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  1. ...........
  2. Nonsense. Not every PS4 game will be playable on PS5 day 1, they probably removed it in case people get the wrong idea. They are currently testing over 400 games for PS5.
  3. Hey, maybe a simple list but at least there's no MP trophies this time. Or maybe I've spoken too soon and they add MP as DLC in the future...
  4. Ah your right, on my list they have also been changed. Weird.
  5. So they are being sold separately now with separate trophy lists? The pictures are different to the current ones on my PS4 but the names are the same, however on PSNP the trophy lists simply say Bioshock / Bioshock 2.
  6. Exactly, Mafia 3 is barely 4 years old and was released on current gen. I don't know why people were thinking it would be a remaster. Just the same game with all DLC included. You can even see comparisons on YouTube which shows its just the same.
  7. No Mafia 3 is not a remaster, just the same game with all DLC bundled in.
  8. Awesome! Thanks.
  9. I wonder if Mafia 3: Definitive Edition will have a seperate trophy list to the original?
  10. Are you sure the QTE guide was on GameFAQ? I can't seem to find it.
  11. Really? I played Shenmue 1+2 back in 2018 and I thought they were okay, again they were used quite a lot which I didn't like but I thought they were much easier to handle. Plus there was no 'Hard Mode' on Shenmue which makes the QTE's a lot faster.
  12. Cool I might try that tomorrow, I've just had to rage quit the game😆 Also I think the hard mode trophy is bugged so I might have to re-play it a few times to get the trophy 😑
  13. Well I backed up my save at the start of every chapter so I wouldn't know if you could back up later in the chapter sorry.
  14. I've never been a huge fan of QTE's but this game has been my worst ever experience with them. They are so over used and sometimes just impossible on hard difficulty, I've just got to a section in Lucas' apartment were all furniture is flying at you and I must have failed about 20 times (still haven't done it). What makes matters worse is the QTE prompts are slightly transparant so sometimes it can be hard to see which one flashes. Rant over.
  15. Is that the part where you are injured and limping? That can be pretty tough on that part I kept tapping L2 very fast and headed strait to the door. I backed up my saves at the start of every chapter starting at chapter 3. I never tried backing up my save right before a enemy encounter but I'm sure you still could and it would not affect the trophy.