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  1. I've never played a Souls's game and I can honestly say I brought the game because I had been told it was a challenge. I think this game brought a lot of people to the series as I'm now going to play the remaining titles. I think the plat rarity is mainly down to dedicated 'gamers' buying the game, not your average FIFA and COD only buyers, thus leading to these dedicated gamers to overcome the challenge. I got the plat on my old account: kieranharley, it took me 1 month, 2 days. The 2 days were spent getting my ass handed to me, over and over by Defiled Amygdala... After this, the clean up is a breeze! I'm not the most skilled gamer nor a Souls fanatic, I just read a hell of a lot about the game before and during playing the game, as I imagine many do.
  2. Playing Bloodborne again is awesome, one of the few games I lost progress for, due to account loss, that I do not mind ONE BIT, about playing again. I just can't explain how much I love this game!

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      very true, very very very true

    2. KJH-XIII


      Even when I'm not playing I'm watching videos about the Lore, Characters and just generally reading into the whole Souls franchise. It's just worlds apart from most content out there, and I can't get enough. I MUST complete DSII before III comes in April!

    3. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      I'm in the same boat, DS2 is on my shelf but I have to much backlog to start it.

  3. The Order is just long. I know it's a short game but it's just... Long. The cut scenes and limited movement speed is killing it for me, I keep drifting in and out of attention instead of playing.

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    2. CandiBunni


      Likewise. ^ I'm all for discussing my thoughts on any number of subjects, just so long as everyone involved is civil and doesn't resort to name calling, personal attacks, or anything of the sort.

    3. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      I liked the game a lot. Probably one of my most favorite 2015 PS4 games. It was one of the main reasons why I got a PS4.

    4. KJH-XIII


      Wow I've been away but just came back and read all these replies. I don't hate the game just wish there was more gameplay to what most agree is a beautiful looking game with a decent intrueging story, rather that whole chapters being cutscenes, even two of them back to back. I'm not one for MP trophies so it isn't that either, it's just that it could be much more than it is.

  4. I DID IT! I've done my Grounded playthrough up until the very last chapter as I'm 85 parts short of fully upgrading my guns, and I don't want to 100% the game by grinding lol. Any tips for a nice chapter to get some quick parts before I wrap this wonderful game up?

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    2. KJH-XIII


      Okay seems it can't be done the way I wanted, thanks anyway guys!

    3. TigressLion


      Yeah, unfortunately as Stevie said. Though, the very bottom upgrade isn't needed for the trophy. (Wish I knew that beforehand haha. )

    4. KJH-XIII


      Oh I knew that, I managed to remember not to upgrade Listen Distance and Shiv Master. It's my weapon parts that are short but I've started NG+ to speedrun it now!

  5. Today I finish Grounded, Later... The Order, Tomorrow Until Dawn. Then I'll be ready to start some bigger games on the weekend!

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    2. KJH-XIII


      Yeah I know right! I've done it on my previous account lol, that's why I'm doing The Order & Until Dawn before I get back into games like GTA & The Witcher on the weekend.

    3. StrickenBiged


      Oh, ok. Yeah, long games are tough. I've had to take a break from The Witcher 3. I was burning myself out on it. Thinking I might just rush to the end of this PT then spend more time on my NG+ PT and go for the plat.

    4. KJH-XIII


      Yeah I started The Witcher on my other account and burnt out at Skellege. I'm gonna be persistent when I start it this time though, it is an awesome game after all!

  6. Just got to the University on TLOU grounded mode. The bits I expected to be hard, are. But it's doable with a bit of persistence. Hitboxes can be a cruel mistress!

    1. slash


      i never tried grounded mode, but did go through the gauntlet that was brutal in drake's fortune. naughty dog doesn't mess around with their difficulties!

    2. KJH-XIII


      Yeah, if you don't use the strat that's been laid out for you by them, you stand little to no chance. I haven't done that myself but I'm gonna get the collection for sure!

  7. Grounded isn't TOO bad, just be resourceful and check your corners! Only in Pittsburg so I've a hell of a long way to go, no problems as of yet though.

    1. StrickenBiged


      Worst is yet to come, but it's very doable with patience and care.

    2. KJH-XIII


      I spent 2 hours in Pittsburg lmao, got through it though, only using one arrow the whole time too!

    3. StrickenBiged
  8. Left Behind DLC to finish off, then straight into Grounded later!

  9. There's some very impressive lists on here guys, awesome stuff!
  10. VitaTV compatable? I have that.
  11. Sweet when you get into both leaderboards though!
  12. Nice, I'll take a look! Wow. First on Sonic... now that's something.
  13. I actually saw you on the Limbo leaderboard as I was looking at that myself. There's some awesome games on there man, hats off. Everybody is different man, as long as you enjoy how you play the game, that's all that matters. I started trophy hunting and it slowed my gameplay right down due to me wanting to: a.) get all trophies in one playthrough (where possible) b.) not miss any collectables But hey, if you can do all of that, fair play! I would if I could too
  14. I'll come back to this post when I do my play through on this account Jedi Even better when you get it without even trying, nice one! Pretty much covered all bases on that one then very nice! Nice list there man, fair play. I hear you, I'd be the same if I hadn't played the game before. Since this is a new account for me it's an opportunity to speedrun games I've already completed. Some racing games and 'Time Attack' kinds of games may come naturally for some people though I would imagine... not me though, I suck at racing games