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  1. My favourite game is: Fallout: New Vegas This is extremely generous and good luck to everyone!
  2. This makes me worry for my own name
  3. If it's any helped I purchased the cannon today, at first I had to pay for a shot, I left my facility and then got a notification, went back to the cannon and there was the free shot! Just try and make it count
  4. Does anyone have any idea why the challenge resets or if there is a fix of some kind? It's happened to our group multiple times and we haven't used the closing application method nor have actually died, I know some say it's the servers but it's very concerning when it just happens to reset. One time it did reset a warning pop appeared not not long beforehand saying something like the challenge may reset if playing with a VIP, and it does seem that being a VIP and then hiring bodyguards (the team you're doing it with) can fault the progression, perhaps being a CEO/an associate of one could be a fix for people? Just need to hear confirmation, share the knowledge and whatnot
  5. A little bit of an update as it's been a while In the time of not posting I've became a Premium Member, made some cool friends over this website, obtained a handful of platinums, earned a 0.12% trophy, and I'm not sure what else, crappy excuse for not looking after my own checklist for 4 months.. Any who, I've made some edits to this particular topic and there is some stuff I'm still changing around, but since being gone the platinums/100%'s I've earned are: • The Hungry Horde • Laser Disco Defenders (Vita) • Type:Rider (Vita) • LittleBigPlanet 3 • Spy Chameleon • WRC 5 • Tales From the Borderlands • Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition • Neon Chrome • Red Faction: Armageddon • Killing Floor 2 • Super Meat Boy • Don't Die, Mr Robot! • flOw • Killzone: Shadow Fall • Dead Island: Riptide - Definitive Edition • Brink • PlayStation Vita Pets • Dead Nation • Downwell • Truck Racer • Jetpack Joyride Deluxe • WRC 4 • The Unfinished Swan • Tearaway
  6. The journey is over, with 11k dead meat boys, I finally earned the platinum trophy!!! I'd like to thank every one who's commented on this and the ones who PM'd me wishing me good luck, it's definitely kept me motivated and determined to earn this cruel platinum! On Cotton Alley Dark, for some reason I found it wayyyyy easier to play on the Vita, stages like 7-19x became so easy because you're close to the screen as it is so navigating at the top wasn't even a worry anymore, I just found it a lot easier to concentrate on, also had background music playing so I didn't pull my hair out of the non stop Cotton Alley music As previously said by others, you can do this if you're determined enough, practicing and playing levels 100 times each really does pay off, anyways, you guys have been awesome, thanks again my dudes for the support, wish you the best of luck for all your future adventures!
  8. Cotton Alley is beating my ass, I have over half the levels done and can do first try but there's always oneeeee that kills me in an attempt of a no death run :'( 7-7, 7-13, 7-16, 7-19 & 7-20 is where I keep constantly dying, any tips or advice or any motivation from anyone!? Cotton Alley Dark isn't gonna be any easier but hey one at a time
  9. YOU DID IT!!! The not-so-Impossible Boy I say that's well deserved, congratulations!
  10. Little update as it's been a couple days and I've kinda missed you lovely folks, everything is going well on the game, currently working on Demon Boy and I'm comfortable on all the levels it's just getting that perfect run in place, so I'm slowly getting there, hopefully I wanted to share some advice to the people who may be reading this who are going through what I'm going through and need some encouragement/motivation First of all, you can do it, even if you're thinking it's the most horrible and cruel challenge life could give you, you can do it, just keep going and practicing with it and you'll get it, all you need is that one run then you'll never have to do it again, keep playing it over and over and over, I used to think all the Dark worlds were immensely hard but now rather easy that a strategy and method is in place Obviously using the D-Pad makes it so much easier, and as many have stated before, using other characters for certain levels makes it incredibly easier too, unless you're on Cotton Alley, then you gotta know the course and your character pretty damn well but it's still very doable by you I'm playing the same way as @Hemiak played and let me tell you it is a lot less stressful doing it this way, it may seem daunting at first but you don't have to memorize where you died, or even come up with a hard-to-easy list or anything of the like, you just carry on and continue getting experience and even better with the levels as you go on through the world, still it is personal preference but I find it a lot easier to be calmer this way, especially if you consider every run a "practice" run and end up surprising yourself by having a shiny trophy pop up on the screen I apologise that this isn't a bitching post, I'll update again once I'm trying out no death runs on Cotton Alley, with bitching no doubt
  11. I've started the no death runs now that I finally got the Golden God trophy, I went through the Forest Light & Hospital Light with ease so there's two runs knocked out, the only level so far that's tested my patience is 7-15x Patience (hehe irony) and 7-19x XOXO, although that's probably because I sat through the entire of Cotton Alley Dark for the first time I found a good strategy for Patience and am learning the course for XOXO so I'm becoming more confident for the no death run but I don't see myself getting to that point for a long time it's scary Thanks for the tips and niceness folks, it's encouraged and motivated me to keep going depsite how hard it's becoming
  12. Aww thank you guys Shouldn't really compare it to OlliOlli 2 but it's one of the rarest platinums I have currently, before I started OlliOlli I heard and read about how difficult it was and everything like that, tried it out myself and actually found it rather easy, a part of me wishes the same for this but honestly I don't think it's gonna be anywhere close to easy, I'll keep updating and 'bitch' if it becomes too much
  13. I'm about to start this, I feel ready but also very scared of the extreme challenge, any tips from the veterens that have platinumed this or anyone at all? Another thing, what would you recommend to play on, the PS4 or Vita?
  14. That'd be a cool feature, I'm forever looking back to see what I did in previous years, by previous years I mean just the one ha, regardless it's interesting to see if I was earning trophies on said day, or out enjoying my social life, ha not likely, it may take some work to implement if it even were to, but I like this suggestion, makes browsing statistics and what not more fun
  15. Update: Finally became a full time premium member!