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  1. That's correct, the moment your account is loaded in it will pop both Well-Seasoned & Trendsetter immediately so long as the Season 1 itself has not ended yet. Golden Gauntlet will require the "Gauntlet of Gales" to be played but your account will have the Golden Parrot from the get-go, meaning you don't have to worry about reaching Rank 45 as the work would have been done for you, so to speak.
  2. You sure can, my alt has a power rating of 115 whereas this one only had around 25 at the time, I ran through the story with this account being player one and the alt being the second. When playing in Multiplayer it gives you a Team Rating which is your power levels averaged, I whacked it to the highest possible difficulty and the drops would be awful for the alt but incredible for the main account, it will only give somewhere between 5-15 levels higher than your current level but after a few levels you would have jumped from say 25-100 like I did😄
  3. A bit late to the party for this tip but could help you fellow trophy hunters out! I recently finished the "Season 1" DLC which was a hefty grind! In the process I was using an alternate account to power-level my Gear Rating as the Alt Account was a much higher level. (This did not grant additonal XP relating to the season or player level). In short, when I loaded in that alt account the "Well-Seasoned" and "Trendsetter" auto popped for that account once I hit the Rank 10, 25 & 45 Mark respectively. Not only that, the alternate account had access to the Golden Parrot which made "Golden Gauntlet" easy to obtain as there was no grind needed for that account. So, I had a thought, for those who are in need of those particular trophies I will be willing to assist those that need it. This requires having access to your account LOCALLY as it seems only possible on Local Multiplayer. This may seem fishy but having done trophies for fellow hunters over the years now I will be happy to assist, cuts down what is a hefty grind into something that can be popped in minutes! If you're interested drop me a message either on here (privately as to not clog the forums) or on PSN itself, thank you for taking your time reading this and hope it can help! EDIT: The autopop for the Well-Seasoned & Trendsetter ONLY autopops in local multiplayer.
  4. Thanks for the fast replies guys, seems it's okay for what happened since nothing was altered or exploited
  5. I joined a random earlier to start working towards the "Double Trouble" trophy and since I've never played the game before and not knowing the story, the random started the last story mission. Upon completion I earned the "Satan Punchers" trophy for beating the game, could I be flagged for not earning the story related trophies in order? Or is it okay for something like this to happen? Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. Atomic Ninjas may be down, at least for the Vita, everytime you go to play online you get "You Must be Signed in" despite being signed in, and on the rare occurrence we do make it past that, we're unable to actually play online as when you even try to find a game it comes up with "Connection Failed", this renders the 100% unobtainable. Need another to confirm. EDIT: We're now able to connect, not sure what the issue was but went on for over an hour, I recommend if you have this in your backlog to do it asap to avoid further issues.
  7. I have just finished The Bit.Trip and upon completing the last mini game I was awarded with 2 trophies when I was expecting 3, the one that didn't pop right away was the platinum trophy. Now I was wondering is this normal to happen? And would I be flagged for something like this? I have a feeling that this may have happened because I have earned all but 1 trophy on the vita, the only trophy I didn't earn on the vita was "No Beat Left Behind", as this felt impossible on the Vita, so I tried it on the PS4 and earned it on that as you can just turn the controller to one angle to make it 10x easier. I earned this particular trophy before the platinum and before completing the last mini game, but because earning a trophy on one console and the rest on another, can that delay the platinum to pop?
  8. My favourite game is: Fallout: New Vegas This is extremely generous and good luck to everyone!
  9. This makes me worry for my own name
  10. If it's any helped I purchased the cannon today, at first I had to pay for a shot, I left my facility and then got a notification, went back to the cannon and there was the free shot! Just try and make it count
  11. Does anyone have any idea why the challenge resets or if there is a fix of some kind? It's happened to our group multiple times and we haven't used the closing application method nor have actually died, I know some say it's the servers but it's very concerning when it just happens to reset. One time it did reset a warning pop appeared not not long beforehand saying something like the challenge may reset if playing with a VIP, and it does seem that being a VIP and then hiring bodyguards (the team you're doing it with) can fault the progression, perhaps being a CEO/an associate of one could be a fix for people? Just need to hear confirmation, share the knowledge and whatnot
  12. A little bit of an update as it's been a while In the time of not posting I've became a Premium Member, made some cool friends over this website, obtained a handful of platinums, earned a 0.12% trophy, and I'm not sure what else, crappy excuse for not looking after my own checklist for 4 months.. Any who, I've made some edits to this particular topic and there is some stuff I'm still changing around, but since being gone the platinums/100%'s I've earned are: • The Hungry Horde • Laser Disco Defenders (Vita) • Type:Rider (Vita) • LittleBigPlanet 3 • Spy Chameleon • WRC 5 • Tales From the Borderlands • Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition • Neon Chrome • Red Faction: Armageddon • Killing Floor 2 • Super Meat Boy • Don't Die, Mr Robot! • flOw • Killzone: Shadow Fall • Dead Island: Riptide - Definitive Edition • Brink • PlayStation Vita Pets • Dead Nation • Downwell • Truck Racer • Jetpack Joyride Deluxe • WRC 4 • The Unfinished Swan • Tearaway
  13. The journey is over, with 11k dead meat boys, I finally earned the platinum trophy!!! I'd like to thank every one who's commented on this and the ones who PM'd me wishing me good luck, it's definitely kept me motivated and determined to earn this cruel platinum! On Cotton Alley Dark, for some reason I found it wayyyyy easier to play on the Vita, stages like 7-19x became so easy because you're close to the screen as it is so navigating at the top wasn't even a worry anymore, I just found it a lot easier to concentrate on, also had background music playing so I didn't pull my hair out of the non stop Cotton Alley music As previously said by others, you can do this if you're determined enough, practicing and playing levels 100 times each really does pay off, anyways, you guys have been awesome, thanks again my dudes for the support, wish you the best of luck for all your future adventures!
  15. Cotton Alley is beating my ass, I have over half the levels done and can do first try but there's always oneeeee that kills me in an attempt of a no death run :'( 7-7, 7-13, 7-16, 7-19 & 7-20 is where I keep constantly dying, any tips or advice or any motivation from anyone!? Cotton Alley Dark isn't gonna be any easier but hey one at a time