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  1. Great list here Now all I need is a list for dlc, that would be awesome unless I'm blind and miss it 🤔
  2. It can I wasn't able to connect with the guys I was with so I missed out but they managed it with four guys and some skill. It's probably best to try with people in your region although it don't seem region locked as I've matched with a lot of countries all over the place but everytime I tried with people I always got people in my area strangely. But it certainly is doable aim for quite times of the day midweek is fairly quiet and always keep an eye out on the challenge, minute to win it being the best. I managed the final on minute to win it legit but failed at the end ☹️ I hope you get it done though man if you haven't already
  3. There was no key stroke points when I done it not one. I tried it so many times until I gave up and deleted and reinstalled for it to finally work 🙄
  4. I would agree there gta darts is so much better than this 😂
  5. Reinstalled the game and some how it worked ?? I hope this don't happen to anyone else
  6. Has anyone else had trouble with this billboard ? It's the only thing I need for the platinum I've tried using right stick and motion control, clearing the area and starting fresh and god knows how many times I have left it to keep coming back and trying for it to not register at all ?? I've seen a few players on YouTube complain of the same issue but I've not seen a fix so I wondered has anyone else had this issue and solved it ?
  7. Not sure if it is known or not but big warning to people playing this offline. My internet was down for so much of the day when I started this game and I thought nothing of it until I complete it and quite a few trophies didn't pop? My internet finally Came on and my trophies are now slightly out of order but they could be a lot worse. I just thought this might be useful be then again it could just be my bad luck
  8. EVOLVE🦖
  9. Without a doubt the first warface was 100x what this game has turned out to be. What I don't get is why they charged players for a game with no content? It's basically a f2p, wait a minute I'm repeating myself because the first one was and yet 100x better 🤣 I just wish they did more with this though especially paying for it 😤 but unless you get a group of people (which even that seems hard) then ranked can never be played.
  10. I swear there's more chance of the worlds largest man running a marathon before this game ever finds a ranked match. The players are so scarce it's like a ghost town until night when it finally picks up in a slow fashion. Is it really that bad taking money aside?
  11. I'm definitely checking this out man, you mentioned everything Sony took away and gave more. Fantastic idea mate, I hope the site does well for you.
  12. Just cause 3 I really need to do that one day, nice one man 🥳
  13. Nice I never even knew that, I feel so dumb now 🤪🤣🤣
  14. I was wondering the same thing I messaged a few that genuinely looked like they had legit profiles, but no answer. But they 100% club is full of them in slightly quicker times than that too, with many not playing ps5 version.
  15. Max Payne 3 I never got round to playing it, congrats though man