy got banned permanently by another forum mod for calling you a retard afterwards (Imo a bit much of a punishment if you ask me, but to each their own). Basically the ideal way to tell someone your opinion on something like that would be by simply saying it on the actual thread, it's pointless to bring it to a PM other than to start drama with the other person. It's also pointless for staff to have to deal with that. Definitely have fun here on the site and don't be afraid speak your mind, but we're always taking our time working on making the site cooler for y'all and no staff members want to have to spend time having to deal with PM drama. 

    3. Stevieboy


      @BlindMango They didn't get banned for the retard comment. They got a warning point for it. The ban was for something they did after receiving the warning point.

  8. It seems to update as you play. Last i checked it said 10k for 20th but i know that earler it had someoneone at 50k points at 20th position. Dont trust the boards. By the way i received a warning from a psnp mod for pm'ing someone stating they "wont earn valor grand cross" via the 12k method. Has anyone else experienced any bs warnings on psnp?
  9. I'm not aware that i am top because leaderboards are buggy. Besides; i'm sure some people will surpass me considering i have taken a break for almost 2 hours
  10. Are you asking me about 60k points?
  11. I'm still using it in UK; so nothing to worry about using PS Now. Just an update/input: I feel the 12k boosting thread is a hopeless idea (knucklehead user is naming people in an abusive way in affect not helping the effort). As it would be great if as many people got the VGC trophy before shutdown; I feel that inflating player numbrers is not the way to "cheese" obtaining it. It's pretty much a competition for the top 20. Grinding points is definitely the way to go. I think i have top spot for the week right now, but Platagonist is definitely putting in the effort for 1st today...
  12. I completely underestimated the extremity of people boosting for this. I definitely didn't use my time efficiently as I spent Monday and Tuesday getting the other online trophies, then the remainder of the week faffing about trying to get stats to save (backing out of warzone, trying different timed matches etc.) but still putting in 8 + hours a day using 2 ps3's. I think i'm done for this week but afraid will only get worse. Call me a lightweight but i want my health for the time being.