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  1. Lol...waited about two years for that announcement. Got too impatient and bought all DLCs two month ago separately. Well, but I don't mind spending way too much. It's a great game and it was worth every buck.
  2. I've created a thread to address this: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/1-4-0-196374-ps4-trophy-plow-the-sea-unobtainable.659971/ I don't know, if it's an official board, but at least some Firaxis employees are regularly checking the forum. So far nobody replied. Perhaps they fix it with the upcoming Ethiopia DLC this week, but I'm not too optimistic. Might end up as one of those games, where 100% stay unobtainable for ever.
  3. I was hoping for a fix as well, gave it a shot and nothing This is disappointing. Actually it shouldn't be too hard to fix this - the steam achievement is working - but I'm afraid Firaxis isn't aware of it or doesn't care much about those few console players.
  4. Plow the Sea trophy from the DLC hasn't been fixed either :-(
  5. As already mentioned in the respective thread of the NA version of Civ 6, the "Repo Man" trophy became unobtainable with the recent update, as you can no longer perform an art heist with your spy. I got the trophy yesterday by deleting the game and starting ver 1.00 directly from the disc. But if you own the digital copy try to avoid the update until you have sorted this trophy out!
  6. I can confirm it's not working with 1.03 version. I got the trophy yesterday by deleting the game and starting 1.00 directly from the disc without updating. Did the update now and "Steal an art work" is greyed out, though there are great works of art stored in the theatre district. So for all digital copy owners the platinum is unobtainable, if they installed the recent update.
  7. Hey Eduardo, I used an old save game, where Bendigo was my biggest city. I put all the effort into this city and grew it to 2 million. But this was not very efficient and I spent way more time than actually needed. At two millions it was hard to keep the city stable, so as soon as a promoter appeared, I saved the game, waited the six month, if another promoter was available I hired him right before the end of the six month period, saved and waited for the next one. If no promoter appeared, I did reload the most recent save. Took me about two hours of constant reloading until Bendigo got to about 15 millions and for the 30th settlement permit. I realized afterwards, that it's not necessary to have a city connected for using a promoter there. So I actually wasted a few promoters, because a shrinking city will only grow by about 30% instead of 50% per promoter. I don't know, if a certain playing style encourages the promoters to appear more frequently. It was very random! I had once four in a row, appearing within twelve months. And once I did reload about twenty times and waited fourty minutes for a promoter. What definetely might help is one of the technologies, which gives 10% more applications for all kind of employees and free-lancers. Overall the spawn rate isn't very bad, so even if you don't do anything and just wait, the trophy is no pain in the ass. Anyway your idea sounds great to play the game in a regular way and just stack the promoters in a disconnected city. The necessary 16 promoters (or even less, if you grow the remaining cities) should come naturally within a 100 year game.
  8. I can confirm the promoter stack also works for the PS4. I got the trophy an hour ago. Kudos to those Xbox guys, they did fantastic research work and made this trophy obtainable without a patch, which might never appear as the developers apparently stopped working on Railway Empire. I'm really glad, that this great game is now back at 100%. It would really be a shame to see it incomplete. It took me about ten hours growing my largest city to about 2 million inhabitants, tweaking routes and keep it stable at this point. I used an old save, where I didn't focus to grow one mega city at first. If you start from the scratch, you probably could support a city of about 5-6 millions with your limit of 800 trains. From there on it's about save reloading and hoping for the promoters to appear. Anyway you don't have to put that much time and effort in a silver trophy. So here's a quick guide how you can achieve it with 5-10 minutes of work and perhaps two or three hours of waiting, reading a book, watching tv or whatever. Start a game in the 100 year era (this way you can stack this trophy with the Beaver Duck one), establish a few routes to gain enough money to be able to hire the appearing promoters, then designate one of the existing cities (I would recommend Sydney as it has the highest population at the start of the 100 year era) to stack your promoters. NEVER connect this city with a railway station or warehouse! When there's no connection the supply will lock at 39% and the city population will never grow or shrink, but your allowed to use promoters there anyway. Now relax and wait for the promoters to appear. Each promoter will increase the population of a stable city by about 50%, so from 30k to 17 million, you will need 16 promoters or about one every six years. I don't know if you can contnue playing beyond 1930, so it might be better to save after each promoter and reload, if it takes significantly too long for a promoter to appear. Once you have reached 17 million inhabitants use all the 30 permits to establish the required settlements (you don't need to complete them) and the trophy should pop.
  9. Yes, it's definitely not possible to achieve this trophy at the moment. The increase in required population is about 17% for every new settlement. So you probably need about 20 million of population to unlock the 30th settlement permit or roughly a half million per existing city! That's absolutely impossible. I will message the developers as well, I hope they will release a patch for this and decrease the required population for each new settlement.
  10. Can anyone confirm, that the trophies also do unlock while playing online? I'm asking because the German translation of some trophy requirements is a bit misleading.
  11. Does anyone know the exact requirements for this trophy? I followed a guide, bombed a hole in the wall, took the right ladder during the final escape, swam from airlock to airlock and ended up in front of a closed portal, stating it wasn't opened yet. So how do I open it? I didn't started with the second part of the game so far, but I've read that there are some artifacts, which will create a second gate. So do I have to finish the second part first, to be able to unlock the portal in the story mode?
  12. Thanks. I've tried it today again, it's still not working. Tried several other PS3 games, all are not working though I'm getting notifications for the unlocked Uplay achievements while playing. On the desktop and PS4 I can connect without problems. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks
  13. Hello everybody, I'm trying to connect to Uplay, but I unfortunately it didn't worked on both accounts. Is Uplay still available for this game or in general for PS3 games? Thanks
  14. I couldn't find any DLC in the European store. So, is this DLC and the trophies included in the last update of the game?
  15. No, I haven't yet. Will do it now. Thank you som much! :-)