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  1. I replaced the 500 GB with a 2 TB internal drive a few years ago and have been fine since.
  2. Can’t be any worse than Need for Speed since forever.
  3. Wasn’t my favorite of the Telltale series but would still be cool....
  4. Agree, with others that this is my gaming history so it ALL stays, missed trophies because of glitches, servers being shut down unexpectedly, games I did not enjoy or have the time to play, etc. Allowing folks to delete trophy lists is asking for trouble. Imagine when someone gets an ultra rare plat erased from a hacker or unintentionally does it themselves. And yeah, it would totally mess up relative trophy rarity %’s on this site. And your own milestones.
  5. yes, if you can only play it once!
  6. I have done 2 (I think), these games would have to be $1.99 or go on sale for $1.99 for me to get more.
  7. Absolutely! There are many games that I don’t know if my progress is being properly tracked and/or how close I am to unlocking the trophy. Rock Band 4 comes to mind.
  8. I am curious how many hole shots and wins I have - and of course how much mileage. Any way to check this? EDIT - I found it. It is not in the menu but you can bring up your profile (stats) by using TouchPad from the main menu. Everything is listed in Personal Records. I am close in wins and hole shots but nowhere near in mileage (not surprisingly).
  9. Looks like a nice DLC, but rather disappointing there are no trophies tied to it.
  10. yes, it will definitely get cheaper. It depends how long you want to wait. But like the first season and before the storm, I am sure it will be offered for $3.99 or whatever for the whole season. I’d guess by summer it will be under $10. Maybe a spring sale?
  11. not sure what Wife Swap is or how long ago this occurred, but I will have to look that up!
  12. thanks, I will look these up if I need more at the end. Somehow the first hole shot trophy was my first achieved on the Anaheim II tutorial race, unintentionally. I must be a natural lol but I am guessing that is an easy one to achieve too.
  13. If I go to single event, it only lets me choose between 450, 250 East, and 250 West and immediately loads a track. I don’t see how to load a custom online track in a single event? Am I suppose to be going into the Multiplayer section?
  14. thanks. I will have to look again. Once I selected a class, it immediately loaded me into a race (Minneapolis for example). I will look closer in case I missed an option.
  15. Just started this game. Method still works with Patch 1.13
  16. Given the remaining schedules, I bet the Cowboys/Eagles winner finishes at least 8-8. It is silly they host a game but in the bigger scheme not that big of a deal. If the wildcard from SF/Seattle were really a legit Super Bowl contender then it should be seen as a layup home or away. If they lose, they were never getting there anyway. The real playoffs start in the divisional round and are business as usual. So while it was cheap when the Seahawks won the NFC West at 7-9 and won a game, the were bounced in the next game. The Cardinals won the NFC West at 9-7, only way they were making the playoffs, and actually made it to the Super Bowl but that is quite unusual.
  17. Fun little game.
  18. no worries, I got it using the 50 gold player method.
  19. Renting should work and give you access to download the last episode as long as you have the disc in. It knows you have a license. That is how Telltale games worked.
  20. Manning Tragic. More career losses than wins now. Nah, that does not work. The NFL season is a lot more interesting because of division (and conference) races. Just seeding by power rankings sounds terrible in that they are arbitrary (some sort of committee deciding?) and division rivalries would not mean much. These games the next few weeks will be a lot more because of division races and playoff positioning. In his method, if you finish with a power ranking of 5-7, who really cares which one. Also, for his power rankings this week, having the Eagles jump up 6 spots because they rallied to beat the hapless Giants at home in OT? Ummm, no.
  21. Can’t believe I benched Brees in the first round of Fantasy Football playoffs. I was a believer in the SF defense, whoops. Fortunately, Tannehill did well too and I should advance. Pats making it interesting against KC. Brady with the 4th down run oh my.
  22. Conan Exiles by a WIDE margin
  23. Agree, Eli has not been good in many, many years and largely had a slightly above average career. He has good cumulative stats from playing so long in a pass friendly league but was seldom a top 10 QB within a season. He gets credit for the 2 Super Bowl runs (miracles?) but his career is largely Phillip Rivers-esque. But those two SBs, playing in a big market, and having the last name of Manning will get him into the HOF. Coaching AND GM/Owner issues. Jerry Jones should not be anywhere near football decisions.
  24. New content means ideally new trophies but I doubt they bother.