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  1. The Age of Extinction Platinum Milestone #200-Nexomon: Extinction Difficulty: 5/10 Time to platinum: 50hrs (dependent on how much grinding you do) Enjoyment: 8.5/10 So I saw this game on my ps store and decided to check it out. Was completely surprised at how fun this game was. Yes it has a big Pokemon feel to it but this game felt more challenging in a sense. The game’s enemies scale as you do so if you only spend time training one mon early on, you’ll be in for a huge hurt. The story was great and lots of funny moments and some 4th wall breaking moments. Also the biggest portion of platinum time would be hunting the last few rare mons with their apparition rate of roughly 3%. ): All in all I loved this game and hopefully for trophies/updates happen. Would recommend checking this game out for those looking for something new to play.
  2. Ultimate Fall Guy Platinum #180: Fall Guys- Ultimate Knockout Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 8.5/10 (though highly skill dependent) What a game. For a game that was free for PS+ members for the month of August, this game legit took the world by storm lol. A fun, colorful game with a quirkly little “battle royale” theme. Most of the trophies were pretty simple but winning games is VERY luck dependent. There are races/survival rounds where you need to qualify to advance to the next round. There are team games which can seriously screw you over. Get put on a bad team and you’ll be eliminated with them. The one trophy which made this incredibly difficult was “Infallible” which you need to win 5 Crowns (episodes) in a row. Very stressful to do after losing multiple 4 games streaks. But all in all, happy to have this done and look forward to what season 2 beings (if they bring more achievements)
  3. Drawn to Death Platinum looks nice 👀
  4. Platinum #104: Jump Force Difficultly: 3/10 Time to plat: 40-50hrs depending on factors Enjoyment: 3/10 Welp, I honestly was a bit disappointed in this game to be completely honest. So much hype and it fell flat. Coming off of playing Tales of Vesperia, I jumped into this (no pun intended) and ended up finding myself bored after the first couple days of playing it. The loading times were long and the story mode was very lackluster. It did have some neat character interactions but yeah. The only difficult thing to do in this game was get S rank on 10 expert missions, but that became simple through a cheese method with two moves. The 1 million gold and 100 online matches were boring grinds but simple. Probably could’ve finished it 4 days earlier but oh well, top 25 finish and top 15 fastest platinum time is fine by me lol. Now to get myself ready to play God Eater 3 later today
  5. Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Platinum #103: Vesperia Master Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 8/10 (solely because of the amount of time to grind) Time to plat: 175hrs at most So I’ve heard anout how great this game was way back in the day and decided to take a chance and buy it a few weeks ago while waiting for kingdom hearts 3, Jump Force and God Eater 3 to release. This, honestly is one of my top 10 favorite story driven games now. A unique cast of characters, a big world and a great story. Trophy wise, was a VERY grindy journey. The “play for 100hrs is easy but the level 200 trophy along with a few others are very time consuming. Also the amount of missables is insane so it may take more than 3 whole playthroughs if you forget to do anything along the way. Definitely worth checking out. Now to get to work on Jump Force, and then God Eater 3 and finally KH3.
