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  1. Oh hell yeah, loved Quantic Dreams and love Star Wars. This is outstanding news.
  2. Hard to say they would’ve won as the final possession for the Cowboys would’ve been much different. They played very conservatively (almost too much) running down the clock to get the final FG. I could be wrong but I think the Chargers got flagged for it twice, one of which was declined because there was another penalty (and you could not stack them). This Chiefs/Ravens game is crazy. Two magicians at QB.
  3. This has always been the case from the beginning - but it hasn’t stopped people from overreacting or not understanding. 9 pages of angry rants lol
  4. I agree. I’ve lost out on online trophies for games where modes have been pulled less than a year after release (NBA 2K19 pulling dodgeball, the only trophy that prevented me from getting a 0.01% platinum, etc.). While a nuisance, it is not that big of a deal in the long run. Those things happen. Pursuing trophies are fun and all but c’mon now, they have such limited importance in the grander scheme. Trophy hunting is for entertainment, don’t treat it like a job or career lol. These trophies have been available for 8(?) years. That is longer than what I would expect. And from the sound of it, this is a huge overreaction (big surprise I know on this forum) and that the jobs will be rotating in and out, so still likely attainable at some point.
  5. Shhh, but then we wouldn’t have page after page about how Rockstar is evil and attacking players personally (a small subset of trophy hunters which are all ready a small subset of gamers)! 😉 My guess is that they rotate jobs in and out, like you know is pretty commonplace in MP modes. We’ll see…
  6. List appears easy, maybe slightly grindy. Unless the later career races are a challenge (unlikely). I’ll give it a go when the price is slashed. Reminds me a little of Table Top Racing, was pretty fun.
  7. Giants doing Giants things. Slayton could have made the grab but it would have been an full extension, out-stretched, finger tip grab running at full speed. Daniel Jones has to give him a better ball; he was all alone. I know some pass rush but still. To end the game like that, smh. Lawrence isn’t blocking the FG and was right next to the ball. Zero reason to jump. Entertaining game but two teams going nowhere.
  8. Exact same for me lol. I think I am 19 and that was from 8 years ago. No way was I going to do that grind lol. I would have been looking for a pair of scissors to stab myself in the eye. Trophies are fun and all but there need to be limits for your own well-being.
  9. yes, $9.99 in NA. I’ll have to take a closer look at Hitman 2 gameplay and see if this is one I want to play. Backlog is already strong.
  10. Nope. Refs missed a pretty obvious offensive PI to set up the game winning FG too.
  11. The platinum trophy description is absolutely hilarious
  12. I really enjoyed not only the SP, but also the MP. All MP trophies could be earned just through natural (casual) play - which was quite fun btw. Speaking about the PS4 version where you did not have to worry about dying.
  13. So are trophies attainable during the trial? I am guessing not?
  14. The menu character pop-ups with text dialogue look so dated and the menu music is terrible like always but the driving and car models look nice and that is most important. But surprised a little attention could not be given to the menus as well. EDIT - the second video (from the showcase today) looked much better as far as polish in the UI.
  15. Definitely not my type of game (could not get through the trailer) but the lead girl looks cute from the pic above so it has that going for it 😉