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  1. Anyone know if the Hong Kong store would be the same version as Japanese or would I need to get a Japanese account specifically ??
  2. No problem man glad it was helpful
  3. As far as I know it’s one guy and he gave up on this a while ago. which makes me question why on earth bloody sell this game then 🤯 This is his email [email protected] if you want to try but I’ve not herd much for a while now
  4. I tried with a grenade method and none could kill me at all 🤔 would it still work if the ai killed me ?
  5. Had no problem with this trophy at all I did the projects and as soon as the bounty was available I complete it I even failed one once rebooted it and got the trophy. Check the projects I think that could be where they are going wrong. each time you activate a safe house it gives you a project with a bounty, I did each of them and got the trophy. not sure if this would help much but you never know.
  6. Fully agree man I’m not for the medic on this game myself as sadly yes I love to Rambo 😂 For some reason I just can’t get on with the class on here but I’ve learned my ways in this game, I Rambo next to people and watch there back 😎 I never run off or out in the open. I don’t ever blame the medic I just blame the lame players that take the stupid! Running Rambo approach (I’m smart Rambo) they just run like headless chickens trying to get the most kills and boom they are dead 😂too many players do this sadly even medics. frustating the lack of teamwork on this game and the team killing
  7. That will be me then with the times I get on I go it alone a lot. i will take the challenge though 😂 good to see them adding more pvp I just hope you don’t have to go to the dark zone every time you want to start it each time.
  8. Should be low-slung speeder mate
  9. But what are the chances of them getting rid of friendly fire let alone put an option for it 😒 would be great even if there was a vote each game because you know to quit out if even one votes for it.
  10. Probably on a cycle bag and tag only just got put back in this week after a little hiatus. but it’s certainly unfair, I’m just glad I got them done before they went
  11. Your a star man I just did it. so to sum it up now do 3 grenade kills to yourself in a public match, you won’t start with a grenade you have to look for them but they are not too hard to find. creat a match just to assure yourself time then kill away. after this you will want to go private and concentrate on the streaks and winning. you will be facing ai bots that barely put up a fight so 10 kill streak will be a breeze without any worries. amoungst this you need to win TDM and attack and defend with the highest score you can also steal a bar of gold and return it to your end while doing these non will be to hard again against ai. also a knife and car kill against ai work which won’t be a hassle. battle royale you can start with a friend and get them to quit, I killed someone and won. its very dead at the moment so you shouldn’t have much trouble with it. that should sum most of it, as a rough note it took me around 20 matches against ai making sure I got plenty of kills to obtain officer rank all classes will unlock before then. All that should be left after this should be drivers license,master gunner, target shooter and tank commander. i will admit I was lost at the start and felt like an idiot when I seen what to do 😂 drivers license: get in the car at the start of the training ground and you notice a track just make sure you keep driving round until you get it. master gunner: there will be a tank over facing some cars in the distance just blow one up and the trophy will pop. target commander: you will see a tank next to some targets just simply shoot all the targets down(controls are iffy) Tank commander: there will be a tank parked in a hanger drive it down and to your left you should see a mound in the middle of the track go up it and the trophy should pop. I hope some of this helps Drive round the track I did two laps and got it. the track is noticeable enough there’s posts both side the whole way round
  12. That’s what I meant by private I obtained everything but the grenade kills for some strange reason. being that I done numerous grenade kills in private I did not get it then tried public and it still did not unlock ? I can only but try private grenade kills with a human if someone wants to test it let me know.
  13. Just a hint to many that have browsed this game. near enough the whole game can be done solo against bots. I done everything other than 3 grenade kills and two levels to rank up in private. i did manage 3 grenade kills in pvp just to see but it’s not unlocked so not sure if it’s glitched happy to private match someone tomorrow real quick to test. other than that if the grenade is not much of an issue this can be achieved in a few hours just self boosting. i hope this helps anyone’s thoughts on the trophies
  14. Don’t know I see plenty higher that start shooting there, I think 33 was the highest I seen. i find myself killing eyeone now when people start killing each other then I leave 😡 not many seem to play it to get a good enough team
  15. Hard and nightmare missions were no where near as bad as hq. people leave which I understand when they see low level players, I at least check their pvp kda so it gives some idea of their ability. but regardless of that it’s filled with kids and I don’t know why they just can’t take friendly fire off.