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  1. Hi! I just got it today without looking for it. With two controls I was doing the rest of the trophies and always selected a random map. In one of the games I won the trophy before I finished the story mode with all the characters, in case that is necessary. In psnow.
  2. Hi! Could someone who has won the trophy explain to me how it is achieved? Can it be against AI or does it have to be online or in versus mode? I would appreciate the explanation. Thank you!
  3. Hi! I discovered that you can change the date while you play. Go to the menu, change a day, return to the game and enter or leave a house. If you go to the daily reward, there is the new one I already got all the trophies and yet the tutorial trophy is bug: /
  4. that trophy for sure. The other trophy to win 5 puzzles I'm trying different ways. at the moment without success
  5. Thank you! let's hope so. Now the dead server is still
  6. same. since yesterday this does not find match ...
  7. Hi! Today I got this trophy in the European version. I created new profile, Quiz Mode, Megaquiz, 80 questions and easy, 1 player. I finished the 5 games in a row: press square at the end of a game and not X. the trophy appeared at the end of the fifth game
  8. Same method I'm missing 2 legends at level 10 and 17k gold. I'm level 30 ... how to raise the general level faster? Thank you!
  9. I haven't had luck either. since November 2016 every day! About 15 days I will not have entered. today they have released an update. Will it help you get it? LOL
  10. Hello! I wanted to know if there is a possibility of getting this trophy without 4 offline pads!
  11. I think the Glitch follows. I got a gold badge in the last two seasons and no trophy. Is there something concrete to do? open the prize letter packages and either. since September 17 nobody gets that trophy
  12. Hello everyone, I wanted to know how I can connect vita and ps3 ad-hoc. In ps3 you can use two pads and get all the cooperative trophies. In vita I can not connect ps3 and vita, neither ad-hoc nor online. Also, the online mode in vita currently gives me error (have the vita server closed?). For the above I have discarded creating a session since it seems that online in vita does not work. I appreciate any input. Thank you very much!
  13. It seems to be achieved when you want. today I got it in second place in the casino :/
  14. Thanks! I wanted to know if I had to win it or it was enough to stay in the top three as the description of the trophy says in some languages ... if so, I have to win in two ... to try! Thanks again!!
  15. Can anyone who has won the trophy confirm the requirements? I am desperate with this trophy. I have stayed in the 5 levels between positions 1-3. All in ranked, since in casual does not usually fill the table with 6. Do you have to win in first position at all? , Do not you work in ranked games? Thank you!