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  1. Final Fantasy, Halo, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Borderlands, Fortnite, Minecraft, etc.
  2. Probably one of my sports game. NHL 14-17, Fight Night Round 4, Madden 25 (winning MUT Super Bowl), and NBA 2K16 all come to mind. And all << 1% rarity.
  3. PSN: I switch up a lot but went to this before the playoffs started. And then an improbable run to World Series Champions! PSNP: Wooooooooo!
  4. It’s been quite awhile since I played but don’t remember any save issues. I played first run blind and finished up other runs with a guide. Worked easily without any issues so try that if you want to make it simple.
  5. it could be worse. I am stuck with that game and Jets/Skins so only one late afternoon game.
  6. Tell me your login credentials and I will safeguard it for you. just kidding of course, that was merely a test!
  7. @Matto_lsi If you talked to Garrett off the record, he would tell you he knew that Rudolph did not have the ball (in fact he has never claimed otherwise). The tackle to the ground and bear hug was just to impose his will, nothing more. Alpha dominance. It had nothing to do with the clock. He knew there was no ball in his hands on the ground - and knew before he brought him to the ground. At some point, you are just trying to get the dude off of you. Safer option would have been to let him continue to dry hump you on the field but Garrett was looking for an altercation and found one. Rudolph went after his helmet (his property), but never in his wildest dreams could he have believed as he was grabbing for it, that Garrett would wind up, swing, and crack him on top of the skull. Any time you have an event like this it is not 100/0 as far as parties, but this was 90/10 and started by Garrett looking for trouble with the late hit and excessive bear hug. Anyway, I am done with this topic. You are either trolling at this point or believe what you want to and are prone to conspiracy theories. Happy trails....
  8. @Matto_lsi, I don’t think you understand what “everyone” means. I heard Max Kellerman have your take but few others. Majority (Including most former players) think he was looking for extra curricular at the end of the game and it hasn’t been the first time. The hit and bear hug to the ground after the pass was nearly 2 seconds late (ball was 15-20 yards upfield), which is very unusual. Even after on the ground, he laid on top of him as a show of control. Bush league move. Garrett does have a history. From punching Delanie Walker earlier in the season to the multiple very late hits and knocking Trevor Siemien out of the game due to injury on one of those late hits. He was fined for both.
  9. no, quite the opposite. I loathe the Steelers. I was pulling for the Browns. I think Mike Tomlin has done a good job this year getting the Steelers in the playoff hunt with no Bell, Brown, or Big Ben. I thought it would be a lost season. I can say with 99% certainty that Garrett knew the ball was out. It was thrown long before the late hit. Defenders are aware and it was not remotely close. The piling on bear hug was simply an act of machismo. The Steelers linemen nearby threw up their arms like what the hell is Garrett doing? Rudolph’s only choice was to accept being Garrett’s little bitch (the safer move) or responding which he did. Being fined is right for Rudolph for tugging at his helmet but notice he was not suspended.
  10. I hope you don’t believe what you wrote. Garrett knew Rudolph did not have the ball. But 2 seconds after the throw for whatever reason, he threw him to the turf and bear hugged him so yeah, Rudolph reacted. This got a bigger reaction from Garrett lifting Rudolph from the ground by his face-mask and ripping it off his head. Rudolph clearly reaches low and to the side trying to get his helmet (his property) back and that is when he was Garrett winds up and bashes him with it. You could say Rudolph should not have gone back after his helmet but until it happened, no one would have ever expected Garrett to use it as a weapon.
  11. think you are discrediting Chloe!
  12. between Tomb Raider and Uncharted I mean,
  13. I am playing through now and generally agree. I really liked the main game and the Vietnam DLC was fun too but the Mars one is tedious and not very fun.
  14. Watch Dogs 2 (or perhaps the original) would be nice to get people in the mood for Watch Dogs Legion.
  15. As someone who enjoys Uncharted immensely and about to start the Tomb Raider series for the first time, what is the main difference?