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  1. frozen? Turn up the temperature?
  2. I know you can use the other cheats without disqualifying it, I want to make sure you can turn on Lock-On Aim too? thanks!
  3. Looking for 90% completion by the end of the year. Not sure on platinum count, maybe 10-12.
  4. This is good stuff. 😁 You should add it to the Gauntlet board so it stays visible (and not lost in the shuffle)!
  5. One of the Sherlock Holmes or The Raven. More tedious than I expected.
  6. That Sparkled Collect all 20 Magic Tokens on the Safe Cracker table (Pinball FX3)
  7. Ok, this is easy. FullBlast, Super Destronaut, Midnight Deluxe, Jack N’ Jill DX, and InkSplosion! Oh, no I didn’t. My picks are: 1) The Crew As a racer this was adept, but I enjoyed exploring, cruising around, finding different landmarks and activities (award points) to check off. 2) Star Wars: Battlefront No single player campaign but the multiplayer was a lot of fun. The maps were great, plenty of different modes (Cargo and Droid Run my favorites), progression system and Star cards well done, and sound and visuals on point. The sequel to this was a disappointment. 3) Rock Band 4 This was released scaled back but they kept adding content and the addition of Rivals mode (weekly challenges with your crew) and Skill Level (keep trying to improve my score/stars on songs to increase this) meant I play this a lot! 4) Detroit: Become Human Still prefer Heavy Rain as my favorite from Quantic Dream but this one stands up well in its own right. Good story and voice acting and playing through for different results never felt like a chore. 5) Mafia III I can’t believe I haven’t played Mafia II yet (backlog) but I enjoyed this one a lot. A little repetitive but the story is strong and New Orleans is a great venue and I love the music. WRNX or whatever the classic rock station is has to be my favorite in any video game. Like The Crew, I could just get lost in driving around and doing miscellaneous activities. Honorable Mention: Pinball FX3 So much fun to just play casually or go after all the trophies (very rewarding to achieve). They keep adding tables and this one has a lot more extras than Zen Pinball 2 as far as special challenges and I enjoy unlocking the secret character rewards.
  8. right, I prefer not to add a host of 0% games my active profile either and drop down completion rate to something non-meaningful. I will read through the other links now, thanks for sharing.
  9. Yeah, that is a workaround but hoping to eliminate ALL of the games I don't own or have an interest in. It would also be nice to see a trophy listing of "owned but not started games" (or whatever it is called, "wishlist"?) where I could see the trophies and guides for all of these games I wanted to without having to search each game 1 by 1.
  10. I would love to have a filter to add games to that I own but have not started to some sort of list so I can check out Gaming Sessions and see if there were good ones I wanted to participate in. I expect many others have a much larger backlog and would benefit from this. Even if I could not officially join those sessions (0% progress), I could respond and join that way.
  11. 40,000 replies!! I dare anyone to read every page; it would take over a week to read it all! I find this topic is hilarious, 40,000+ posts of which maybe 10 have been read.
  12. Bought the Williams Pinball Vol 3 pack. Been meaning to get that. Might get Momonga Pinball Adventures for $1.97. Anyone play that?
  13. The Lannister army was never much let's be honest, some religious zealots easily overpowered it and imprisoned Cersei. How the heck could that have happened. I was not expecting much of a fight, even with only 1 dragon remaining.
  14. Have separate rarity leaderboards then, one for base game content and one for DLC OR just open up every game so that the number of people who can earn it = the numbers of players on that console. It is like saying, well they could earn trophies if they purchased said game (same for said DLC). That a trophy is more rare because it includes a lot of people who cannot earn it will never sit right with me. And if for some odd reason, I want to see that skewed statistic, I can see it on other websites like psntrophyleaders. You might as well remove the whole rarity statistic if you use the base game owners for the DLC trophies. Mixing apples and oranges. I don't know that game but your premise is faulty. The 100% has to be much rarer than platinum in EVERY situation because you need the platinum PLUS MORE in order to get it. The platinum is just a subset of the 100%. Nothing in this necessitates that there has to be a trophy more difficult (or rare if you prefer) in the DLC than there is in the base game. Often there isn't.
  15. It messes up the rarity trophy %'s in a major way. Everyone's most rare trophies would be DLC because most folks don't own the content, they have no chance to even get the trophy. That should not play into rarity numbers or might as well count the whole playstation 4 population with the opportunity to get said trophy. I know we will have to agree to disagree at this point. And edit, I understand your point, I just don't think it is worth it at the expense of really screwy rarity percentages.