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  1. Really hoping there's no new trophies for this update after spending 80+ hours getting the doomsday heist trophies especially with the big backlog of games I want to get through. My trophy list is still saying 100% so nothing has been added yet.
  2. The story is about 15-20 hours long, add about 5-10 hours for side missions. I'm guessing its going to be a 50-70 hour platinum mostly because of that god damn annoying fish trophy.
  3. I take it if you get the collector to 5 stars you unlock Lvl. 3 Backpack Cover?
  4. Yeah still no DLC trophies with what seems to be the last(?) "Chapter" content drop. Definitely going to be uninstalling this. I hope the next Battlefield game in 2021 will be Bad Company 3 and will not be dead on arrival like this Battlefield was.
  5. So glad that Naughty Dog got rid of the multiplayer, the first one did not need it and this one definitely does not. All I want is great single player experiences and that's what Sony has provided this gen.
  6. After the horrible GTA Online DLC trophies I'm happy that RDO hasn't got any DLC trophies yet. I am hoping for some single player DLC though 😉
  7. I still managed to unlock the third ending by completing act 3 then going strait to act 5.
  8. So I completed the first two acts obeying and disobeying the director once and instead of going strait to the final act I accidentally started Act 3, can I still unlock the third ending after completing the third act and going strait to chapter 5 or will I have to start a new game?
  9. Getting sick of this New Game+ DLC sh*t. New Game+ should be avaliable at launch and hardly counts as "DLC".
  10. Looks like it's got 3 different endings and no trophy for collectibles which is nice. Most of the trophies look story related so it will probably be a strait forward platinum.
  11. It would be nice if we could delete trophy progress 5% or under instead of 0%. Doubt it will happen though.
  12. As other people have mentioned there is 1 more slot saying coming soon on the additional tombs list so I guess they will add a free DLC in the near future.
  13. So can you unlock all 3 trophies in 1 playthrough or will it take 2?
  14. I finally did it today after work, I guess it would have made it a lot easier If I had unlocked more characters instead of choosing to unlock skills which I didn't use 🙃
  15. 😂 I am just terrible at these type of games, I was stupid and thought it would be easy.