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  1. Hey_Its_Mr_Jay The Last of Us Part II As noted in the forum the game glitched on me, my time stamps are legit other than the upgrade trophy which did not pop until the final upgrade for some reason.<br /> I have no idea why on earth this happened either. Random Heroes: Gold Edition This was simply the vita glitch gone wrong.<br /> I uploaded it and it loaded only a select few trophies, so I played the game again and uploaded a second time and it worked but with timestamps all over the place.<br /> <br /> I am guessing someone took the effort to report me which really hurts that someone would do that as I know I'm not a cheater, I put my honest time and money into these games to have fun and compete not be called a cheater
  2. I paid £25 for this and yet somehow still feel ripped off for what's with it. It's makes the actual games content look minimal 😤
  3. Way easier method for a triple kill is to play birth of sky (overkill personal opinion) rush to the top and run through a few doors and most of the soldiers will be grouped up behind if you were quick enough. You should have a lovely shot here regardless of your eyesight and practically get it first or second go hopefully.
  4. Certainly seems a lot more like EA UFC 2 from reading it with a easy career for once strangely?
  5. Better than mine mate I'm too embarrassed to say it 😂 (midnight deluxe) at least 300 was more commendable with ea UFC 3
  6. Any tips for archivist ? I did the delete and reinstall and everything finally unlocked but that I gave up then deleted the profile and tried again I've done 3 runs now and chapter select method but nothing it's a joke 🤬
  7. I just deleted the game and quickly tried one of the trophies that wouldn't pop for me and it's finally popped so hopefully now I can get the platinum without a full third run 🤞🏾try do the same it might help.
  8. I should have the platinum if you check what I am missing sadly I think I will need a third run on a clean save. I've just deleted the disc and installed the data disc again and if that don't work run 3 it is ☹️ might be the same case for you sadly too
  9. I don't get what your trying to show me by that ?
  10. Probably would be better if it was then there might be a fix then. Apprentice was an annoying one I didn't get that unlocked until halfway leveling up skills 🤔 If only I could do that for collectibles, but I've got them all ☹️ Going to pick them all up in this run and just hope for the best. But I can't help but feel if the ring is not unlocking then the rest wont, as I've collected it so many times now for it to count but no trophy ???
  11. This is a joke now I've attempted getting the ring three times on chapter select but nothing ? Now I started new game+ and still nothing all my stats also say everything is collected and yet I'm missing a few collectible trophies 😤 has anyone else had this issue or is it just me ? I just don't want to have to do a third run to get it all done ☹️
  12. UFC 2009 Undisputed - 0.50% WWE 2K16 - 0.78% Naughty Bear - 0.80% EA UFC 3 - 0.85% WWE 2K17 - 0.88
  13. I've got specialist but apprentice never unlocked, the same as so great and small as well; I cleaned out the bank note ring etc and nothing ☹️
  14. Was going to say just the same I found out the hard way and went back and got gold and it popped
  15. I found doing 2 player helped as well, but once you click to begin and it introduces the players press your centre button (iPhone or Android) it should be player away. This way it's solo the whole way and counts and it's somewhat quicker as you can go about your chores and just tap away until your done, then repeat etc. I know it's not the most effective but it will shave a few minutes more than using two devices every time.