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  1. Over the 7 years I have own my ps3 I have gone through 10 controllers. All of them broken from me smashing them into the floor from a uncontrollable rage. However ever since I've had my ps4 from launch I have never broken the controller it came with. However I do sometimes feel a little rage I find the best thing is to to put some music on or stop playing the game and have break. As trophy hunting can make us all a little angry I want to know what are your top tips to remaining calm ???
  2. Oh the trophy guide on here said that trophy was obtainable solo
  3. Just wondering if it's possible???
  4. I'm trying to unlock the "sir yes sir" trophy. I invited random people to my crew this made sure that I was crew master as I had the asterisk next to my name. I then went a did a quick story mission however this made no difference to the requirement of competing 10 missions. Am I doing something wrong???
  5. Thanks for the replies I think ill use youtube videos to guide me in the right direction for each mission.
  6. With this whole ps4.5 talk I've been thinking that the current ps4 (and xbox one) are underpowered. I can see in two years time new consoles coming to the market. Which got me thinking we need to see the start of upgradeable consoles. Instead of every X amount of years the console is replaced, games require certain requirements CPU, GPU and RAM. I know this sounds the same as pc's but believe me. The only problem I could see would be compatibly with architecture. What are your options on this and the power of current consoles and when can you see them being replaced?
  7. Is it possible to get the online trophies with two controllers in a private match???
  8. I'm about to start a veteran campaign. I remember years ago trying and failing the first mission. Any tips, I know the most obvious will be stay patience but any others. Anything to help the grenade spam???