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  1. Knowing I am not the only one doing trophy to level coordination makes me feel less insane from level 25 till level 37 I unlocked every level with a plat. your dedication to the names from the start is awesome though RIP to your effort and mine.
  2. Btw the status counter is broken I thought I had one when I had three but flying around took me less than an hour to get all three. But I can confirm ng+ respawns then as I found ones in different locations than my original play through. Good luck with this shit bro
  3. Didnt read what others said so basically wrote what shmeefly said! Sorry dude
  4. Awesome thank you very much, I bought Detroit become human again for the same reason and will test if the saves work between my stores this weekend.
  5. I wonder if someone did this, I have Horizon zero dawn digitally on the Irish store which I is my main account but this version of the game doesn't include all languages. I want to buy the game again on an Emarati account to get the Arabic language dub but I want to know if my save will carry over as I want to get the NG+ trophy and don't want to play the game twice on the Arabic version to get that trophy and would rather do that trophy on the Arabic version instead of getting on the English version which I already finished. Both versions of the game are SCEE so region wise they are the same. Has anyone tried to use the same save to continue playing on another version from a different store (not necessarily the Arabic/European combo)?
  6. Why do people have to be super negative like that so what the guy is showing off with a made up title isn't that the whole point of fake rewards in the first place. Good guide mate!
  7. Same here no trophies are showing and I tried to earn a trophy and synced it but when I update the trophies I still don't see any trophies on my profile.
  8. I think the 2nd was the last day so it's already over. I hope I am wrong as I was at lvl 48 last night and now I will need to play HVH for almost 3 hours more to reach 50. What a daft grind!!
  9. You're absolutely right. Thanks.
  10. The 10 wins in every mode can be boosted with just two players most challenges can be boosted with just two players the one that will take the most time and need more players is the 5xp for every bonus event challenge. You need 76k of xp for it and you can get that in customs matches it doesn't have to be online.
  11. Yes you can boost everything in a custom match the only thing you need matchmaking for is the 250 matches.
  12. I personally don't mind the idea of feedback even though that some people might manipulate the system but that shouldn't be the norm just like how people manipulate the trophy flagging system. My issue is with the sessions options themselves currently there is nothing in place to remind you to leave feedback specially when the session expires on the website but in reality you're still boosting which bring me to the placeholder issue. I would like to see sessions with a rage of dates instead of a set date and time then another line for preferred dates and times. Also there should be an option to close a session without having to cancel it in cases that the session was fullfilled before the date (which is honestly the main reason I forget to leave feedback)
  13. I am assuming this passed just because of regional pressure as there are alot of gamers in the gulf area yet no western developers care to accurately represent them in any games. I would probably tolerate a game with bad mechanics if it hits home. It looks like hot garbage tho but I guess people who will buy it are buying it for the local inside jokes and whatnot.
  14. Yea honestly the xp system doesn't make sense to me in comparison to a more traditional RPG, you can cheese your way out of killing an enemy that's higher level than you and the game still doesn't reward you exponentially like it should. Kodos for you for reaching 55 tho I avoided buying the second DLC just cause I know I would hate to level up and would hate it more if the LVL 55 is the only trophy I don't have reminds me of start wars bf1 I only have the reach lvl100 left and I will probably never do it.
  15. I am egyptian so of course I had to play it I think they nailed the visuals. I was a little bothered about the accents used but honestly they are better than the most British Paris in ac unity of course they had to ruin Cleopatra's accent and make her british for no reason. The rest of the game is a classic Ubisoft game which feels like recycled assist all over the place and the size of the map is just absurd the fact you can finish the entire main story without defogging the while map makes it obvious they still dont care and this is a money grab to them, which brings me to the stupid microtransactions the design of the game is fundamentally flawed seeing that you can jump in finish the story in few hours buy loads of gold go to the hidden ones hideout and buy 1000xp till you Max which makes the whole experiance system pointless also buying abilities, animal skins and collectable locastions which already show as question marks. Hate to bring the witcher but can you imagine finishing the story and maxing out not cause you grinded your ass off but cause you bought the xp. I get that it's single player and it's optional and all that bs but many times I just wanted to buy the stupid items rasther than wander the vastness of the map collecting dumb animal skins! Overall it's a good game that was manufactured rather than artistically thought after and cared for.