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  1. Yes, I saw this on truetrophies the other day. Looks really easy (and quick). Could be north of 20% potentially. From a quick scan, nothing difficult or really that time-consuming. In fact, I can’t come up with what will be the rarest trophy (outside the platinum). I will definitely pick this up at some point this year, once I get a ps5 that is!
  2. I have not had a girlfriend in what feels like forever. Of course, my wife would not be fond of that.
  3. Far Cry 5 has pretty good fishing - and a trophy for it. (It’s not the main focus of the game of course, sort of like RDR2 in that regard)
  4. A fool and his money are soon parted. I don’t love microtransactions but it is largely cosmetic focused which is perfectly fine with me. Let others invest in this (they see a value to it or would not buy it). The revenue generated from it gets re-invested into those same games (season release content) and into future games. Without micro-transactions, the price of games would be higher than they are currently. I am certain of it. In real-time $$ , gaming is cheaper than ever. Yes, consumers need money management skills. This has always been the case. Let’s not pretend these same consumers who buy microtransactions would not just spend that same money on additional games they just add to the backlog and never get around to playing. Or lottery tickets. Or cigarettes. Or soda. Or whatever consumable that is not really needed.
  5. you have 327 plats (and a whopping 477 games played) and you avoided the Uncharted series!? Oh my. Glad you found it! Uncharted 2 is a big step up btw.
  6. I think that sport is actually called Commie Kickball 😉
  7. it’s real. Just watch the trailer. April Fool’s is not that big of a thing that you have to completely avoid that day for real news lol.
  8. Check this site for pricing and to see previous sales: This is for the Season Pass, which has been $11.99 USD with PS Plus. You can put in the region of your choice or search for individual DLCs.
  9. to your earlier question, can you play through the career on easy setting to make it go quicker?
  10. I am not sure (someone else can probably answer better) but my guess is through a patch that checks if you own the license for the full blown game. If you turn off automatic updates and do not install the patch, then you could continue playing. Of course, you’d miss out on any online trophies after the patch goes live. Again, just speculating.
  11. Game for fun. Trophies are secondary. You are the primary actor here. You choose which games (and gaming models) you play.
  12. I bet they release a patch that will block the full release content of this “trial”. Pinball Arcade accidentally released all tables for free and then patched it. Nonetheless, I am downloading now.
  13. Perfect! Or to host the Super Bowl
  14. So are AFC teams hosting NFC for every 17th game this season? And reverse it the following year. If so, that is better. Bit if teams competing each other for playoff spots (i.e. in the same conference), if some have 9 home games and other have 8 home games, that is less than ideal. They are getting rid of pre-season games to “make up” for it from a health perspective but it’s not really the same.
  15. Perhaps you can earn the platinum from this “trial” after all.