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  1. Well I preferred Battlefront I to Rogue One so...
  2. Solution, need more microtransactions!
  3. The Eagles saw it coming too, look at how they bunched up and crowded the LOS. Just couldn't stop it.
  4. One down (The Crew 2), two more to go.
  5. Nice win but they were closer to being right than I expected!
  6. Was not pretty but Saints pulled it out after an awful start. BD Nick retuned to form. Maybe no controversy at QB for the Eagles next year.
  7. It’s amazing, they go from highly touted Wentz to Foles and turn from a .500 team to possible repeat Champions. Wentz is is a very good QB himself but hard to go back to him (and bench Foles) next season.
  8. Not expecting the Eagles to compete. The only close-ish game of the weekend the Rams/Cowboys. If not for that long conversion by Goff’s run on the 3rd and long, the Cowboys had a decent shot to tie it up. Gurley getting his, I can understand. But Gurley AND Doughboy CJ Anderson? I would have liked to see if the Dallas D could completely shut down the Saints again. But Saints/Rams and Chiefs/Pats should be explosive.
  9. Lol, I did the same thing, wasted 40K on a special crate thinking it was a daily crate or free giveaway crate, whoops! And it wasn’t even the camo look, it was a red accent one that looks a lot like the default look.
  10. The Crew 2 You’re THE Driver, Baby Fun game, I recommend it.
  11. Yeah, and if you think the Rams have it hard, they are still vastly more popular than the Chargers. More history in L.A., a one-year head start this go-around, and a better located temporary stadium. That said, I understand the lack of support to some degree. It has been forever since they had football so fans have had long-time rooting interests in other teams. Some will eventually convert to the home town team but many won't. I know I never would if I lived in L.A.
  12. Maybe you have already done this but I think there is a certain section you have to check (like to see your badges? Maybe missions?). It has been so long since I earned it that I don't remember. I do see someone earned it after you posted this so it must still be active.
  13. Ha, thanks for the kind words. The Cowboys are certainly a national team (America’s Team) so I understand the hate among fans. And yes, I am a Virginian who liked the Cowboys from very young but my older brother was a big ‘Skins fan and I was always contrarian. I suffered through some lean years in the 80’s (my childhood) for sure. Dating myself I know.
  14. Agree with all of that but as a Cowboys fan, having the NFC Championship at home to beat a despised rival a 3rd time would be nice. But shutting down Brees and company a 2nd time works too. Just got to get by the Rams...
  15. Does the XP needed to go up each additional level keep increasing all the way to 50 or does it max out at a certain level (what is needed to move to the next level)?