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  1. I was about to buy this but it disappeared from my wish list and I can’t seem to find it through a search. Is it already delisted? ☹️
  2. Yeah, I was looking at it from a PS5 perspective as I really don’t have time/desire to play games twice so I will just play then. My current backlog is ample. But yeah, it sort of applies to either case. In the States, the price is only $10 less than normal PS4 launch prices ($50 vs. $60) but $20 less than most PS5 launch prices ($50 vs. $70).
  3. Well like Uncharted Lost Legacy, it is $20 off full price. So it is already discounted. But with my backlog and not having a PS5, I am definitely waiting anyway and will pick up cheap eventually.
  4. Amazon sales appear live and match many of what you see at other retailers. Shadow of the Tomb Raider definitive edition $12.99 WWE Battlegrounds $14.99 NHL 21 $27.99
  5. Yeah, it is a discounted game at launch. I expect it is similar to Uncharted Lost Legacy. High quality but shorter than a typical AAA game.
  6. a lot of artificial difficulty in those old Super Mario games because when you would lose your lives, you would have to start the game all over. Poor game design as after awhile you got very bored/tired of replaying the opening levels over and over to get to the new levels to be able to learn and pass those. Thankfully, there are checkpoints now and those design flaws are over.
  7. Once again a new list for the PS5 version. Some new trophies for the revamped Career mode and the WNBA ones but it keeps the 594 Domination stars trophy which will probably stay the platinum blocker for most. Will any of these auto-pop if you already have them on PS4 like earning the season ring (Bling Bling) or are you going to have to re-earn everything?
  8. Unlikely IMO. They seem to be done with trophies.
  9. that’s odd, people seem to be earning those still as of today
  10. What specifically? You earned but it did not unlock?
  11. From the PS3 era, I would like Carbon or The Run. From the PS2 era, I would like Underground 1 or 2 or Most Wanted. I was disappointed they chose Hot Pursuit. The only NFS worse (that I played) was Rivals. The whole racer/cop tech gadget thing is fun for about 20 minutes.
  12. Same. That is how I did it and was quite enjoyable in moderation. I used Collector role for most of the progress but daily objectives were nice way to experience more things and get some free XP.
  13. So it sounds like an AC game alright! Clunky controls for climbing have been a staple of the series.
  14. what glitched for you? Everything went smoothly for me and I don’t think I ever read anything about possible glitches.
  15. Congrats on the win, and big game by Thielen who sported the cool-looking cleats in honor of Alex Trebek.
  16. 3 out of 4 levels should be plenty. I forget the color.
  17. It is more difficult now, only the try-hards remain. All of the casuals have long moved on. Plus they added a lot more randomness to the maps so you cannot simply follow the same predetermined path and have success. It was definitely always very hard (combo with luck). But now, it is even more extreme.
  18. I had my PS3 vertical and my PS4 horizontal. For space reasons, my PS5 will be vertical.
  19. Joke is on him if he has it set to get notifications with each new reply 😂
  20. Of course they are as are most Hollywood types. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t heavy-handed. Same tropes we have seen time and again in media. Like I said, I still enjoyed it, even with a fair share of eye-rolling and predictability.
  21. Will I need a PS Pro to be able to run this? And does it include a free upgrade to the PS5 version?
  22. looks like the patch comes out tomorrow and it should address
  23. Oh yeah, Shadow of the Tomb Raider (definitive edition) for $12.99 from Best Buy is another one I am interested in.
  24. Thanks for the update. Never heard of Meijer (maybe local/regional) but some good deals overall. Best Buy has Watch Dogs Legion for $29.99, not listed. Games I am interested in: Star Wars Fallen Jedi - $24.99 (Best Buy/Target) Star Wars Squadrons $16.99 (GameStop) NHL 21 - $27.99 (Best Buy) Need for Speed Heat - $14.99 (Target) Wreckfest - $14.99 (Best Buy) WWE Battlegrounds - $14.99 (Target) Should know Amazon soon!
  25. Yeah, I think we are mostly agreeing, having no Diggs makes it much harder on both Thielen and Cousins. Thielen is getting a lot more attention this year instead of being a WR2 to your point.