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  1. Just played this, definitely enjoyed it even if the political correctness was so heavy handed it took you out of the immersion. We get it already, all people of color and gay people are good, white people are mean-spirited and if Southern, then definitely racist rednecks. The settings and artwork were great and the soundtrack fit nicely. My Sean and Daniel caused a lot of carnage along the way so no way they were stopping at the border. We escaped and somehow started a body shop even though we knew nothing about auto repair, umm, okay. The other thing that was odd is that Sean could be caring to Daniel one moment and scolding the next, the flow was messed up. Anyway, I look forward to Life is Strange 3.
  2. That is a lot of sports games! I platted some of them but agree, they aren’t for the faint of heart!
  3. The only XBox exclusive I miss is Forza. I think those would be fun. Maybe Alan Wake if they still have those? But I can’t imagine not having access to the Uncharted series, The Last of Us, Spider-man, MLB The Show, etc. Unless you are a Halo nut (zero interest here), I don’t see the lineups as remotely comparable. But in the end, hopefully Xboxers enjoy their lineup better but I am happier than ever that I started and continued with PlayStation.
  4. I still need to do a Kill playthrough but will likely wait. It looks like No Loose Ends is still being earned, not sure why it is glitching for some but not others.
  5. So I rented LiS2 disc and yes, realize it is only Episides 1-4. So if I buy Episode 5 will I be able to play that without the disc? Or for some reason, would it require the disc to be in?
  6. same, I guess it is a nice to have but I don’t plan on selling my PS4. I still have my PS3 not that it gets much play. I guess it would be nice if my PS4 ever dies but until then....
  7. Why is a boosting thread allowed in some games but every other one gets shut down by a mod and linked to start a gaming session? More of a curiosity thing, are some games just grandfathered in?
  8. as far as I know, yes
  9. I recently bought the Season Pass for $6 as I also have the base game from PS Plus. But the question is do I ever get around to playing it. Quite the backlog and Spider-man comes first.
  10. This. No idea what the argument against cross-play with other Consoles is. Seems petty to be against. Why not build up the player base.
  11. there was a Federal holiday Monday. Not surprising that things got shifted out a day.
  12. Got to imagine The Last of Us 2 is a given. Looking forward to NHL 21. This series oddly missed the first year of PS4.
  13. But sadly no new trophies. Not sure why Ubisoft never released DLC trophies for The Crew or The Crew 2; they do for nearly all of their other games and they have certainly added a lot of content post-launch. Hobbies are Racer, Explorer, and Collector.
  14. For those whining about Call of Duty WW2 Season Pass, it is already on sale for 60% off.
  15. Damn, already own/platted that but a huge month for PS Plus. Night and day difference from this month for sure.