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  1. Make a US account?
  2. Playing the last of us remastered for the first time, Choose grounded mode to start will this unlock all other difficulty trophies below it once complete like Resident Evil games?

    1. Stevieboy


      It will only unlock half of them. It won't unlock the ones that have a + after them, as those have to be done in New Game Plus.

    2. DChanning


      Yeah i guessed >.< but halfs better than just 1 :D

  3. So since buying a ps4 january I had the last of us remastered. Got round to starting it today and i play these types of games on the hardest possible mode, but it offered me normal hard survival and grounded? I choose grounded but is this the hardest mode?

  4. never played this game but watched your video for 10+ types of moves, does it mean you have to do 10 different things in the combo for instance forward punch, forward kick can only be used once.? Sure someone will answer this for you shortly
  5. Welcome
  6. I sleep anytime in little bits. Work random shifts of day and night, no routine I just catch sleep when ever I can
  7. Welcome to the fourm
  8. Woke up turned on anime told myself I was not moving all day. 2 episodes of Fairy tail in gets a phone call to cover a night shift. sigh....

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ronin_leon


      I always end up answering my work cell, even when I'm at home. I hate those weekend calls!

    3. DChanning


      It's money I guess >.< If I keep telling myself this I might get motivated to move

    4. GarciaFever


      That's what I try to keep telling myself, but after 7+ years working for Walmart, it feels like small pocket change to me. Heck, I don't even collect my pay stubs because it automatically goes into my account.

  9. The EU list would be great for this game
  10. Star Wars battle front
  11. Big thanks to t6chenard, Just got our starwars battlefront platinum together :D

  12. Done all resident evil 5 Online trophies. Big thanks to all the gamers I've boosted these with over the last 2 weeks :)

  13. Tell people you have free cookies on your profile.More people will come if free cookies are included
  14. nubla 1 hour 59 mins could have been done much faster but i had no clue what that game was about, tutorial on youtube for platinum full play though for plat can be done in 25 mins
  15. Firefox mostly but have chrome installed for some add ons you can get for it