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  1. In games like Minecraft, I like to save while standing on my bed in my base. I have multiple little places with beds where I stand before leaving spread around. For games like GTA V, I always tried to save while near an airport so I could be close to an airplane the next time I load in. When it comes to other games I tend to find saving habits but I can't think of anything right now.
  2. It'll probably be the same as PS3 but with all online related trophies removed and maybe some new trophies related to things they added to the remaster.
  3. Umm, Now people are gonna keep an eye on your account to watch for modded trophies and you're going to be removed from the leaderboards and marked as a Cheater.
  4. I remember watching a playthrough on YouTube when I was young of a guy recording his own TV screen. Literally the worst quality but I watched like a 50 part playthrough, I genuinely can't wait going down memory lane and playing for myself for the first time ever.
  5. It's not easy, It's very luck-based. I say the best way is to get a full group and when you have a chance, use your ult while you have your team all in a line. You can do this in Quickplay Classic, You can also use this boosting session It's very good, boosting is quite easy to do. and it's the easiest way to get the trophy, but make sure to help other get trophies they need as well. We are a community after all.
  6. Definitely something I'd like to see.
  7. That would be a very nice feature. It would also be nice when you have friends if you made a gaming session you could send them invites to it.
  8. Although it is possible to earn story mode trophies out of order with the usage of cheats and reloading save files and using mission replay etc. It's gonna be impossible for him to prove how he got those trophies within 13 seconds because it is impossible to do that. Literally in the timestamps. try to explain the 13 seconds between some of the more complicated to earn trophies available. It's impossible, you're not getting out of this one and with your Dead space and black ops 2 disputes you won't be put back on the leaderboards.
  9. I'm waiting for a guide to start, What would be your own opinion?
  10. You always need all base game trophies to get the platinum. There's no game that's different.
  11. I thought the game was pretty good. TPS I think will always remain the most boring of them all. That's just my opinion but I haven't found a person who's genuinely liked TPS yet.
  12. This is very useful information. I'll add this to the DLC Guide, I'm hoping it gets accepted soon. Obviously I'll credit you
  13. Samsung makes very good SSD's this 1TB SSD for the price is very good. it has a maximum transfer speed of 540 MB/s which I think is x5.4 times faster than the normal PS4 HDD which means that games, in theory, will load x5.4 times faster than on the HDD (Example 30-second load on HDD will be reduced to 5.5-second load on this SSD) you should be able to plug it in with a USB 3.0 to USB 3.0 cable and download games right on to it after Your PlayStation formats it correctly. Then you'll be able to load games through it on the fly.
  14. My friend and I want to get this game. If you make a guide for the platinum it'll be a great help.