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  1. Yep. As soon as I started boosting it was pretty easy. So I've S ranked all the 4 roadster races and unlocked both vehicles, got the half life truck and gloves, got the cyberpunk motorybike and silver gloves what else is needed apart from all the gold and silver skeletons/armour/gloves?
  2. The races are a joke, gonna take a while to S rank them all. Thats all I can unlock as well I feel as though I'm doing somthing wrong, how do you boost?
  3. How hard is it to S rank all the races I always hate racing sections in games.
  4. This is were I found it
  5. So will the first game remastered get a seperate trophy list for this or will it just be the same version bundled with 2&3?
  6. One of my operators died and it says they will be avaliable in 2 hours? I thought this was permadeath or can't you use them again after the 2 hours is over?
  7. ID Software just announced that Update 6.66 is coming this fall looks like it's gonna be a multiplayer update judging from the first game there will probably also be new trophies.
  8. So the best way to 100% both games is to just do everything on the PS4 version then transfer save to PS5? Do you have buy the PS4 DLC & PS5 version separately?
  9. So I guess the best way to 100% both PS4 & PS5 is to play all the new content on PS4 then transfer save to PS5? I can't see progress from PS5 transferring to PS4?
  10. So what happens when we unlock the new trophies on PS5? Can we load up the PS4 version and the new trophies will pop on there?
  11. I hope trophies for legends carry over from PS5>PS4 and vice versa once we unlock the new MP trophies on PS5.
  12. Well, the delete saves/reset PS5/play offline method worked for me thank god. 100% now.
  13. I did the reset and then installed Metro again and when I checked my saved games storage it has automatically brought over my old saves? Is that supposed to happen? Edit: Nevermind, deleted my save from the cloud then did another reset to be safe.
  14. Okay thanks going to do it later, annoying I have to do a full reset but if it means getting the last trophy then so be it.
  15. Before I play this DLC for the fourth time I just want to make sure this factory reset, playing offline method does work for Untouchable? Don't want to waste another 3-4 hours again.