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  1. No change except NBA 2K16 is now at 0.02%. Going to be hard to top that one!
  2. 49ers will be interesting next year. On paper, they should do well. They have a losing record under Kyle Shanahan at this point. Yes, injuries have obviously been bad but remember, this is the NFL where injuries typically take out so many key players from nearly every team. At some point, it is next man up. If they miss the playoffs again in 2021, I don’t want to hear the injury excuse again. And the SB season will be the outlier.
  3. Simply calculate the odds for yourself as (1/n)^5 where n is the average number of episodes it takes you to get a win. 60 is just the average. Like I said, if you are really good you might win one of every 10 episodes. Just plug in your norm.
  4. Very strange there is no physical version in the U.S. for the PS4 or PS5 versions. I enjoyed the Monster Energy Supercross (stadium series) but found MXGX3 quite underwhelming (atrocious graphics). From the trailer, it looks much improved, so I may pick up later when discounted! EDIT - actually looking at the reviews here from a couple who have played, this might be one to avoid
  5. Simply put, IF there are 60 people playing a round, and only 1 can win, the average is 1 win in 60 games. Note, sometimes the episodes start with 50+ players and sometimes there are multiple winners like in Jump Showdown but that is just noise at the margins. Really good players might win 1 in every 10 games, so their chance of winning Infallible legitimately would be (1/10)^5. Feel free to put in whatever number is your win rate and calculate. If you win on average every other episode (highly doubtful), odds would be (1/2)^5. Still not great. On the other hand, lousy players might win 1 in every 200 games. But the average is 1 in every 60 games. Of course the more you play, the better your odds. Not only do you improve, but you have more and more chances to break through. So if you play Fall Guys all the time, your odds improve by sheer volume of attempts. Still extremely low odds even for the elite 1) once the exploit was removed and 2) if there aren’t small 20-person events.
  6. Hells no, I am not doing those pigeons unless they mark them and which ones you’ve done on the mini-map.
  7. Infallible achievers fell off a cliff between the time the exploit was fixed and the new hexagon limited mode. More modes like that will definitely increase the achievers. Very few completed it legitimately in full 60 people modes without the exploit - and it was still very difficult/time consuming then and often required a coordinated effort.
  8. Using 1,037 people as a player base makes little sense since it only counts people who have recently earned a trophy. So many are past that point. As noted above, the hexagon mode (20 ppl total) and only 3 rounds increases the chances a lot. He will simply pointing out the odds for an AVERAGE player (not an elite or even very skilled) in 60 people episodes. No need to jump him.
  9. Never said it was a problem. Just explaining the dynamic. Modes like this increase the odds (still low but the first real chance at it since the exploit was patched).
  10. Most of that was with the new hexagon only map, which is 20 people total and only 3 rounds. Before that, it was a ghost town for people earning the trophy once the exploit was patched.
  11. Easily Conan Exiles. Even with the admin console, it is a tedious, soulless experience. I usually avoid PS Plus titles like this - and this case, wish I had!
  12. I got it from pulling the goalie in the last 3 minutes and tying it while a man down in regulation, and then winning 5v5 in OT.
  13. I own both versions now and am contemplating the same but am leaning to the PS4 version. I think they fixed the worst bugs, plus I much prefer the Dual Shock controller and have the ability to take screenshots which I enjoy.
  14. Oh I don’t care about anyone’s profile but my own (and that only to a certain extent). But those who played Fall Guys know the true story of the plat. Nothing more.
  15. Most of the people who earned it did with the exploit. They are also the ones most vocal against changing it lol. I agree devs can put in whatever difficulty they want (as long as they are not bugged). But that in the neighborhood of 90% seemed to earn Infallible via the exploit (still difficult and time-consuming), this plat will forever be in question. I don’t think they should change the requirements after the fact though.