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  1. Yes, that is my best recommendation, to go back through songs in Quickplay (or try to do new ones). Keep track of which ones you know you did in QP.
  2. Only quickplay count for the trophy.
  3. Awesome, can you share a link that has the levels? I searched the levels earlier but did not come up with them.
  4. I am fairly close but have not managed it yet. Are you sure you did them all in quickplay and not a career mode? Because both will add to your stats.
  5. Are you saying you found levels that unlocked all prize bubbles for Metal Gear Solid and Pirates? 😉
  6. Rubber banding is definitely present here but it is also present in every racing game to varying degrees. Time trials are an exception but certainly with races. Also remember, rubber banding works both ways and can help you too.
  7. Upgrade your boat to 3/4 max and you should be able to keep up.
  8. Not obtainable unless you got World Domination before October 8th.
  9. Yeah, domination is a bit repetitive but how I grind my coins (and tokens). I imagine for the Infinity trophy you need all types including Opal Galaxy? None of those even on the market at this point and it only takes a bizillon tokens to unlock through the Rewards section. I know getting 2500 cards would unlock it too but that might be a long shot.
  10. And I just unlocked Daniel Boobie Gibson, lol. It sucks that you can’t sell the cards after you complete a collection. I need to sell some of the (more expensive) silvers to get my coin back.
  11. Trophies seem easier (esp. the Golds) for NBA Live but yeah, I am leaning to 2K. I want the best gaming experience to go with it.
  12. I am getting the itch to get back into an NBA series (despite a backlog of other games). I was looking at NBA Live All-Star edition for $6, it has a glitched trophy that hasn’t been earned since early October so no platinum there unless they getting around to fixing. Then I was thinking why not pay $20 for NBA 2K19 as I enjoyed this series before. I wouldn’t necessarily plan to get the Platinum in this either but who knows. Anyone played both? I read Live upped the fun factor but my guess is Ultimate Team is a mess and not done as well as My Team. Shame there are no Domination trophies, I enjoyed playing through those and helped with coins for other MyTeam trophies. NBA 2K19 worth the extra money?
  13. Any idea how many cards typically get released in total? Just wondering if there is some leeway or that you will basically need to own every card (including the most priciest) to eventually get to 2500. If it ends up being like 2750 or more, that will help a lot.
  14. It looks like all trophies except World Domination can now be earned? So anyone earning the Platinum got World Domination early as it was last earned on October 8th. Crazy that it has not been fixed yet! How do you like the game? I am thinking of getting the All-Star edition for $6, glitched trophy or not.
  15. Yeah, I was the opposite as the OP. Definitely wanted the DLC and nearly bought the packs separately from this sale for $15 total instead of paying $18 for the Season Pass and also getting Far Cry 3 Classic. Don’t get me wrong. I loved Far Cry 3 but I already got the platinum on the PS3 and if I really wanted to play it again, I could just load that up. In the end, I bought the whole Season Pass. Not sure when I will get to Far Cry 3 Classic but I have it! If you like the Far Cry series, and it sounds like you do, it is worth it.