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  1. If anyone can lvl boost me and a buddy we would greatly appreciate it. If you're OP 8 it shouldn't take long. Please it would help us so much in our struggle for this platinum. PSN: D_A_P5
  2. Yes I've already made a list of what I need left. One more DLC to do and then the rest of the spells are available through NG+ and NG++. Thanks for your tips they were very helpful
  3. Okay thanks ill start grinding this out tonight before moving to NG+. Would it be beneficial to buy the ring that increases invasion chances, or would that screw me over in the end by increasing the chance of getting invaded by other players? Kinda like a high risk, high reward scenario
  4. Yes speaking of the Bell Tower Covenant, is there any way to boost that with a friend? Or do I have to kill the Red Phantom for it to count. And by boosting I mean have someone help me kill the Red Phantom (aka protect me from other invaders) or invade me themselves and allow me to kill them. I know theres an offline method but I own my games digital and file share with my gf so if I turn off my wifi it locks me out of the game so that's kinda out of the question
  5. That was really helpful thank you very much for that. I know the door leading to Drangliec Castle can be opened with 1,000,000 souls instead of fighting the primal bosses, and on NG++ I would need 3,000,000. But that gives me hope at least, knowing that I don't have to actually finish the game on NG++
  6. First time poster here and was hoping that people who have either gotten the trophies or platinumed the game can post advice and tips to getting these spells as fast as possible. I know some require reaching rank 3 in a certain covenant (which involves 500+ invasions) or playing till NG++ and simply buying them (which is the option suited for me because I'm not much of a pvp player). So knowing that I'm going to end up playing the game 3 times to get these, any tips on ways to get them fast(er) than this? Like I know I can use an ascetic on bonfires that give the boss souls to buy the spells, but others require actually progressing to NG++. As someone who's really excited for DS3, I wanted to platinum this game before its release. Im a huge fan of all the souls games, and I've even platinumed bloodborne with pride. But the trophies that always seem to restrict me from platinuming any of the dark souls games is the fact that they all include these spell trophies that require an insane amount of time to get. I want to platinum DS2 and break my shitty cycle of letting the souls games beat me, all I'm wondering is if theres a more efficient way of getting these 4 trophies. Please no responses like "get gud" or "just play the game" because those aren't pieces of advice or tips. Were all fans of the souls series here lets please remember that were a community. Thanks!
  7. Does anyone still need this? I know I do