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  1. The latest update popped some for me finally but not all πŸ˜” but after messaging again I truly believe the next update will be it finally πŸ₯³ It's such a hard position to be in for Devs still and I understand all sides, especially as paying customers (well many of us pre ps plus πŸ˜‚) regardless I have even ranted but I would like to thank Josh and the whole velan team. They could of easily ignored us and I honestly believe they have tried their best to make everyone happy and with hopeful fix I couldn't be happier 😊
  2. If it's ok I would like to add if anyone is finding Molotov and grenades slow I would suggest capture the pig. I went between using both and got them a lot quicker there as the team swarms the pig and I easily get a good 40+ kills still. I would advise putting friendly fire on so you team don't end the match too early while you are killing. Helps with other killing trophies that may be annoying like the bow most others are easier in free for all with bots.
  3. I kind of agree with you man it did feel misleading and I am very against the fact that the ps5 version was brought out while the PS4 one was still ridden with bugs that seemingly have a knock on effect to ps5 πŸ™„ I just wish games as a whole were not rushed and so broken nowadays.
  4. I can't but I support the bots idea after seeing how dead it originally got. Although I want to play this version I won't until PS4 one is fixed seeing that I'm still way overdue my platinum there, the new update as usual still did nothing it's a joke πŸ˜”
  5. Its online saved so I really can't see why it wouldn't for at least a majority of trophies eg level, Kos and catches etc
  6. Sadly it's not I still log in daily in hope it will sort my platinum out that I am long overdue πŸ˜” it's full of a few try hard players but even I find certain times of the day it's a bit dead. I've played with a few friends and met up with others in my old crew while chatting to them a few times and that should say enough πŸ˜‚ if you got six players there's a good chance you could probably boost it at certain times with ease. All in all its genuinely a fun game but the bugs for many players make it soul crushing especially if you're like me trying for the platinum.
  7. I was hoping that they would of at least sorted out the PS4 version before releasing this version. I am one of many to be plagued with bugs especially that I'm nearly 4x the required level for the 250k trophy let alone the last few I've done that are 50-100% more than their requirements. On the plus side to those lucky ones that have done it, it's highly likely it's a auto pop with this game being solely online PvP.
  8. Man this games trophies are sooo bugged took me ages to pop the finally mission trophy and I've only just done the resistance shelter one. Just upgrading my weapons now if it works πŸ™„
  9. I don't mind paying the price considering you get the free ps5 upgrade that way I can play completely different for my second run and be as evil as I can πŸ˜‚ Regardless of price this in my opinion is the best life is strange to date and as usual the soundtrack is exceptional. The last of us two may of had some doubters but it was an amazing game with no online play and after a few runs on harder modes it could get repetitive but it didn't stop it selling phenomenally well so who's to say this can't sell well either ? End of the day some people still enjoy a good story to be told.
  10. So level 285 now and still no XP trophy!! That's nearly 3x the amount needed which is insane. Way over 100 contracts too, I forgot to count past 130 but even so 30 over is enough and I know I've done a lot more. Crew contracts I had ten deleted for some reason I have no clue ?? But currently I'm now 44, which is not including the 10 😑 I don't get why so many people are not having issues. I see, so many players recently getting the platinum and I'm just waiting around for it to pop but it just don't feel like it's going to happen. Most of my contracts now are massive grinds which make it harder, if it was fixed. The bugs, bad lag and glitches have major killed this game.
  11. I'm close to 3000 and I've done over 1000 on both PS4 and ps5 if that helps guess the issues this game has πŸ™„
  12. Sucks your having gliches too πŸ˜” I finally had some ray of hope yesterday when I finally got my catch trophy at 2623 catches πŸ™„ assists is yet to come and I'm just shy of 3000 let alone silver 48 and no 250k
  13. Has anyone at all had this happen to them ? I was not long ago playing and when I left a party it was like some of the game reset and it reintroduced me to my hideout and strangely cleared a lot of contracts but not all of them. It cleared all bar the main ones for my assists, catches etc and now I worry it's just never going to work especially being nearly 2000 assists and over 2000 catches. I just don't get why this game has to be so bugged
  14. Elder Scrolls, certainly something I never got round to playing but probably should. Nice one for doing it twice man.
  15. Well comparing to others I know for sure being level 181 many have glitched for me now 😀 250k, 1000 assists + catches, 100 contracts. This is beyond frustrating especially when reading how many people it's happened to and how much further I am than so many and it's still yet to unlock☹️