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  1. I've searched everywhere to see if I can some form of a list for this as it would be hugely helpful. I'm doing this on ps now and only just realized I was doing quite a few dlc characters ☹️and without some form of list I would have no clue. Someone on an achievement site thinks you may have to do them all if you have the dlc, so if someone could clarify if this is true that would be hugely helpful.
  2. DMC 4 not played one of those games for years now
  3. Hell if it wasn't such a rip off I would do it with you, I've tried getting a fair price copy for ages now but I can't find it ☹️
  4. Friday the 13th came straight to my mind reading this list. I think it's just a grind, hopefully a fun one.
  5. Just a thought🤔 Due to this current world pandemic the Olympics are now postponed, so what do you think the chances are now of a rerelease or more boring rebranding of the game for 2021. It many ways it makes sense and people will still buy.
  6. Tried again today just to be sure and nothing so I don't know if it's worth chancing if it's that bad now
  7. Such a shame I left it so long ☹️ but thanks for the heads up anyway man
  8. So is this even worth starting now ? I got this some time ago and never got round to it and now I see the sever shutdown I thought I better get started. Plenty of time but I can't seem to get into matches or anything 🙄
  9. Hi if anyone can help I done the legionaries mission a while ago now and visited the tombs but I double checked today as I still need it for the bastion challenge. I flew to each tomb and listened to each one say I passed and let me in then I tried fast traveling and going back in but nothing ? Has this happened to anyone else ? I just don't want a stupid error like this to stop me from getting the platinum ☹️
  10. This is easy to answer for me I'm autistic that alone should say enough. I don't see the big fuss, it's being competitive at the end of the day and you don't have to always enjoy the little tasks on the way to winning. I personally enjoy completing everything and it becomes a bad obsession when I don't so I try not to think about it on the off few occasions it has happened. End of the day some people are not as competitive as others and the ones thats what it really comes down too and people can't be knocked just for enjoying being on top; regardless of what they play.
  11. Like killbomb said you could try another fighter I personally found bass the easiest, Diego and honoka I was stuck on for one or two of there challenges but that's me. You might flourish with another character 🤞🏾
  12. What lesson are you stuck on ?
  13. Reason why you might be having trouble boosting is I am 99.9% sure it region locked this year. I not once played anyone outside of the UK I checked every player after my fifth match and they were all from the UK. I mentioned this to a guy from Portugal, he went and found someone near him and boosted straight away. So I can only assume that's the case and maybe you should find a local to you and it may well work. Good luck with it man 👍🏾
  14. Yes they count mate I had about 6 players quit on me after they used all their reversals. I carried on punishing them 😂so I faced the ai as they quit and it still registered as a win. And the trophy popped spot on fifty for me, encase you wondered.
  15. Bass I might be able to help you on if you need it send me a message and I will try share play when I'm free mate.