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  1. Thinking back, I remember when “Reunion” with Dave Annable was cancelled just before completing the initial season, so we were left with an open mystery. Every episode reflected a different year in their lives; it had me hooked. There are a lot of shows I loved (Breaking Bad, The Wire, The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Homeland, etc) but most sort of ran their course instead of being cancelled per se.
  2. I really liked the premise of both of these shows but couldn’t get through the first season. Maybe because it was network TV and I am more used to grittier, more compelling HBO-type programming but the whole time I was watching I was thinking these series were kind of shallow and would be so much better if they were produced by HBO.
  3. With the new paid season passes, I could also see this to be the time they drop daily challenges. If they do keep them, it definitely won’t be crown fragments! Kudos only.
  4. Seems perfect. Just like mayonnaise is questionably a food, My Name is Mayo is questionably a game.
  5. Ha, agree, really hard to read for those not using a dark mode. The other thread with the sane game listing content also uses gray on white, go figure. 😩
  6. I mention this on a different thread but this is my plan too. I am already halfway through the Amethyst token board and have token rewards left from proving grounds (only have 70 stars so far working through the 1st tower) and a few lifetime challenges not yet completed. Also, for those in no rush, Diamond superstars may very well be offered in the future through Weekly Towers, Packs, or Locker Codes. This will be many months out but when the game is winding down I bet they diamonds will be more readily available.
  7. You are ahead of me but this is the path I am on too. My 4th and 5th Diamond cards will most likely be from token rewards, but it is possible I get via Weekly Towers, Packs, or Locker Codes. All three of those if they were to happen would be some time down the road (several months) so it is most likely I build up the tokens before through proving grounds, briefcase rewards, daily challenges, and log-in rewards.
  8. Good to know. I like trivia games so had it on my wishlist. But $40? It’s regular price shows as $9.99.
  9. Seems like a natural tie-in with My Name is Mayo
  10. I just did this on PS4 and it popped fine. On PS5, it and Head-to-Head would not pop. I replayed a couple of times to no avail. Eventually, after dashboarding a couple of times, I loaded back up the save and Head-to-Head popped. Same issue with Bragging Rights. I left the save immediately after the Super Bowl win and reloaded periodically. Eventually, it popped but it definitely took awhile (a couple of hours) and multiple times closing the app. Buggy. Mine was a cloud save. At some point between getting Head-to-Head to pop and not getting Bragging Rights to pop, I did the Play Now SB for Already in Progress.
  11. I plan to get the final 2 Diamonds sometime down the road, either through packs or possibly new events - but the problem there is that earlier events lock you from playing later events. Just don’t have the energy to play through all of those Proving Grounds events on Legendary. Token shop will take care of the rest of the Amethyst. I think I have 7/10 currently. Maybe over enough time, I will be able to get my last 2 Diamonds that way, if they give out tokens via Locker Codes, etc. I could also see them adding new Faction Wars prizes at some point (> 500) that could include Diamonds.
  12. All online (MyFaction) trophies are against AI only. You don’t even have the option to play those against another player.
  13. On sale for $2 now, think I might take the plunge.
  14. Lol, even the mods are trolling (or bored: these days. 😂 Including Jim Ryan (or any head of company) in the title is always sure fire way to create drama as seen already in the replies.