  6. Million Dollar Dominance (silver) “Complete AJ Styles’ Tower” This was a very tough trophy for me to get. You have to complete 15 matches in a gauntlet style with all opponents on Legend difficulty. Also, your health doesn’t regenerate after wach match. This took me about 12 hours to complete and it was rage unducing. Lost my voice because of screaming too much haha
  7. Earlier I mananged to run this and get the trophy and wanted let everyone know of the opponent list and some other things to expect along the way. If I miss anything, feel free to add below. Also all matches with the exception of the last one have a 10 minute time limit. Bobby Roode- Normal Match (win by pin/sub) Samoa Joe- Submission match Daniel Bryan- Normal Match (win by pin/sub) Karl Anderson- Normal Match (win by pin only) Luke Gallows- Normal match (win by pin/sub) Finn Balor- Steel Cage (win by pin/sub) Roman Reigns- Submission match Shinsuke Nakamura- Normal Match (win by pin/sub) Undertaker- Hell in a Cell (win by pin/sub) The Rock- Normal Match (win by pin/sub) John Cena- Submission match Stone Cold Steve Austin- Falls Count Anywhere Seth Rollins- Normal match (win by pin/sub) Brock Lesnar- Steel Cage submission match AJ Styles Gold (a metallic/golden version of AJ)- Hell in a Cell with 15 minute timer (win by pin/sub). You win this match you also get to use Gold Styles for any other mode. Opponent is 100 OVR. Tips and Tricks (some self-explanatory) Save your sigs/finishers for the submission matches. The faster you can get your opponents health to red, the more time you have to get them to submit and not have to fear of having little time to do it. Save your stamia and don’t burn through it all within the first few matches. It will be hard to do, but the more stamia you have for sub matches the better. I can’t stress this enough. For the aforementioned submission matches, these are the ones that give people the most problems. I’ve read most people that use the circle method and follow the opponent. Do not do this. Instead, do the “pendulum method”. Pendulum your meter around half the circle, so you cut them off as they try to escape. Only accelerate when they’re about to escape. If you’re the one on defense, don’t pendulum, but power right through their meter. Use the accelerate when you’re about to lose. Only tap it. Never hold it. Trick your opponent to burn through their reversals. When they are on the ground with 2 or more reversal bars. Spam ground kicks and they will more than likely burn them. Also get them close to the ropes as they are more likely to burn through their reversals by rolling out of the ring and you have a chance to damage them upon reentering the ring. This way, they are less likely to counter your moves and causing more damage to you, which tends to happen a bunch more in the later matches. SAVE YOUR RESILIENCY/COMEBACK FOR LATER MATCHES. If you’re doing this the normal way, this is highly advised. The later matches are when they start bs’ing everything like kip ups and finishers out of the blue. For inexperienced or veteran players getting frustrated with this, keep at it. This is a very tough trophy to do legit. Play smart, stay consistent and confident, and this will be yours. And finally the “cheese method”. It has been brought to my attention that there is a way to cheese through this. By closing the application mid match, you can return to your previous match and continue from where you left off. So if you are getting whooped or about to time out, you can do this and come back with no consequences. Good luck to everyone attempting to go for this.
  8. Living Legend (Platinum) Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Absolutely phenomenal game. Clocked in over 200hrs alone on this game. Took my time and enjoyed every second of it. Hearbroke that it is all over, but it was such a fun ride and an incredible story with a great cast of characters. Now to figure out what to do and what game to okay. Would definitely recommend checking this game out if you haven’t done so.
  9. I'll take that Dark Souls 1 platinum 😎👌
  10. Shining Resonance Refrain Obtained all trophies. Estimated difficulty: 3/10 Estimated time: 50hrs (give or take) Well, this one took longer than I had hoped. What should've taken me a few days to do ended up taking 3 weeks and 2 days to finish. I had high hopes for this as I haven't played a "Shining" game since EXA or whatever on the ps2 almost 10 years ago. Game itself is ok, but started to get bored with it about halfway through which is upsetting. :/ Ah well, regardless, time to figure out the next game to keep me busy until Dragon Quest XI drops in September. 😃
  11. Has a great taste in games. 😉
  12. Mortal Kombat X
  13. #71 Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Trophy difficulty: 4/10 Platinum time: 100+ hours Enjoyment: 5/10 So I had started playing thimerosal game when it came out two years ago and thought it was alright. I had started to get bored with it after my first playthrough and shelved it and it was one of the few games I decided not to care about the platinum. Also, Pokémon Go had just released and I was more addicted to that than I was anything else. Once I got bored with PoGo, I came back to my ps4 in August 2016 and started playing Super Meat Boy and God Eater 2 rage burst and never touched S05 again. The beginning of this month, after getting a top 30 platinum in DragonBall Fighterz, I had decided that I wanted to go back and slowly work on this and get it off my backlog. Next thing I know, I'm powering through this game and only needed 2 more story mode playthrough and the the dreaded battle trophies. It wasn't too bad with the battle trophies but these last two so try mode playthrough were boring and have unskippable cutscenes :/ Thankfully it's finally over and this game is now off my backlog. I kinda want to get an ps3 and get a bunch of old ps3 titles off my backlog too but I'm not too sure yet.
  14. If only think was around before I started doing this grind lol fml