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  1. I just tried it again after seeing your note (US), and it still said failed to connect from the Breach menu.
  2. What is the typical grace period for situations like this before the game is labeled impossible to complete?
  3. And now I can't connect to the servers to play, for the last 36 hours or so. I was a little over halfway into network 2, and I don't recall if I quit or was kicked, however since then I've been unable to play. My main point with earlier posts was to highlight that even if you could play, you still might not get all the trophies (Data Detective in particular). Looks like we're all in the same boat now of waiting for developer support which appears to be MIA for over 6 weeks so far. If they've pulled support completely I'd rather they just come out and say it, so I can free up some hard drive space sooner than later.
  4. An update here. I've been playing Breach on and off for a few weeks with no problems connecting, in the US, with my main and my alt. On rare occasions when entering the Breach menu it won't allow me to "Enter the Breach", but I just reboot and it's fine. Once I'm in, no problems playing. I'm still unable to get Data Detective for completing a darknet file though. Back on Oct 10th, I commented that every time I try to view the final part it would say there was a server problem and kick me out. Someone said it unlocked for them after beating the second darknet file. Well, it did not for me. I got the same result as the first darknet file, I got kicked out after watching the final video. Checking that trophy history here, I see at the end of August and start of September, about 4 people per day unlocking it. Since a couple of people got it on the 19th of September, only 5 more people have got it in the last 5 weeks. So it's gone from about 4 per day, to 1 per week. The dropoff seems to start around the 5th of September and got worse at the 19th, suggesting it was patchy 6-8 weeks ago, and all but broken in the last 6 weeks.
  5. I've been playing Breach daily in the US no problems. Just 15 mins or so to send/receive some challenges and level up my main. So far my only issue is I can't get the Data Detective trophy after completing the first case, though apparently that may unlock after beating the next case. I wonder if all the people who can't play at all are in Europe or somewhere not the US?
  6. Thanks. I guess I'll go a little further then. I doubt it'll get too far though, the mode is already over-staying its welcome.
  7. I've been having the same issue with the Data Detective trophy for completing the first data file. Each time I view the video it tells me the servers are down and kicks me back to the title screen. Are you saying you eventually got the trophies for Data Detective and for completing the Tier 1 servers when you progressed further?
  8. I did the online trophy on Sep 1st 2018. However, I'm not sure if the Network Pass was working with my disc copy of the game. I think I entered my network pass code on a different PS3 years ago, and PSN showed that I owned it but wouldn't let me download it to my current PS3. I also had the digital game via Plus so I downloaded that and it worked fine. Note that the main menu is confusing. Left and right on the dpad switch from SP to MP.
  9. Updating for August 2018. Yes, it's absolutely still attainable, and probably no more challenging or time consuming than it was a couple of years ago. The galactic wars keep running, one was won this past week. Planet defenses keep showing up, and so on. I've been playing solo, with randoms via match-making, and have unlocked everything. The only trophy which required any boosting was the stealth one on a level 7+ mission.