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  1. Glad I was at least able to help at least one person with this. Congratulation!
  2. You have to be missing something because it isn't glitched. I remember that when I was stuck with this trophy, I was missing the secret/hidden stranger's mission. "Aztec Gold" Hope this might be of help.
  3. Thank you for the guide. I got the "wax on wax off" trophy by just waxing all the blocks, stairs and slabs, without using the axe to remove the wax, not sure if that's a glitch or not.
  4. I'm following because to me, $20 is ridiculous to spend for a game I don't at all enjoy. I rather buy DLC for my old PS3 games and clean up my backlog. Well, actually, that's what I have been doing since Sony said they wanted to close the PS3 store before doing a 180.
  5. No, you're wrong, it was actually Borderlands 1. The Japanese version of the game got the Claptrap DLC trophies added to the list 12 years later, however, the DLC was never released in Japan, there is no physical or digital version of the game with the DLC, meaning that those trophies are unattainable and no one will ever be able to get 100% trophies in the Japanese version.
  6. I can confirm, that is not required.
  7. It's just the natural life-cycle of a game's platinum% Same thing happened to GTA 4 in 2018 and it'll keep happening to many other games.
  8. Never said that but that's such a minority of the games, and those are not something meant to be played for hours and hours but just meant for a quick laugh. Either way, I don't see a downside to more games. even if just joke games made for a quick laugh.
  9. You can say that second part about Vita games as well. But honestly, it doesn't matter, that just means that there is something for everyone, Most of the games promoted on the front page are those AAA and High-Quality indie games. I don't see how having more games no matter what they are, as bad. If you don't like a game no one' gonna force you to buy it and the people who do like it will get to enjoy it.
  10. Umm, what? Sorry, but you're dumb if you think that. Steam has grown rapidly in the past 6 years and is the biggest gaming marketplace for PC, As the exclusive and soul digital store for 95% of PC, I can't imagine how Steam will ever be shut down? It's not like PC gaming is dying, quite the opposite there are more people playing on PC now than ever. So unless somehow, everyone on PC decides to move somewhere else, which they won't and unless Steam stops becoming profitable, which it won't. Then please help me understand how the Steam marketplace will die? Currently from numbers from 2020, PSN has 114 million active users and Steam has 120 million active users. And considering that the Steam store isn't tied to a system that'll eventually lose support from the manufacturer. It'll last for as long as the PC gaming community will last. And it's not going away any time soon. Steam has already outlived the PS3 store, and it'll outlive many more. Edit: Also, if they're the "Most money milking company" then why wouldn't they have done something scummy like making a subscription to play online multiplayer with friends?
  11. This is too true, This is why I've been making a slow transition to PC because online stores like steam will never shut down and I'll never have to worry about a store shutting down, or backward compatibility, everything will be on one system which is the biggest benefit besides the ability to multi-task.
  12. Honestly, I want the store to stay as well, but it just won't happen. Sony doesn't listen to us, they listen to their bank accounts and it turns out the PS3 and vita stores just aren't making enough anymore despite the fact that there is still quite a large PS3 and Vita player base. Just make sure you buy and the things for your backlog like DLC and stuff so it won't bite you in the ass later. I'm going to be exclusively buying PS3 DLC for games that I have in my backlog that are still attainable and then I'll say my goodbyes to it. Although it'll never happen, it would be nice if they did some huge final sale for the PS3 and Vita before the shutdown.
  13. I got mine on December 10th. Just kidding, it's been delayed in shipping and I'm still waiting for it as it's stuck in some warehouse somewhere.
  14. I had this issue with my PS3 Super Slim, I don't know a fix, however, what I do is I just try over and over again until it eventually works. I have the same noise of it trying to spin, then not spinning, and the sort of eject noise.
  15. I made this guide a long time ago in mid-February however, it seems the guide team isn't approving any new guides for some reason, so I'll link the port I made here. Basic Info: Difficulty: 3/10.Estimated time to Platinum & 100%: 1 Hour.Trophies: 26. 1 / 8 / 4 / 13 .Missable trophies: None.Buggy trophies: ( Die Hard) Just start at Spike Hall with chapter selection and complete it with no mistakes.Difficulty related: None.Playthrough: 2 Minimum.