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  1. No. But I'm sure it's working now if you haven't installed it yet. I've moved on but several people have platimumed it, so it's working for some at least.
  2. That patch notification caused my game to glitch and upon downloading....reset my distance. Ironic.
  3. So Iceland trophy would only pop after I did that puzzle twice and Japan trophy hasn't popped despite 2 tries. It seems that plat is achievable, but it might require multiple attempts on certain puzzles.
  4. I finished 7 of the endings a couple nights ago and my system refused to sync the trophies I was earning. So I waited and kept trying to sync and it kept having that error that logs you out. So tonight, I deleted my data (I have it backed up) and started replaying it and I basically started re-doing all the endings. Only 3 of the ending trophies were popping up (I had supposedly earned all three the other night I remember). After a sync only those few trophies are showing..... So I'm not sure quite what to do with this one. Advice?
  5. Completionist popped yesterday. Here's what I did.... 1. Beat game on co op and on hard. 2. Bought and ate all items. Did not get the 5000 dollar items or special books. 3. Beat game and secret boss in normal with secret character. 4. Kyoko is level 30. All others are level 14 or higher. Bought all dojo moves. 5. Recruited all characters except the "snitch" versions. 6. Got all statues, but only 8 cats. Hope that helps.
  6. I had a hard time just finishing some of the later levels (like when you start getting oddly weighted wheels). So I don't think up for the challenge!
  7. Enter the Gungeon. It's the one I started a while ago (when it came out) and repeatedly gave up and restarted on. So many hours, but I actually had fun. I'm almost sad it's over.
  8. I got the first three stages with a diamond trophy after dozens of tries each. Frankly, it will take a lot of practice. It's really fun though... great aesthetic, exciting soundtrack, fair mechanics. If you've tried Olli olli, trials fusion, tony hawk (in its glory days) then it has some similar elements like tricks and chaining multipliers. It's a great palate cleanser from all the huge AAA titles and battle royales nowadays. Highly recommended.
  9. The hitboxes are quite off. Lion's roundhouse kick has priority over everything. So much that on half the AI opponents, you can spam it and win. Also it's good to keep in mind when it was in the arcade, it was meant to take your money. There's a lot of cheapness (like Akira AI pulling off moves about as quickly as a pro). That all being said, it has not aged well. On PS Now you can play this or Virtua Fighter 5 and the latter is much better in terms of the tactics, hitboxes, and move priority. Perfectly balanced? No. But better as a game several iterations later should be.
  10. I hear you! I just have to get 2 more museum items and do the prairie king stuff for the platinum. I was disappointed when I loaded the Vita version. Guess this game will be just for relaxing.
  11. I just beat the game with no assist (just 30 minutes ago lol), but I also have less experienced gamers (two elementary kids and a casual gamer spouse) in my home that saw me cheering after every passed section. The difficulty level is a turn off for them, but assist mode might pull them in. Not all of us find 2000 plus deaths a badge of honor! Some might find it soul crushing. I want this game to be experienced by everyone. Do what you gotta do. Congrats to all of you with the platinum already! Fast minds, good eyes, and nimble thumbs all.
  12. Many of us have completed games just for the platinum. And cheesed through. If you get this game, you owe it to yourself to do it for real. 476 deaths before beating a chapter? Pat yourself on the back!
  13. Thanks for clarifying!
  14. The other question is...If a teammate finds a survivor, does it go into YOUR tally? If your teammate has explored all the map, do you get the credit? I wish there was a counter to show you your progress. I think average mission is 15 minutes IMHO at this point. If you're trying to find everything each match, maybe 20 to 25? You're going to have to do 1,000 missions of "Play with Others", which are separate from the campaign. So you're probably going to knock out a huge chunk of survivors, garden gnomes, map exploration while you're grinding at that. It will be a grind and a half, so I would say if you're already tentative, you should probably steer clear. It might be hundreds of hours for that plat. I think if the game is going to have a great deal of longevity (with frequent updates and events), this might not be a big issue.
  15. Thanks so much for your advice!