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  1. This is all of them I’ll probably do the same. AC Valhalla released a $40 DLC that wasn’t in the Gold/Ultimate edition so it could be worse
  2. The other issue with the BAP trophy is exactly that. You cheese it so that all the sliders are in your favor so that scoring goes quicker, but that makes it all the worse and more boring to go through. I much preferred online trophies here like winning 1’s and 3’s or reaching or winning HUT Division 1 back in the day. More challenging but at least you could get through normal gameplay (if you were good enough).
  3. CEO’s and the like are always the boogeymen. Just how it goes. They are easy targets for whatever disgruntlement (or envy) you may have.
  4. Looks the same as so many previous installments. They really need to change up these trophies. And why breaking Gretzky’s record in Be A Pro again? That grind wasn’t fun the first time (I still haven’t finished it lol). Skipping this one. Doesn’t look too difficult but need something new, gameplay or trophy wise, to pull me back. As an aside, I don’t like the look of the cover. Prefer the action shots in NHL gear.
  5. Definitely buggy. I was over 1M rep but when it counted in the safe house, it showed something like 198K rep x 5 which is under 1M. Its the second time I did the tedious downtown skills method to get over 1M and not get the trophy. I might go for 1.1 M too to play it safe.
  6. Yeah, this trophy is glitchy. I did this using the speed trap and jump in Downtown area that is recommended. Very boring. I had just a little over 1M rep and when I went to the safe house, I knew I was in trouble as it started calculating my rep as something like 199,000 x 5 which is a little under 1M so no trophy. I don’t have any sort of XP/Rep multiplier that I know of. This after I had done it before only to be flagged down by a cop and wrecked/busted as I was finding a safe house in my previous attempt. Double ugh. WARNING to all. Make sure you get comfortably OVER 1M as this trophy is a little glitched.
  7. Had they kicked the FG, Buffalo likely wins 27-23. They were right there anyway. Harbaugh has always been aggressive and no way he could trust his defense. I know people say parity every season but it is really true this year. A ridiculous percentage of games have been decided by 3 points or less. For the most part, can’t tell which teams are good, which ones are bad, and which are lucky. So many feel interchangeable.
  8. Jumps are good. You can also drive into the water. When you respawn, they are often crashed (I assume having driven into the water as well).
  9. People do weird things for trophies. I know a lot of here can spend dozens/hundreds of time boosting online or doing some crazy offline grind for something they don’t really enjoy!
  10. It is an error on the site then. Not the first time. They are good sites and accurate 99% of the time but there have been errors. These two have always been $14.99 in the U.S.â-batman-expansionâ-looney-tunes-expansion This one shows an introductory price of $10.49 but I think it is bad data:â-monster-trucks-expansion
  11. Much better than Hot Pursuit or Rivals IMO. This one is more regular racing, without the gimmicky gadgets.
  12. Well, that is progress. How do you know though? It seems like only one person has earned it (hard to say if legit) and nothing was mentioned in the patch notes,
  13. Did not pop for me in MyTeam but I got it in a Play Now game. Try another time.
  14. Well the decision was between converting the 4th and 5 AND then also converting what’s likely to be a long FG versus making the really long FG. I still think they should’ve gone for it but it wasn’t totally crazy. And damn, if he didn’t nearly make the FG as it was. That was me (well, not the Browns fan part). Thanks Nick Chubb. You have to feel for the fanbases of those two franchises. Each has to be thinking “how are we going to lose today?” With the level playing field (salary cap, and then draft and schedule help given for losing), it is insane that neither has made a single Super Bowl in over half a century!
  15. Which level are you referring to? The one in Aceman’s post just above yours? Or an earlier one mentioned in the thread?