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  1. I had this issue too and was looking everywhere for answers but just found players with the same issue. I managed to find an issue which I shared on YouTube. Instead on doing the move in the corner how it asks, throw Eddie in the corner and turn him pressing right on the right analogue stick then press circle then square. Hopefully it should work for you. I wonder if this is an update issue as I never had this with the PS4 version? And I seem to see this issue as quite a new one from my search's
  2. No matter what mode your on bots are not that bad hell I pulled up next to players and sprayed and preyed just for a kill 🀣and each time it worked
  3. I hope this is a somewhat useful tip for some people if it's not known already. Oppose to relying on someone to drive while you shoot, you can drive around hunt a few players or bots down that might be easy kills, press x quick and pop away. I did all ten myself solo with no issue especially considering how many bots there are.
  4. Injustice gods among us, I take my hat off to you and anyone getting that done
  5. I finally popped my platinum a little bit back for PS4 after the latest update but ps5 well that's just another issue again. Some how going wayyyyy over the required 1000 catches and even going on and doing many more that trophy will not pop. So frustrating to finally finish one version for the other to ay up worse, I've mentioned this as well to Devs to go unheard with no response at all this last times messaging. Despite all the faults having that response gave the company a lot of credibility to me, because at least it showed I was herd and they cared about their market, opposed to now, they here some good and I'm forgotten with the bad πŸ™„
  6. Although it feels evil I've done it myself and can verify it works 🀣 one guy had enough he decided to get himself killed after I did 10 shotgun kills on him 🀣 if only there was a simple method to level up, now I have all but level and distance it just feels like a chore 😴
  7. A few trap bombs down in the melee weapon shop and equip a katana, pc or ps5 you'll make quick work of even a whole trio. Melee if you pull it off well, in this game is so over powered. So lure your pc enemies in and hopefully you let them have it.
  8. Never have high expectations for a wwe game man come on πŸ˜‚ I buy them everytime but it's been years since it's been half decent. What's worse, what most people consider the best generation on wwe your comparing it to, I would completely disagree as this game wish's it ran like any of the PS2 classics hell it wishes it could run like anything from thq πŸ˜‚ End of the day yeah it's not the best but as you know it's not a mass loved game but hey ho.
  9. I'm having a problem with just take the pod also. When I started going through again I noticed there was no tracking working on my ps5 ? What was more confusing was getting the accolade over and over again. I speed ran city of nomads a few times in a row and everytime I got the accolade. I eventually done all four again but nothing has came to fruition πŸ™„
  10. Fall guys
  11. Crash 4 man I stank at it, I had to do it on my sub account to avoid much shame of low percentage πŸ˜‚
  12. Thank God it's fixed I can finally start it soon πŸ₯³ Also congrats to all that waited so long and finally got that elusive platinum, must be a relief.
  13. The latest update popped some for me finally but not all πŸ˜” but after messaging again I truly believe the next update will be it finally πŸ₯³ It's such a hard position to be in for Devs still and I understand all sides, especially as paying customers (well many of us pre ps plus πŸ˜‚) regardless I have even ranted but I would like to thank Josh and the whole velan team. They could of easily ignored us and I honestly believe they have tried their best to make everyone happy and with hopeful fix I couldn't be happier 😊
  14. If it's ok I would like to add if anyone is finding Molotov and grenades slow I would suggest capture the pig. I went between using both and got them a lot quicker there as the team swarms the pig and I easily get a good 40+ kills still. I would advise putting friendly fire on so you team don't end the match too early while you are killing. Helps with other killing trophies that may be annoying like the bow most others are easier in free for all with bots.
  15. I kind of agree with you man it did feel misleading and I am very against the fact that the ps5 version was brought out while the PS4 one was still ridden with bugs that seemingly have a knock on effect to ps5 πŸ™„ I just wish games as a whole were not rushed and so broken nowadays.