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  1. Could be but I also remember Dallas dispatching that "in a groove" Seahawks team Wild Card weekend without too much difficulty. But Russell Wilson is a gamer and will pull out some wins. Cousins is definitely no better middle of the road but the way the Vikings beat Atlanta and outplayed Green Bay at Green Bay after a bad start, I am thinking they will be in the mix. Should be fun...
  2. @Spaz, good list but I think MLB 13 The Show: Home Run Derby Edition was free, at least it was when I picked it up. Maybe they charged for it at one time?
  3. Yes, could easy be a 2nd team from the West. And agree that Vikes and Bears have suspect QB play.
  4. 55% is barely over half so most likely of those 5 teams, only 3 will make the playoffs. Thinking Seattle and SF get left out.
  5. If the over-hyped Browns don't beat the Jets (with a backup QB), they should move to Baltimore again!
  6. Pittsburgh nearly beat Seattle and likely would have with Big Ben but agree they aren't going anywhere. Seahawks either barely scraping by lowly Bengals and Steelers. Bears are a fraud as well. Yes, I know, Week 2 "hot takes". NFC Playoff teams - Cowboys, Eagles, Packers, Vikings, Rams, Saints (by virtue of bad division)
  7. Oh, that shouldn't be too bad. Games are quick, like I said more randomness into the winner than a normal 5v5 game, but it seems like this is plenty doable if you are pretty good at Chel.
  8. I believe it is at the 2.5 yard line, definitely not at the 1 so punching it in, not as easy. That stated, I agree to go for it is a good call. Successful 2 point conversions are a little under 50% BUT since they moved the kicking extra point back, nowhere as automatic as it used to be. Yeah, I thought it was pretty obvious and definitely on all the replays they showed but Buck and Aikman did not mention it, would have not fit with the screw job conspiracy notion they are fueling!
  9. I think you make a good point but I just bought NBA 2K20 so won’t be getting this to later. How many wins do you need and how many losses (if any) can you take along the way.
  10. Yes, but they also missed the hands to the face-mask on Goff on that same play. So Saints probably fortunate to get no penalty and the turnover. Go Saints though and the gold pants look sharp, better than the black on black.
  11. If Brees has to miss some time, that does not bode well for the Saints. Seahawks are 2-0 but escaping against 2 lousy teams. Cowboys (new found offense) and Packers (new found defense) look strong.
  12. Yeah, the whole review system of a subjective call just seems shady. And that it can happen on all scoring plays? Terrible. Reminds me of when they bungled the whole “completing the catch” nonsense which only resulted in no one knowing what was a catch or not anymore. Thank goodness, they scrapped that. A lot of hype between the Rams/Saints rematch. But it will be the Cowboys or Eagles who represents the NFC in the Super Bowl.
  13. How many games in a row do you have to win for The Ones? That might be tough because there is a lot more randomness in the winner it seemed in the Beta (than other games modes). Just being in the right spot in the right time is important. So seems like it would take skill and some good fortune whereas say getting to Div 1 in HUT was more skill based (and building yourself a good team).
  14. From what I have played, I prefer the gameplay to 2K19. Just feels smoother. A couple of nitpicks where guys will hang out a few steps behind the 3 point line when I kick it out after driving (They should be right on the line), But honestly, this has felt the crispest of any NBA game that I have played (been playing MyTeam almost exclusively. The setup is much better too between evolution cards that benefit you from playing and rewards for triple threat actually feel worthwhile.
  15. Yes, as well as access to many other games for the month.