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  1. so if you were to do a roadmap/guide of Stranger of Sword city and the one that just released what would be your assessment?  thinking of getting these and demon gaze for vita


  2. Skate 3 and Fairytale Fights (Hong Kong) have been added.
  3. Regarding Weekly Toro Station, it's hard to add a game to the unobtainable list if my sources don't list it and nobody bothers to let me know about it. Is Fairytale Fights the Hong Kong version? Updated with Weekly Toro Station.
  4. Updated with the following games: Armello Dead Star Space Hulk Star Trek Online
  5. Thanks for letting me know about it. I've added a note about there being a method in the trophy guide but I'm leaving it on the list since it is unobtainable without manipulating the system clock.
  6. Unobtainable topics have been updated.

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    2. BooneIronshield


      lol yeah, got swept up in Xbox and Star Trek Online even to the point where I sold my PS4 and traded in most of my PS4 games. I created a new ID when I came back, I could have kept playing STO indefinitely, so that was the best way for me to distance myself.

    3. TigressLion


      Wow. Did not expect that, it's that good?

    4. BooneIronshield


      Not necessarily, I just enjoy Star Trek that much :lol:


      There is a huge amount of things to do in it, especially since you can build starbases now, so it's pretty easy to sink a lot of time in it.

  7. Updated.
  8. Updated.
  9. Updated. And this topic was a MAJOR PITA to update too, changes wouldn't save 90% of the time at first.
  10. Updated.
  11. Do any trophies in Attack on Titan require online play? Can't tell by the descriptions.

    1. Hertz


      Nope. You can solo them 100%. It's just more fun tonplay with somebody and makes farming for materials faster

    2. BooneIronshield


      Thanks, I appreciate it.

  12. The Collector Completed a crazy request for Tannis
  13. Hopefully this thing is SATA3 at least but I somehow doubt it.
  14. The 2012 version is a larger download as it looks like it comes with the Blood Dragon Armor as well as The Stone Prisoner DLC going by what the description says.
  15. Trisha Acquire Trisha.