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  1. Does anyone know the exact requirements for this trophy? I followed a guide, bombed a hole in the wall, took the right ladder during the final escape, swam from airlock to airlock and ended up in front of a closed portal, stating it wasn't opened yet. So how do I open it? I didn't started with the second part of the game so far, but I've read that there are some artifacts, which will create a second gate. So do I have to finish the second part first, to be able to unlock the portal in the story mode?
  2. Thanks. I've tried it today again, it's still not working. Tried several other PS3 games, all are not working though I'm getting notifications for the unlocked Uplay achievements while playing. On the desktop and PS4 I can connect without problems. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks
  3. Hello everybody, I'm trying to connect to Uplay, but I unfortunately it didn't worked on both accounts. Is Uplay still available for this game or in general for PS3 games? Thanks
  4. I couldn't find any DLC in the European store. So, is this DLC and the trophies included in the last update of the game?
  5. No, I haven't yet. Will do it now. Thank you som much! :-)
  6. Hi, I guess this question has been already asked numerous times before, but I couldn't find anything through searching. So sorry for bringing this up again. I've deleted three games with 0% completion from my PSN list. This worked pretty fine and they are gone, but after synching them to PSNP these games still appear on my list here. Is there any way to get rid of them? And would my counter of played games be reset? For example I'm currenty having 110 played games on my list, so it should be afterwards 107. Thanks in advance
  7. Real annoying shit. Had to borrow my brother's PS, connect it within my home network (so no firewall involved), create an account on his system, download the game, hosting a session with another account and then joining with my original account to get finally the trophy. Took me about an hour, but it was definately better than continue trying to join random sessions for days. And I already tried all the shit with port forwarding, uPNP, DMZ and so on. So having two systems within the same network, seems to be the only foolproof method. But it has to be the same type, connecting from PS3 to 4 doesn't work.
  8. As far as I know there gonna be an epilogue, but only for owners of the complete collection. So that's the reason for this separate list.
  9. The chances for the last person is about 2% and some appear more often than others. So yeah, it's probably just bad luck. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/941684-sid-meiers-civilization-revolution/51780187 Here's a complete list of all 46 GPs. Print it and scratch off all persons you get.
  10. Anyone found a solution? I'm stuck at 16 wins. Tried different things, but the counter won't increase.
  11. Whoever has problems with this trophy here a complete list with conditions for all 37 artworks. Almost every artwork is connected to a specific civilization and era (Ancient, Middle Ages, Industrial Age & Modern Times). Cities, quests and year are not important. Artefacts (have to be discovered, civilization and era are not important) Angkor Wat Seven Cities of Gold Civilizations (Just reach a specific era with the corresponding nation. The eras are different for each civilization, but you will probably unlock these artworks automatically. If not make sure, you've played all four eras with your nation) England Germany China Aztecs America Greece Rome Russia France Wonders & Buildings (has to be build with proper civilization and during proper era, time of completion is important not when you start it) Stonehenge (English -> Ancient) Colossus of Rhodes (Greek -> Ancient) Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Arabs -> Ancient) Temple (Greeks -> Ancient) Great Wall (Chinese -> Medieval) Great Librayry (Egyptians -> Medieval) Lighthouse of Alexandria (Egyptians -> Medieval) Great Pyramid (Egyptians -> Medieval. You start with an ancient wonder as Egypt, if it's the Pyramid you won't be able to build it and unlock the artwork. It's also disabled if one of the enemy leaders starts with Monarchy, making the pyramid obsolete, which is the case for Elizabeth, Taizong and Himiko) Cathedral (French -> Medieval) Oracle of Delphi (Greek -> Medieval) Taj Mahal (Indian -> Medieval) Himeji Castle (Japanese -> Medieval) Cristo Redentor (Aztecs -> Industrial) Eiffel Tower (French -> Industrial) Statue of Liberty (Americans -> Industrial) Sydney Opera House (English -> Modern) Palace (Chinese -> Medieval. As your capital starts with a palace you don't need to build it anymore. Unlocks automatically upon reaching MA) United Nations (Americans, but probably the other four Security Council members will work as well. Era shouldn't be important as the game ends automatically with a culture victory for you) Technologies (research with proper civilization and in proper era) Electricity (Chinese -> Industrial) Industrialization (Americans -> Industrial) Globalization (Chinese (other Asian civilizations may work as well, as the artwork mentions all Asian civilizations) -> Industrial or Modern?) Space Flight (Americans -> Industrial or Modern?) Future Tech (Civilization isn't important) Government (Adopt with proper civilization and in proper era (era might be irrelevat)) Communism (Russians -> Industrial, might only work with Lenin as leader) Fundamentalism (Arabs -> Medieval) And last but not least the most complicated one: Great Artist (Spawn a great artist with the Romans during Middle Ages)Era changes by reaching a specific year or researching a specific technology. So it's advisable to skip research once you're in the proper era, this way you will have more time to build the wonder or building. All credit goes to the German board of trophies-ps3.de and especially to "kfrosty", who has done the most research.