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  1. Well, the delete saves/reset PS5/play offline method worked for me thank god. 100% now.
  2. I did the reset and then installed Metro again and when I checked my saved games storage it has automatically brought over my old saves? Is that supposed to happen? Edit: Nevermind, deleted my save from the cloud then did another reset to be safe.
  3. Okay thanks going to do it later, annoying I have to do a full reset but if it means getting the last trophy then so be it.
  4. Before I play this DLC for the fourth time I just want to make sure this factory reset, playing offline method does work for Untouchable? Don't want to waste another 3-4 hours again.
  5. I tried deleting all saves and deleting the game, clearing my PS5 cache and starting out fresh. It did not work. Support told me there's no problem with achievements so I guess were screwed unless enough people complain about it and they change their mind.
  6. I got an email this morning saying the developers have "checked" and all "achievements" are "working" so I guess there's nothing else to do but keep trying again and again until we get lucky?
  7. Ah fuck. Well can cross this game of my to play list then.
  8. The problem was I never died once throughout the whole DLC and I only had to re-load my save once because of a bug where my character didn't use his radio and got stuck in this room after the sniper section. Maybe If I get through the whole DLC on a fresh save without dying or reloading it might work?
  9. Loved the singleplayer campaign and would love to play it again but I'm praying all your MP stuff carries over at least.
  10. Already tried fresh install and new saves. Didn't work 😫
  11. If anyone else is having problems with trophies, please E-Mail 4A Games: [email protected] Also DM them on Twitter @4AGames If enough people contact them, maybe they will be able to fix this.
  12. Nope on my last 2 playthroughs I did not die, in fact I did not die once on my third playthrough!
  13. I did try that but then gave up and deleted my saves and started fresh and still didn't work. Also reloaded my new save and still didn't work. I give up now, I have messaged 4A Games on Twitter and sent them an Email.
  14. Yeah so I just deleted the game and all my saves, cleared my PS5 cache then re-installed the game and started a fresh save on the Sams Story DLC and the Untouchable trophy still did not pop! Not going to waste my time again til they patch it.
  15. Lucky enough I do have 350mbps internet but I really doubt re-installing the game will have any effect but worth a shot.