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  1. This trophy is nothing but randomized nonsense. Got it on my second playthrough: completed three main missions, first of each resistance character missions, went around the whole map for scanning the collectibles. Got it on what seemed to have been around 60.
  2. Any fellow members in Australia having an issue getting into a match? Been trying to matchmake all three modes and get nothing for long minutes
  3. Getting this error message aswell on my PS4. Haven't tried on my PSVITA or PS5
  4. Can confirm this aswell, thought I could plat the whole game on PS5 but it was playing like trash so I had to do it on the PS4
  5. I have a question about this. I just finished New Game+ on Ultimate Difficulty, after that I set it to Friendly Neighborhood on the same save file. Will i still get the two trophies autopopped on PS5?
  6. Unfortunately I haven't had luck with getting it on the Vita still. My friends could only get from doing it on their PS3 with split screen. Seems to be the only way to get this trophy and the platinum.
  7. Is your comment regarding doing a matchmaking ranked match or Co-op? At times id instantly connect to a ranked match with a player im helping out, other times longer or never happened.
  8. I had no problem with matchmaking in ranked with other players. Especially if they're on the PS3 and I'm on the Vita.
  9. I've played this game entirely on the PSvita. Managed to get the ranked match trophy with a friend and other PvP trophies. I've finished every campaign trophy solo except for this trophy. I only the Vita and not the PS3, it's been a week since I'm stuck unplatinumed because of this one trophy. Anyone having issues connecting over to the Co-op campaign on Vita?
  10. Is anyone having trouble with this trophy? I've been trying to get in a ranked match with a friend to get the trophy over with. No luck with matchmaking for hours.
  11. What's the new best time for S.S.D.D? The trophy about BX's best time
  12. Would MW2 remastered have the same Veteran exploit with COD4 Remastered?