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  1. you act like any of these were prevalent. They weren’t. The only one I heard off was the PS3 YLOD which was not an issue at launch as it was many years down the road. Nothing like what Microsoft encountered with the Red Ring of Death. Simply put, I trust Sony hardware a lot more than I do Microsoft (Predominately a software company) hardware. As do electronics experts.
  2. I had them all before besides the beach one so they must have already been free (at some point anyway)
  3. Pederson just won the Super Bowl. His seat is not hot.
  4. We got the NES when I was young. It was fun because what else did you have, but 95% of the games were so basic. No depth, no replayability. You bought a cartridge and so much of the time saw everything there was to see within an hour. Even the “good” games like Super Mario Bro’s were artificial in that it forced you to play the early levels of the game over and over to see later levels. Kids don’t know how good they have it today. It is a gaming paradise comparatively.
  5. As someone who has the Sleeping Dogs plat and can’t even remember what that race was, I would imagine this one is much more difficult 😁
  6. Forbes and others are reporting the demand for the discless version of the ps5 is far outpacing the demand for the one with the disc. That many are settling and paying the extra $100 because that is all they can get ahold of. I want the one with a disc but I think a lot more are ready to crossover than you realize.
  7. The backlash would be worse then you can imagine because yes, people buy kudos with real money. Crowns aren’t getting reset either or else they’d be warning us about it (and there would be ample backlash to that too).
  8. 35K XP is way too much for a season, especially when you’ve seen all content/patterns/strategies in the first 10K. They need some double XP events as the game gets way too repetitive after a week. Trying to finish the grind before the reset but even the welcomed changes to events can’t keep this game fresh.
  9. Loose it? Better tighten up!
  10. My hope is that since Mafia I is now released, they have the resources to go back and fix this. They fixed it before (only to break it again by releasing the definitive edition). We’ll see...
  11. Not my type of sale. Not sure I would get around to playing any of these if they were given to us free on Plus. Maybe a Yakuza but my backlog is big.
  12. Yeah, I read it as clear as day, that it would only be for the ps5. An incentive to get the console since there aren’t many games at launch.
  13. 5. I have won every event once (and I believe Fall Mountain twice) so I guess I have a chance no matter the final. I still cringe when I see Hex-a-gone coming. Or Royal Fumble but that has few people in it so you know when it’s coming. I need Jump Showdown to show up more often. If I can make the press on to Level 40 before the end of the season, I should have 7 episode wins and 20 race wins by then at my current pace.
  14. I enjoy Fall Ball for a team event but do agree it comes up too often. At least there are no more 4v5 matches before the final, those were the worst, Rock ‘N Roll ball is my favorite as I always advance. Hoopsie Daisy is good too. Hoarders, Team Tag tail, and Chicken Egg thing bore me to tears.
  15. Same boat here but I am “only” level 37 and will be away some before the season ends. There is a very real chance I don’t finish the grind this season which would be a real shame as it is very unlikely I ever play this much again as the game lacks staying power. I will definitely check our Season 2 - for about a week I’d guess.